Monday, November 12, 2012

Townepost - censorship at its best

You have been suspended from Sorry, Joe Weingarten, you can not access as you have been suspended. If you think you've been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator. Message to the Administrator Dear Tom You have shown that you believe in one sided journalism and censorship. In the October 2012 issue of your magazine you showed your true colors by writing an article backing the Town of Fishers Reorganization Committee. It was one sided and full of the same false and misleading statements that the committee issued. When it came to light about how much money they paid I had to question the article. I do love the last line in your article “My vote is for “yes” on question 1.” To bad you didn’t actual vote since you don’t live in Fishers, if you had we could had some fun about election fraud. You also forgot to include that you listen to “treasurer for the HSE School district” that he is a paid consultant of the town. Now that would have been news, not he approved this strange form of government. Back to censorship, when I posted a note about following the money on the Reorganization Committee and pointed out the large payment to you on Townepost – bingo it was removed like a very hot potato and I was suspended from Townepost. It appears you can’t handle the truth. Maybe people will ask the question anytime in the future you recommend anything – “How much is he being paid?” By the way instead of saying a city yes supporter was yelling – their lying, maybe you should have found out what really happened. But then again in your style of journalism it does not matter what the truth is, you never asked the other side. You just took the word of the person who was not telling the truth. The folks of Fishers defeated this plan by 62 of the vote, the voters of Geist defeated it by just over 67%. They understood and figure out the real truth even if you tried to lead people down a false path. You owe a number of us a written apology as well as all the people of Fishers in at.Geist but I am willing to bet you don’t know how to write one. Joe