Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fishers you have got to be kidding? Givng away $34 milllion.

The Fishers Town Council and Mayor elect Scott Fadness has become a pot of gold for area developers. According to the Star on Sunday June 29 a list of Fishers developments also had how much money the Council is giving away to various developers for each project. One of the items didn’t have a dollar sign next to it yet but assuming it will be over two hundred thousand, it would bring the total Christmas gifts to 34 million dollars. That’s right 34 million dollars. You read correctly 34 million dollars or almost ½ of the entire year budget.

Have these people gone crazy? Are they trying to outdo Carmel? Of course they always have had Carmel envy. But it is money of the citizens of the town soon to be a city. This is what happens when you have one party in total control of government. They stop listening or for that matter caring.

If you live in Fishers it has become even more important to elect a member of the opposition to office. That way all these secret deals wouldn’t happen. I know this is hard for many of you die hard Republicans to do or think about. But thinking that your elected officials are following the Regan concepts is far form real. When it comes to giving away money to developers Democrats ask why? Then they say no.

Instead of following blindly think about it this fall.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mourdock refuses to let facts get in the way of ideology

On Abortion: Pregnancy From Rape Is “it is something that God intended to happen."

Warns America Heading Way of Nazi Germany in Dramatic Farewell Speech:
"The people of Germany in a free election selected the Nazi party because they made great promises that appealed to them because they were desperate and destitute. And why is that? Because Germany was bankrupt,"

"First they went after their political opponents. Then they went after the aristocrats. Then they went after the trade unionists. And ultimately of course they went after the Jews. They deprived them of their property, their rights, their citizenship, and for millions their humanity. Because they were bankrupt!"

On bipartisanship: "bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view."

Richard Mourdock is leaving his position as Treasurer of the State of Indian due to term limits, but he has hand picked his replacement. It is time for the people of this state to reject his ideology and his hand picked replacement.

It is time for new leadership in the office of Treasurer - Vote for Mike Boland for Indiana Treasurer in November 2014.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pot Hole City - Indy renamed.

Do you know why I pulled you over?

No officer.

How many drinks did you have?

One diet Coke about an hour ago.

Have you taken any drugs?

A baby aspirin last night.

Are you a wise guy?

No officer.

License and registration and get out of the car.

You were weaving all over the road, I am going to have to check you for drunk driving.

I can explain the weaving.


Do you realize how many potholes I had to dodge to prevent damage  to my car?

It is not easy  to drive here, Indy need to be renamed from the 500 to dodge city.

How is your cruiser? How is your alignment?

Walk a straight line, touch your nose, OK you can go , but stop weaving.

How about telling the Mayor instead of Cricket, he should get a shovel and patch some holes?

Get out of here.