Thursday, December 20, 2012

Field Guide to US Paratrooper Badges

I am proud to announce that my book is finally in print. It took about a year to put this together and I am very happy with the outcome. While it won't make the NY Times best seller list it will help collectors of insignia and it fills a void on these badges. I started my engineering career in the Aerial Delivery and Air Cargo Branch of the US Air Force. This is the research and development group charged with design of delivering cargo by both parachute and cargo aircraft. I spent my first 10 years of engineering in this branch which included four years in uniform. So I am coming full circle with this book and paratrooper badges back to my first job. One of these days I will put together a posting of my Air Force days. It was rather unusual and maybe even fill in the details on the flying saucer (Secret) blueprints I found in the history vaults. A Field Guide to United States Paratrooper Badges is a comprehensive illustrated guide to hundreds of paratrooper badges to aid the collector community. All paratrooper badges are the same but to the collector they are not, small details can provide information as to when they were manufactured and by who. This guide shows the various manufactures and the details of the badges. Hundreds of photographs provide both the details of the badges and the hallmarks of the manufacturing companies where ever possible. While not 100% complete it provides the most comprehensive guide ever produced on paratrooper badges. In addition un-official badges are shown as well as badges for supporting roles to the paratrooper. A history of parachutes dating back to Leonardo da Vinci in 1495 provides the reader a sense of how parachutes came into being and the start of combat operations in WWII. A list of United States combat jumps is also provided. As is a section on un-official awards granted to people who lives were saved when jumping from a disabled aircraft such as the "Caterpillar" award. If you collect United States military insignia this book is a must for your reference library. 155 Pages, 100’s of color photos. Ordering info: Just do a search on the following at The site will let you look at inside pages, etc. In the USA - ISBN:148118105X In Europe - EAN13:9781481181051

Monday, November 12, 2012

Townepost - censorship at its best

You have been suspended from Sorry, Joe Weingarten, you can not access as you have been suspended. If you think you've been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator. Message to the Administrator Dear Tom You have shown that you believe in one sided journalism and censorship. In the October 2012 issue of your magazine you showed your true colors by writing an article backing the Town of Fishers Reorganization Committee. It was one sided and full of the same false and misleading statements that the committee issued. When it came to light about how much money they paid I had to question the article. I do love the last line in your article “My vote is for “yes” on question 1.” To bad you didn’t actual vote since you don’t live in Fishers, if you had we could had some fun about election fraud. You also forgot to include that you listen to “treasurer for the HSE School district” that he is a paid consultant of the town. Now that would have been news, not he approved this strange form of government. Back to censorship, when I posted a note about following the money on the Reorganization Committee and pointed out the large payment to you on Townepost – bingo it was removed like a very hot potato and I was suspended from Townepost. It appears you can’t handle the truth. Maybe people will ask the question anytime in the future you recommend anything – “How much is he being paid?” By the way instead of saying a city yes supporter was yelling – their lying, maybe you should have found out what really happened. But then again in your style of journalism it does not matter what the truth is, you never asked the other side. You just took the word of the person who was not telling the truth. The folks of Fishers defeated this plan by 62 of the vote, the voters of Geist defeated it by just over 67%. They understood and figure out the real truth even if you tried to lead people down a false path. You owe a number of us a written apology as well as all the people of Fishers in at.Geist but I am willing to bet you don’t know how to write one. Joe

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Confusion in Fishers

This election day the voters of Fishers will face an extremely important election and both the Town and their supporters have been issuing false and misleading statements to attempt to convince voters to approve a new type of government. They have out and out mislead the citizens of the Town on this subject. They claim a second-class city cannot hire a professional manager. Yet under Home Rule they can. Further they cite four cities that have a Council-Manager form of government and forgot to inform the voters that all four of these have directly elected Mayors and Council members that Fishers would not have. They have claimed a million dollars in savings mostly from removing the Public Safety employees from Social Security, yet the Social Security Administration has confirmed that the Town has never contacted them nor has any government unit in the State been released from Social Security in at least the past ten years. In their new form of government they want to appoint a Mayor instead of allowing the citizens of the town to elect their Mayor. It appears the Town leaders don't trust the citizens to elect their own Mayor, why should we the citizens trust the town. They made the statement "Give Fishers residents the ability to vote for EVERY locally-elected official and hold them all accountable." They forgot to add except the Mayor who we appoint. All the council members would be elected at-large removing another layer of "locally-elected." They make the statement about keeping the taxes low, yet according to the County Auditor Fishers has the highest overall tax rate in Hamilton County. The Town Council placed questions on the ballot to make it as confusing as possible to trick the voters. It's time Fishers with 80,000 residents becomes a traditional Indiana city. To achieve this you have vote no on Question one and yes on Question two. See how confusing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Valley at Geist Property Owners Assn Inc vs. Scott Faultless,Jana Faultless

