Thursday, November 10, 2016

Its time Kathy Richardson resign as Election Administrator or State Rep.

State Rep Kathy Richardson continues to run her own election and this may be the biggest case of potential election fraud in the State of Indiana. She is the “Election Administrator” of the Hamilton County and at the same time elected to the office of State Representative.  Isn’t it time she be made to pick one job and not run her own election.  Of course in Hamilton (one party) County no one see’s anything wrong with this. Then again in the one party state they will not find anything wrong with this.

Then she continues to have early voting in the courthouse so people can see her walking around from her office right across the hall from the voting.

Now lets take a look at early voting. Why did people have to stand in line for hours at the Carmel Library and Fishers City Hall? In some cases up to five hours. Why is the main early voting held in the Courthouse with the very limited parking and all kinds of security checks to get into he building?

Here are some easy solutions to the mess we had in early voting. First of all add extra voting machines at both the Library and City Hall. The machines were available, as they were not needed until election day for other locations. Easy to double or triple the number of machines at each location.  Or was the five-hour wait on purpose? Ms. Richardson can claim what a great job she did having early voting and ignore the lack of thinking on her part.  Or the time the machines failed at the Carmel Library and then turning away those people at Fishers when they arrived a few minutes late after being told to go to Fishers from Carmel.

The Courthouse had 18 machines and the other two only five.  Now my other question is why the Courthouse? Oh I know because it has always been done at the Courthouse and Ms. Richardson needs people to see her.  The County owns just blocks away Fairgrounds with big buildings and lots of parking. So way not use these facilities to hold early voting. It would reduce the amount of Sherriff Deputies needed to inspect every person entering the Courthouse, reduce the need to try and find a parking spot and just make life easier for the voters. Can’t make life easier for voters. Just make it look like your making it easier for voters. But then again it would reduce Ms. Richardson’s visibility to voters and she can’t have that.

Now back to Ms. Richardson. It is time she be forced to either resign from one of the two jobs that are in conflict. How can she be responsible for counting votes that determine if she wins or loses an election? How can she be responsible for the voting machines and to top it off machines that do not have any paper trail? She can’t and it is time the County Clerk and Commissioners step up to their responsibility to the voters and remove this out and out conflict of interest and potential for voter fraud.

"A candidate for elected office or a member of a candidate’s campaign finance committee may not serve as an appointed member of the board, a proxy for an appointed member of the board, or be employed by a county election board. The circuit court clerk may not serve as a member of a candidate’s campaign finance committee other than the clerk’s own candidate’s campaign finance committee."
(IC 3-6-5-3; IC 3-6-5.2-4.5; IC 3-6-5.4-4.5)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hamilton County Republicans as a Group Refused to Debate

If you live and vote in Hamilton County you have to read this:

Pivotal local elections to determine the future of public safety projects

What’s worst it shows that the County Republican’s holding elected office have lied to the League of Women Voters about the debate. We heard the Republicans couldn’t come because there was a meeting and they had to go to it.  In this article “Dillinger said the republican candidates made a group decision not to attend the debate because they did not want to give the democrats the media attention that their participation in the event would have brought.” 

So here we have it an out and out lie by Mr. Dillinger and all the Republican candidates. Are these the people you want in office?

If you take the time to read the article you come away with a very bad impression of Mr. Dillinger and the rest of his crew. One of an ego that is beyond belief, one of we know best, one we have done this so long and so well no one else can do better.

So no one can do better, no new ideas, only arrogance and a one party system that can be run without any checks and balances. Well lately they are having some fights even within their ranks, but not for the benefit of the people of the county but rather for themselves. 

Its is time to vote in a few if not all Democrats to cause a change in the good old boy network at the county level. What a shock to the system if they had to answer questions at a Council or Commissioner meeting in front of the public instead making all those deals in private.  Go to one of the meetings and watch and then try and tell anyone what happened. You can’t. Ask for complete copies of what they are going to vote for in advance, guess what they expect you to pay ten cents a page for the copies. Talk about a closed system to keep the public out. Its time to shut this down and the way to do it is with electing new people to the County Offices.

I am running for County Surveyor, the current surveyor has been in office since 1977. Its time for a change and a new look.

Joe Weingarten
Weingarten for Surveyor

From Down Under

The following is from a good friend in Australia, he did a great job of putting this in a very, I feel, correct and conceiving statement.

"Re Trump - the overwhelming majority of people down this way think the US is barking mad to even consider let alone vote in someone like Trump.  He is an over privileged bully with a supersized ego and no sense of diplomacy or international relations.  If he gets in the world will become a very dangerous place I fear!"
Collin Fuller

Oh my, six days to go of the never ending ads telling us what is wrong with the other guy and nothing about what the person running for office is going to do. Andy Mor, Ray Skillman and the only name you need to know (BTW- what’s his name) all look pretty good right now as far as TV ads go.