Thursday, June 20, 2013

And Scott again - two days in a row. But New Topic.

Indy Star June 20, 2013 Fishers to hold elections sooner than expected; former council president Faultless unhappy "But Town Council member Scott Faultless, who was council president for 11 years before Weingardt replaced him in January, said the new, shorter timetable creates problems for potential candidates and said Weingardt should have seen it coming. “I think it’s unfortunate that the leadership on the Town Council didn’t catch this sooner,” Faultless said. “That’s the job of the council president, to monitor everything that is going on in the Statehouse that affects the community.”" The Town of Fishers pays a lot of money to a lot of lawyers including a bunch of lobbyists. This is the same bunch that tried to trick the citizens of Fishers to set up a fake city. What I find very interesting is Scott Faultless is ready to blame John Weingardt for not knowing about the legal change. Scott seams to think he is the only one who knows how to run Fishers. It was the job of the Town attorney and Town manager to advise the Council of what is going on. Clearly they are not doing their jobs not Mr. Weingardt. Mr. Faultless wanted to keep this inefficient form of government in place the citizens of Fishers knew better and have chosen to have a Mayor and a real City. A city with a City Attorney on staff instead of a contracted attorney, a City with a full time Mayor instead of a part time Council member who is chosen by the other council members to be a part time President of Council and not the head as implied by Mr. Faultless. It is time for the voters to remember that Mr. Faultless is one of the roots of the problems in Fishers and show him the door in the next election. Another reason he is unhappy - he would have to run in two elections - one in 2014 and then again in 2015. That gives the citizens two changes to throw him out.

Scott is at it again

Scott is at it again. It looks like Scott Faultless is at it again. When the fire contract came up this year. Scott once again said the people in the Townships are not paying their share for all their Town of Fishers benefits. This is the same old story. “The people in Giest are not paying their fair share.” We heard this over and over. The Fire Contract is overcharging already to the people living outside of the Town. The basis of the fire services is the value of the home versus the number of structures. Only in Fishers is this being done this way. So here we go again the people with a New York License plate driving up I-69 through the Town of Fishers should pay a toll. If they stop to get off on exit 5 (or whatever the new exit number is, stopping to eat will have to pay the new restaurant tax) Grandparents visiting and taking the kids to the park should pay. Maybe anyone driving on township roads should pay the county for use of the road. Scott wants everyone to pay for every service if they use it or not, if they live in the town or not. He was all wet during the Geist annexation and now he is trying to force everyone living outside the town limit to pay full payment for all services without regard to have the right to vote in the Town. This is another way around force annexation without annexation. Folks remember 2014 elections it is time to throw Scott out of any office he may run for.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The first Mayor for Fishers

A newly enacted State Law calls for the election of a Mayor in 2014. Of course this is very upsetting to all the Town Council members who were expecting to stay in office until 2015. What this does is set up two elections for Mayor and City Council one year apart, 2014 and 2015. If the citizens elected a Mayor that turns into dud in one year they can replace him or her. Same for the Council members. It also means they have to raise money to run for two elections. So I see a lot of arm-twisting and if the past is any indication – town contractors and law firms will be hit hard. After all this is Fishers. The mad dash is coming. The Town Council is going to have shortly pass an ordinance with new districts and call for an election of a Mayor. I expect a lot of candidates for this new office and it is going to be very interesting to see who runs. Concerning the new districts, under a City there are six set districts, currently we have seven, so one of the current council seats will have to go. But if any of the current council members run for Mayor they can’t run for Council. So finding one to drop out should not be difficult. I am certain the behind the scenes discussions are going on right now. After all this is Fishers. The Republican Primary will be overflowing; so far I have heard several names and even a posting on Facebook asking the same question. Names that have been mentioned and or whispered so far: Dan Canan Renee Cox Wayne Crane Scott Fadness Scott Falutless Walter Kelly Pete Peterson John Weingardt The City Council seats are going to be even more interesting. Under a City Charter six of the seats are going to have to be firmly defined and not all at large as in the past. This means you for the first time actually elect someone from your district. It also means that a current seat holder may have to run against someone who is know in that district and who does not have to run at large. One more thing. I am certain the Town Council is trying to figure out how to get around the new law and delay the election until 2015. After all this is Fishers.