A story the press will miss on the President of the Council of the Town of Fishers. Chronological Case Summary Case No. 29D04-1205-SC-005394 Valley at Geist Property Owners Assn Inc vs. Scott Faultless,Jana Faultless § § § § § Case Type: SC - Small Claims Date Filed: 05/22/2012 Location: Hamilton Superior Court 4 Party Information Attorneys Defendant Faultless, Jana K 15104 Geist Ridge Drive Fishers, IN 46040 Defendant Faultless, Scott A 15104 Geist Ridge Dr Fishers, IN 46040 Plaintiff Valley at Geist Property Owners Assn Inc Robert D. Roache II Retained 8144 Bowline Court Indianapolis, IN 46236 317-823-0660(W) Events & Orders of the Court 05/22/2012 Case Opened as a New Filing 05/31/2012 Service Returned Served For court 7/16/12. Sheriff of Hamilton Co. 5/29/12. Tacked on door for Defendants. 05/31/2012 Hearing Scheduling Activity First Hearing scheduled for 07/16/2012 at 9:00 AM. 05/31/2012 Notice of Claim Filed Pltf demands judgment for $735.00 plus current dues, attorney fees $450.00, interest and court costs Filed By: Valley at Geist Property Owners Assn Inc Against: Faultless, Jana K Against: Faultless, Scott A File Stamp: 05/23/2012 05/31/2012 Service Issued Sheriff of Hamilton County to both defts Requested By: Valley at Geist Property Owners Assn Inc Serve To: Faultless, Jana K Serve To: Faultless, Scott A Issued: 05/23/2012 06/05/2012 Service Returned Not Served First class mail returned. Sheriff of Hamilton Co. 6/5/12. (Return to Sender.) 07/16/2012 First Hearing (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Campbell, J. Richard) Result: Concluded 07/17/2012 Affidavit Filed Plaintiff, by counsel files Affidavit for Attorney's Fees together with Affidavit of Debt and Non- Military Affidavit and submits order. File Date: 07/16/2012 07/17/2012 Default Judgment entered (Judicial Officer: Campbell, J. Richard) Status: Active; Signed Date: 07/16/2012 Awarded to: Valley at Geist Property Owners Assn Inc Awarded against: Scott Faultless, et al (Joint & Severally) Judgment: $1,285.00 RJO: Book 2012, Page 0720 Judgment: Book 2012, Page 0720 Comment: includes cc Comment () 07/31/2012 Motion for Disc. of Employment Records to a Non Party Filed and submits order. File Stamp: 07/31/2012 08/01/2012 Order Granting Motion for Disc. of Emp. Records to Non Party Order Granting Motion for Discovery of Employment Records to a Non Party per signed. Order Signed: 07/31/2012 08/01/2012 Order Granting Motion for Disc. of Emp. Records to Non Party Order Granting Motion for Discovery of Employment Records to a Non Party per signed. Order Signed: 07/31/2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fishers Town Council you have totally confused me.

