Saturday, November 15, 2008

OK I lost, but the election was fun.

Well, the election is over and I lost, but I must say I think I put up a good campaign. It was very interesting and I have to admit a lot of fun. I met a lot of very nice people and a few nasty ones – but only two of them, which is not too bad. So here is a little about the campaign.

I did not raise much in the way of money for this campaign, it seems everyone had one person on their mind and that is where the money went. Also finding people to help was very hard, once again, the people drifted to the top slot again. So pretty much I was on my own. Towards the end a few people came forward and helped with phone calls and walking door to door. To all of you I big thank you.

I did have a plan but as with all plans things don’t work out. I was hoping for a debate with my opponent, but she doesn’t debate. She told one person who requested that we have a debate “Incumbents don’t debate.” And I find that statement very interesting. Well no money, no debate, so why not walk door to door. Sounded good to me, lets see there are 32,000 doors in the 29th District, how many could I do, based on about 100 a day and on weekends 200, the total came to 6000 doors. That became my goal. The other plan was to meet people at the Farmers Markets, other Festivals, etc. I printed up flyers to give out in my door-to-door visits and cards to hand out at festivals. Well as it turned out on the Friday before election day, I did meet my goal of 6000 visits to homes and here are some highlights: one naked man answered the door, but zero naked women. It was a very hot summer day and I am willing to bet he didn’t even realize the king had no clothes. Two people told to get off their property in no uncertain terms after they asked which party I belonged too. These were the two that were not nice. I am pretty certain one of them called the police on me as a few minutes later a patrol car came by and I just continued to walk door to door and he didn’t say a word but watch for a few minutes. While talking about police, in another community a patrol car pulled up and when he saw my name tag for office, he just smiled gave me a thumbs up and drove off.

I keep getting asked about dogs, the big ones just look at you and stay in their yards. But when a dog was in the yard I went on to the next home. One home I did not open the chain link fence to ring the doorbell, the dog chain was as thick as my wrist and I knew it was better to move on. One little dog broke thru its invisible fence and ran into the street and pulled on my pants. The owner came flying out of her house and grabbed the dog. After she put him in the house we talk about my campaign and she said I will vote for you, but don’t sue my dog. I figured one vote was worth a couple of dog bones I would win in court.

Most people were surprised that a candidate came to their door actually many were shocked. I met a lady who had just celebrated her 100th birthday and how sweet was she. A young man of 30 who told me he knew nothing about politics and could he ask a few questions, we spent the next 30 minutes together. Most people did not know what to say and only a few asked questions, etc. Some told me about some problems and I told them whom they should contact in the local government. But by and large it was a lot of walking and fun. To those of that answered your door, thank you for the honor letting me meet you.

Festivals, farmers markets, etc. They also were fun and I met over 3000 people at these events. I know because I gave away 3000 cards with my name on them. I was asked to leave the Noblesville Farmers Market because they do not allow political activity. Hmm I was asked to leave in front of a booth working for women’s equality, sounds political to me, they also over the various weeks had a few others. I think it was just to get rid of a Democrat since the Republicans don’t campaign in Hamilton County. At another event a police office came up to me as I was going around saying hello and asked what I was doing. I told him and he said don’t brother people. I told him if you brother people you wouldn’t get their vote as he walked away. I did see him later point me out to another officer. So I can tell you, that the police are watching and that is good.

Well, I did raise enough money to buy some yard signs and place them around the three towns in the district, Fishers, Noblesville, and McCordsville and in the countryside of Wayne Township. Right away the signs in Fishers started to vanish and I mean vanish. I did find a bunch of them at the Fishers Town Hall Dumpster and got them back. In the other areas they remained on duty informing the voters. I know because I mapped out where I put them and after the election got almost all them back. I do have a yard sign story. When early voting started at the County Courthouse a number of us Democrats stood outside the Courthouse on Saturday and met voters as they entered to polls, we even had signs in the grass. Fast forward to the next Saturday, a deputy comes out and tells us we have to remove all signs. A little while later we had a Democrat lawyer show up and protest, by this time the Mitch people had shown up and were putting out their signs. An official came out and said all signs had to go, I asked her if she wanted a law suit on Monday morning against the county in violation of the First Amendment after all this was a polling place and public property. The county had enacted that rule in the past week and I am sure it was based on Democratic signs. Well in ten minutes, word came back; signs could be used but only during voting hours. The same as at the polls.

Well, I guess I will run again in two years, but may start walking earlier and try for 10,000 homes, maybe some of you will want to help walk and we can get to almost every home in the district. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and who knows you might find a naked man.

Then again maybe people will donate money and we could run a newspaper or TV ad. I am accepting donation now for two years from now.