Sunday, July 19, 2009

UDO – Didn’t take long for Fishers to Exempt itself.

T-Moble and Cingular want to lease property for cell towers. On town property. This way the Town gets revenue from the property lease but at the same time it appears that they could not have done this just a few weeks ago.

They violate two zoning ordinances:
1) Open Space does not allow a Cell Phone Tower
2) 270 foot setback versus 500 foot from a residential property

How would you like to live 270 feet from a cell tower, you never knew was going to drop in next to your home? And of course you didn’t get a chance to ask about it or appear before the Council to protest. Did I say property values. So if you live near these new towers make sure you ask for a reduction of your property taxes as you property values nosedive.

Town of Fishers to Raise Taxes again

The Town of Fishers is once again raising taxes by a hidden tax. It’s a tax on your use of cable which is going from 3 to 5%, almost double. So if your cable bill is $100 your current tax is three dollars well its going to five dollars. The reason the increased benefit of cable.

Lets try increased need to of the Town because of poor planning and budget shortfall.

Went is this going to happen, they are going to vote on it at their July 20th Council Meeting and it is effective at once. The same day.

Cable users of Fishers did you know your cable cost is going up by two percent? Did you know this is a hidden tax by Fishers? BTW- Did you even know you were paying 3% of your cable in a tax?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fallcreek Township 2008 Referendum 2

Follow the money just follow the money. Well I am starting to follow the money to parties and tricks that are used in election campaigns. I will be adding new findings over the next few weeks.

So here is the first one. Last year in the election there was a Referendum on the Ballot for a small question of the right of citizens to have a say in zoning in their area when that area is un-incorporated. The Town of Fishers had taken over zoning during the dark of the night and many people who lived in the area did not care for this. So put it to a vote and the vote passed to move the zoning away from Fishers. Of course Fishers does not care what the citizens wanted and used another law to take over anyway.

Well during the campaign signs and banners popped up to get people upset, they implied that if this passed Land-Fills and Junk Yards would all of a sudden be allowed. It was just a fear tactic of the Town Council. But where did these signs and banners come from, who paid for them, etc.

It has taken a while but I now know and I wanted all of you to know.
The funds came from two law firms, and of course I have to ask why? Maybe they were told to do it by members of the council, that part I doubt we will ever know.
Bose, McKinney & Evans $3197.16
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrm $1200.00
Unknown persons gave $112.00

The signs were made by:
Sport Graphics
And the banners by:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forbes picks Fishers as a move in community

The article in Forbes is for the best places to move, not live. A big difference. It’s a place where corporate serial movers called Relos can move into and out off. Not exactly what I would call good long-term citizens. This article tags Fishers as a “Reloville” which is a community with twice everything of a mature community, such as income, house values and divorce rates. But as the article states these people know the way to the airport but not city hall. Maybe that explains the high voter rate in Fishers. As such they don’t join community groups other than the PTA and soccer. They don’t run for election or contribute to campaigns for community improvements as they won’t be here for the long run.

So don’t be so proud of Fishers being a member of the Relovilles of America.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The grand Mitch screw ups.

For years Governor Mitch Daniels and his administration ignored the plight of Hoosiers from the welfare system to education. If has to do with a personal service of any kind, Mitch is not your man. If it has to do with the reduction of services, Mitch is your man. If it has to do with a long-term outlook, Mitch is not your man. If it has to do with a short-term gain and total disregard for the future, Mitch is your man.

Mitch privatized Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration and the result was a short-term savings over the use of government employees and the result a mess. People were replaced with computer systems and phone system that just don’t hack it. I guess Mitch believed that all the poor and disabled people had computer systems to access to high-speed web systems. OK Mitch many of these people don’t have money for food, where are they going to get a computer and web hook-up. How is someone who is deaf going to use the phone system? Instead of helping the poor and those in need, Mitch is trying to force them out of the system. That way he doesn’t have to help them.

Then we come to education where once again Mitch has shown himself for what he is, someone who will take care of the wealthy and let the poor folks, well just let them. First his education plan funds the rich districts and decreases funding to the inner city and small rural schools. That’s a great idea Mitch let the school districts that are in trouble get further in trouble. Don’t give the kids in these districts a chance of pulling themselves up, instead pound them down, so what if they don’t get an education and drop out. So what if they go on welfare, oh I forgot they can’t because they don’t have a computer to log into the welfare system. Well, if they drop out, they can always get a GED later, opps, the man Match stopped funding for the GED program.

I can’t wait to see what happens to the highway he sold off and by the way what happened to all that money?

Just so all of your know, here is what is going to happen. In a few years we will get a new governor and whoever it is, is going to have repair all of this. Mitch will be gone and everyone will blame the new guy for spending money to repair what Mitch has done. Just as he screwed up in the White House, he is screwing up in Indiana.