Here is what I don’t understand maybe some of my republican friends can help me out. I just found out two things about the Fishers Town Council that has me confused. First was an article in the Current that the Town Council raised taxes. What Republicans raising taxes? Isn’t that something that Republicans always say only Democrats do, so how come they were doing it? I guess they ran out of hidden fees to raise which is Fishers favorite trick. Hide the tax increase. But this time out in the open what happened? The tax increase was from 2 cents per $100 of property value to 5 cents. Holly smoke more than double. Of course they call it a small and one that is “not significant.” Just love the double talk. Now the next one is even better. Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern Schools signed a Memorandum of Understanding where Fishers is going to maintain the grounds of the School’s property. You have got to read this. It sure sounds like a private contract between the School and its contractor Fishers. The School is going to pay Fishers labor costs plus 10% if they need additional help. Well the total cost to the school is $446,834.00 plus of course any additional help with that 10% surcharge. Well this brings me to some questions. I was told Republicans believed in less government and more private business. Did any private landscape company have a chance to bid on this project? Is the Town of Fishers growing in employment to do this extra work and therefore the government is getting larger. If Fishers claims it is not hiring any extra people does that mean they had too many employees and another Republican creed of smaller government just went down the drain or should I say was mowed down. Now you can see why I am totally confused by this totally Republican government council in action. They raise taxes, expand government and take away jobs from the private sector. Are they the new type of Republican? Or are they something else. Please someone help me understand this.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mike Pence and the Military

Mike Pence TV commercials all sound like god bless America, all of them have waves of grain, American Flags, etc. Nothing about what he would do or really stands for, etc. Just wants everyone to take his word for it, very very god and country. Well I think he has hit a new low with this type of campaign. His newest ad is about the Indiana National Guard and how proud he is we have the fourth largest guard in the nation. He goes on to say: "When our nation calls, Indiana’s sons and daughters answer. We owe them a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid." He then goes on to say "What makes today's military so special they all volunteered." What makes Mike Pence so special he didn’t. He never served. He never volunteered. As a veteran I don't mind that he never served but I am insulted by the way he using this message to try and show how proud he is. Fellow vets remember this fake support for our troops this fall. A Veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’ Joe Weingarten Captain United States Air Force 1967-1971

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mitt Romney and the 1800's.

Its July 4th and time to look at what Mr. Romney wants to do to preserve our nation, and I find his best course of action is to go back to the 1800's. I think he would feel very secure in that era. The Tea Party of course wants to go back even further but here are a few notes on Mitt's policies. “The United States is blessed with a cornucopia of carbon-based energy resources,” the Romney campaign site proclaims. “Developing them has been a pathway to prosperity for the nation in the past and offers similar promise for the future.” Yes, the past, the glorious past. Mitt’s hero – 1880’s John D. Rockefeller Speaking of John D. Here are a few of his favorite quotes: “Competition is a sin.” “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in.” “I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.” Mitt would like to get rid of regulations on energy after all regulations have held back the US, that is why we not the number one nation in the world. “amend Clean Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide” We need faster global warming. “open America’s energy reserves for development” Gas reserves are under Geist lets start drilling so what if it ruins our water supply. “support construction of pipelines to bring Canadian oil to the United States” no matter how tarry and impure it is. “prevent over regulation of shale gas development and extraction” with its untested impact on water tables and the very stability of the earth’s crust. The ‘green’ technologies are typically far too expensive to compete in the marketplace,” the Romney campaign site tells us, “and studies have shown that for every ‘green’ job created there are actually more jobs destroyed.” Don’t waste any time looking for the footnote or link that tells you where these studies are located. Windmills can’t have those ugly windmills dotting the landscape do you think we are Holland? Get rid of unions and go back to the workers paradise of the 1880’s. Let’s see in the 1880’s workers had the benefits of long hours, unsafe factories, no sick leave, what is insurance, no vacation, and the boss was very friendly to you. Mitt wants to go forward with right to work laws which are right to employ and fire at will laws. Did I forget low wages “Too often, unions drive up costs and introduce rigidities that harm competitiveness and frustrate innovation.” After all the unions want to see every factory fail and every worker out of a job. The US didn’t develop all those industries and inventions while unions were around, think of how much more we can do with big profits and more rich people and more poor people. The number union in the cross hairs teacher unions. Education: More and more charter schools with the aim of shutting down public education. Make all schools private with a voucher system that results in a benefit to the rich who sent their kids to private schools by giving them extra money, enhance the religious right by allowing them to set up schools and have the government pay for them, and of course develop warehouse schools for the poor and common people. Poor Horace Mann who in the 1850 developed the “common school” concept for all is watching Mr. Romney turn the clock back to before 1850. Medical care -OMG have medical care for everyone? Do you think we are Modern County? Why that concept is so 21st century we must do everything in our power to step back in time. If you have not worked hard and saved for a heart attack then you should die. Break a leg, two sticks and duck tape should make a good splint. Don’t forget no more sick leave back to the coalmines where your only protection is a bird in a cage. Mitt get us back to the 1800’s you must double your efforts to repeal the health care law. Mitt get working on that. Deep in your heart you know the 1800’s was best. “As president, Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts” I wonder if he has flip-flopped this week after Mr. Roberts the approved the health care law. How dare Mr. Roberts follow law instead of politics.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Before you forward that e-mail check

