Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fishers Road Reapirs -- Cyntheanne Rd and Atlantic Ave

Fishers Town Council makes a big deal about the great new sports complex they built out in the middle of nowhere on Cyntheanne Rd.

Then they make a big deal about taking over zoning of the area to protect it from landfills that no one was going to build. It was just to scare people into thinking about land fills.

Well maybe they knew something none of us knew, I doubt it. Or maybe they just don’t care about the area but want to make sure no one else does. Well the county still has physical control over the area until Fishers can find someone with a bulldozer and wants to build out in nowhere. But at least the County cares and is going to fix the roads and they invited Fishers to take part. Now this gets funny, here is a copy of an e-mail I have obtained on the conversation between the County and Fishers:

From Hamilton County to Fishers:
“The Hamilton County Highway Department is preparing to Let a contract to resurface the following locations on the above referenced roads.

* 126th St. from Cyntheanne Rd. to 2,643’ E. of Cyntheanne Rd.
* Atlantic Rd. from S.R. 238 to 2,663’ S. of 126th St.
* Atlantic Rd. from 696’ S. of 126th St. to 323’ S. of 126th St.

We plan to convert these chip sealed roads to an asphalt roadway. Our treatment will consist of 2” of HMA Intermediate, 19.0mm and 1” of HMA Surface, 9.5mm with a 2’ compacted aggregate shoulder.

Our records indicate that the Town of Fishers has jurisdiction over the following road segments:

* 126th St. from 2,643’ E. of Cyntheanne Rd. to Atlantic Rd.
* Atlantic Rd. from 2,663’ S. of 126th St. to 696’ S. of 126th St.
* Atlantic Rd. from 323’ S. of 126th St. to 126th St.

This e-mail serves as an inquiry into your interest in having the all or part of these road segments included in the Counties contract. The estimated cost breakdown for Fishers segments are as follows.

* 126th St. from 2,643’ E. of Cyntheanne Rd. to Atlantic Rd. - $70,800.00
* Atlantic Rd. from 2,663’ S. of 126th St. to 696’ S. of 126th St. - $51,800.00
* Atlantic Rd. from 323’ S. of 126th St. to 126th St. - $ 9,600.00

The estimated cost to the Town of Fishers for all three segments would be $132,200.00.”

Response from Fishers:
“Sorry for the late response but I didn’t want to leave you hanging after you went through the effort to provide us qty’s and estimated costs. In as much as I would love to participate it appears the funds just don’t exist. Thanks for thinking of us.”

Maybe if Fishers hadn’t wasted two million dollars on the Geist annexation and thousands of dollars for the middle of nowhere Cyntheanne Park, that has had problem after problem and is already very late in opening. They could take care of their citizens. But then again this shows why Fishers should be a City – no one seems to be responsible. You would think they would jump at this and have all the roads look fixed. I hope on the bad sections with the pot holes they post signs: “Now Entering the Town of Fishers” and the County on the repaired sections posts a sign “Leaving Fishers and now Entering Hamilton County.”

Vote Yes to become a City.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Note to Fishers TC and Smoker Art Levine

Please read the following link:

Smoking bans 'cut heart attacks'

For Art:
"If you are a smoker, the single biggest thing you can do to avoid a heart attack is to give up, which could also protect the heart health of friends and family."

In a nutshell:
"His team found that heart attack rates across Europe and North America started to drop immediately following implementation of anti-smoking laws, reaching 17% after one year, then continuing to decline over time, with a 36% drop three years after enacting the restrictions."

Isn't it time to ban smoking in all public places and that includes any place where the public is allowed to enter such as restaurants.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fishers Development in Geist - An Ugly Gas Station

The Fishers Town Council has given the citizens of Geist their first new development, a bright red-bannered gas station. Just what we needed in our peaceful well designed area. Now what I first noticed was that this same gas station in Noblesville has a tan banner on the top and blends in better with the neighborhood. Did Fishers allow the bright red to show the people of Geist who is boss?

I keep hearing what a great job Fishers Town Council has done with their vision for the town, yet when I look around I see one strip mall after another and nearby I see Clay Terrace and Hamilton Town Center. Much nicer shopping centers but I hope everyone noticed they are outside of Fishers, so much for a vision. Oh do those communities have a Mayor?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not in Hamilton County Always not Gulity if you are Ms. Richardson

Clinton County Dismisses Rep. Clements from Deputy Auditor Position

Rep Kathy Richardson, has a full time job with lots of time off to be a State Representative for the 29th District, from her job with the Hamilton County as the Election Administrator. A few years ago it was shown that she used the County e-mail system for personal use, and off course in Hamilton County nothing happened.

My congratulations to the Commissioner of Clinton County for having the backbone to take action when an elected official in the position of State Representative violates policy by using the county e-mail system for personal use. Too bad the elected leadership of Hamilton County does not follow its own rules. To see more on Kathy and her questionable activities go to this link:
Big Dawg Tales: Investigation into allegations against Richardson being swept under the rug?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Never in Indiana - N1H1 flu shots

About 55 years ago I remember being lined up in the hallway in PS 152 in New York City to get a Polio Shot and then booster shots, also TB testing. I believe State of Indiana should consider doing this with the N1H1 immunizations when they become available. This is an easy way to get to a large segment of the population at risk fast.

But this is Indiana and the Republicans that control the statehouse will yell its plot to bring Federal Health Care to the state. No, its just a great way to bring protection to those who need it most and also to prevent overloading the medical system. You can immunize 100's in a short time, instead of making them each go to their physician. It would also be a much lower cost to the families or to the government. So put aside your politics and do something that's good for the people.