My wife just got an e-mail telling her because of Obamacare her Medicare Premiums are set to jump to $247 in 2014. It was very real looking e-mail coming from Blue Cross etc. She asked is this true and with a few keystrokes I found out it was far from true. It was another one of the false hate e-mails to strike fear into the people not vote for the President. We are going to see a massive increase of these e-mail as we get closer to the election. I went to to get to the real story. And guess what Medicare is going to go up in 2014 but to $115.80, and here is another question for you, what was it in 2011 $115.40. So Medicare is going jump but not to $247 is actually an increase of 40 cents over 2011. Now for another story but this one is very real the Republican candidate for Senate in the State of Indiana has said Medicare is unconstitutional, he also said Social Security is Unconstitutional so folks what are you going to do when Richard Mourdock who also said their is no compromise, its my way or the highway, and he works to shut down these programs. What will you do when your Social Security checks stop coming, when your doctor says cash up front. It is time to make sure Mr. Mourdock is not elected. It is time to end the fear factor and find out the truth. It is time not to elected people of extremes to Congress. It does not matter which party, anyone who is that extreme is not interested in the overall welfare of the nation. We don't need more years of deadlock in Congress.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Indiana Republicans and Universal Health Care

In the primary every Republican candidate said they were going to repeal Health Care. One of the favorite arguments is look what is going on in Canada. So here is a short version of an article posted by AARP with a few comments by me. Even if you are a Republican you should be very concerned about health care. A chest pain and not even a heart attack will set you back about $20,000 and that is for only 1-2 days in the hospital. Cancer about $60,000. One very interesting item was getting treatment in a hospital cost more than if you get it at your doctors office. My guess is the overhead at the hospital and part of the overhead are people who don’t have insurance and get “free” care at the hospital they then pass this on to everyone who comes in the door. If we had everyone insurance you no longer would have people just showing up for free care. Hospital bills would drop. How many Canadians come to the US for heath care: .5% for care electively .11% for emergency care* 99.39% stay in Canada for heath care *80% 0f these visits were to emergency rooms while on vacation. A lot of cold Canadians go to Florida during the winter. Are Canadian doctors taking U.S. jobs? Are they coming to the US? The USA has 800,000 physicians and in both 2005 and 2006 just over 120 Canadian physicians came to the USA. But at the same time more US physicians moved to Canada. Canada rations health care; that’s why hip replacements and cataract surgeries happen faster in the United States. Not so says the St Louis Post Dispatch that did a study on Canadian hip replacements and found 63 percent were for people over 65. So the Republican who claim that Canadians can’t get hip replacements is bunk. Wait times are longer in Canada and the answer is yes they are but not because of rationing but rather because of fiscal conservation policy to limit supply. While the US limits care by cost. In a study by Commonwealth Fund of Washington in the US 42% of Americans expressed an opinion they not be able to afford health care if they became seriously ill. About one third of Americans didn’t go to a doctor when sick or fill a prescription or skipped medication because of cost. Then 20% of people who had medical costs have to struggle to pay their bills. So we as a nation are also rationing health care but using cost as that tool. So when someone says we don’t want to be like Canada on health care maybe the answer yes we do. BTW- When someone says the Health Care Bill has death panels the real answer is that those who vote against it are the death panel. If 42 percent can’t afford to see a doctor or get care are we sending them to their death? Sure looks like it. One last note – How many Canadians does it take to screw in a light bulb? – The same as Americans. Then how come they have health care and we don’t.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Smearfest Last night my wife just looked at me and said politics is now a smearfest. First time I had heard that word and I had to wonder if it even was a word, so off to Google I went and to my surprise it is becoming a word. Now on Google it is spelled three ways with preventative medicine. But mixed in were the articles on this new word. Someone named Mark posted one of the better definitions: Sometimes, in the right-wing noise machine, you really need to stretch to spread your smears across as many targets as possible. It calls for a strategy that aims to cast your juvenile insults so broadly that they ensnare any of your perceived enemies within certain proximity. In a way, it’s a conservative approach that allows you to use less tar to tarnish more opponents in one wide swipe. Even Glenn Beck said: “Campaigns are ugly. Watching the way politicians act makes you long for the respect and self-control of the Sopranos.” But lets be totally honest smearfests are not only the work of the right; the left is just as guilty. Lets look at some of the older political smears: Sarah Palin - "Sarah Palin believes God told her to go to war with Iraq!" Rick Perry - 'Noted Homosexual Rick Perry' Barack Obama – Birth Certificate, Secretly a Muslim Global Warming Pink Slime Now these are minor league compared to today’s attacks. Herman Cain - Ginger White and how many others. Ron Paul - Smeared by everyone just because he is Ron Paul. And of course this is not reserved for national campaigns. Here in Indiana at both the state and local level we have a smearfest beyond belief. What is even more amazing is members of their own party are killing each other. Look at Senator Lugar, better yet Google "smearfest Lugar" and see the Trash you get. Even worst is a Congressional race where one candidate in an ad blasts not one but two opponents at the same time making claims that are totally false. And to top it off this is a candidate who moved(?) into the state for the purpose of running for congress. Where are these ads coming from out of state of course, from big Pac’s? The Supreme Court opened the door a few years ago by saying corporations have free speech and can be a person. What happened to “truth and the American way” it appears it has gone for a long walk and lost its way. It seems we prefer a candidate that uses lies and hides what they would do if elected. No wonder the Congress of the United States is no longer effective, the extreme right and left wings are too busy being evil to each other and others to shake hands and work for the common good. There can also be a fun side of Smearfests: Stranded with zombies VS Hazmat Skippy Peanut Butter on a smearfest

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Indiana Tax Mistakes - Now a third one.

I just got a note form the State of Indiana that I owed a lot of taxes due to an error on my income tax return. My initial though was this can’t be right they owe me. So out come the tax records and low and behold they forgot to credit a large payment on a 1099. First contract the people, who issued the 1099, yup they sent the money to the state. Needless to say I have written a letter back and enclosed the 1099 they seemed to have misplaced or lost. Then I started to wonder was my money with the 200 million or the 325 million Mr.. Mourdock lost. Seems as if we need a total overhaul of the Treasurers’ office, then again I think we need a total overhaul of the state government. Too many things like this keep happening in this state. Of course it will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to find my money and issue my refund.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mitch and Mitt Team

Mitch Daniels former head of the Office of Budget Management under President Bush and now Governor of the State of Indiana has found out the state accounting office made two small account errors of over $500,000,000.00. Ops

Today I found out that Mitt Romney has a Swiss Bank Account. I guess he doesn’t believe in the United States banking system.

So we have a Governor who can’t add and a Governor, who wants to be President who doesn’t trust his own country. Does Mitch have a Swiss bank account? Is Mitt getting ready to run overseas?

By the way – Warren Buffett was asked if he has a Swiss bank account, his response was “No, there are plenty of good banks in the United States”

Maybe Mitch is still thinking of running for Vice-President, what a great team. The Mitt and Mitch team - great campaign slogan "Just trust us with your money"

Just to set the record straight, I do not have a Swiss bank account.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Its time for Rush to go, won't you help!

Quicken Loans
Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Citrix Systems Inc.
Legal Zoom
Heart and Body Extract
Tax Resolution Services

So far eight advertisers have, by pulling their ads from the old fat guy, issued an apology to Ms. Sandra Fluke.

The following companies have yet to pull their ads so it is time to boycott them.

Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee,
American Forces Network
Mission Pharmacal Company
Life Quotes, Inc.
Life Lock

It is also time to see what other programs are on the Premiere Radio Network and boycott them. Rush has made a statement that the advertisers who left “They've decided they don't want you or your business anymore. So be it.” Maybe it is time for all of us to say we don’t want the poison you spread on the airways anymore.

When I started to write this Tax Resolution Services was still a sponsor and now is not. So everyone keep up the pressure.

The other factor is when radio stations drop the program, so call the station in your area and tell them until Rush is gone you are gone from all their programming.

On top of this Forbes magazine, which can hardly be called a liberal magazine, has come out and called Rush’s Apology a “Non-Apology” and added that Rush pretty much said “I’m right.” Well, I and many others think he was dead wrong so please help me to make his program DOA.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hybrid, Modified its all a Sham to me.

The Peoples Republic of Fishers continues to try and stay in power with its latest name change. In his latest move to try and fool the people of Fishers Scott Faultless has changed the name of his new city from Hybrid to Modified. Same old product new name, maybe he should go to work for a food or a soap company. You have to wonder why? Maybe it has to do with bad press and lawsuits. Yet he continues with the same underlying issue that the “Modified” City is not a city but a town form of government with a city name. The only change is that this modified form of government where the new city council appoints the “Mayor”. You read that correctly “appointed” which means the janitor (who actually might be a better choice than one of Scottie’s buddies) or anyone off the street or even someone who was never elected to any office. To top if off it becomes a total figurehead office and is not a real mayor like in every other city in the state.

To give you an idea of his way of thinking he has said that both questions about a city will be on the ballot. Sounds good until you see the fine print. If both pass then the modified city become law. So how do you educate the citizens to vote yes for one city and no for the other city? That is what he is counting on to continue the power in the hands of one person.

One of the ways he stays in power is to rig committees and boards. In some cases that law requires that boards cannot be made up from all one political party. The Scott solution have independents, who are not independent, be the others on the board. Just line up a bunch of people who declare themselves independent at the polls and then use them on these committees. One of the independents from the Merger Committee was seen at a recent major Republican gathering. The Chairmen of the Merger Committee is a former Town Council President and has a major contract with the Town. No wonder he didn’t listen to input and took action without ant input on the merger question. Conflict of interest of course but this is Fishers. I am sorry the Peoples Republic of Fishers.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Indy Star and Charlie White

Oh my an entire page in the Indy Star on Charlie White:

Actually a very good article from start to finish. Not much new but a few nice insights form other elected officials of the area. One very big surprise.

At the tail end of this article is a defense of Charlie by Scott Faultless, two items Scott must be scared that Charlie is going to spill the beans on all the back room deals that go on in Fishers, so Scott has to be nice to him. Then is the statement that Charlie was a de facto member of the Town Council. Mr. Faultless would love to have a town council that is all de facto no elections. In fact he has proposed a new city government where the Mayor is appointed. The fact is that Mr. While was not a legal member in standing on the Town Council after he moved out of his district.

But then again this is Fishers where Mr.Faultless believe everything he says.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fishers town vs city lawsuit

Please go to this link and watch my attorney explain the suit against Fishers for not letting the people of the community vote.

The Fishers Town Council believes in holding on to power no matter what the costs. I am sure many of you will find this interesting.

If you live in Fishers, In this should be of extreme interest to you. The way they twist the facts is just unreal. In the Supreme Court they once again stated the Hybrid (Fake) City they are proposing will save one million dollars the only problem is that it will not. The savings is expected because they would opt out of social security payments for the police and firemen. The real story is no police or fire departments have been approved for opting out by the Social Security Administration for years. Another thing they said was the hybrid city was proposed by a citizens Town/ Township Merger Committee, they forgot to say by a hand picked committee lead by a former Town Council President who has a very large contract with the Town. I believe I would call that a conflict of interest. Some of the committee members were ignored and many times the paid for chair just did what he felt like. Far from a real merger committee, but in the eyes of the Town Council just perfect.

So please take a few minutes and view the video.

A few other blogs you may want to read:
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