Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fire in Fishers next to unmanned fire station

Well, well, well. Across the street from the fire station on 116st a house burns to the ground and no one responds from the station. Oh, the fire truck was on reserve and all the firefighters were moved to the new station. You mean Fishers build a new fire station and didn't hire any new firefighters. Yup that appears to be the case. Instead they are going to remodel the old station and then who knows what they will do with it. Now the problem is that they could have kept a crew at the old station and worked around them, but not Fishers. They should have hired new firefighters when the new station was completed but not Fishers. Or maybe the firefighter were out on Geist on their boat. It seems they love to spend money in all the wrong places. I heard they are going to waste more money on an $8,tear down. It seems the current Town Council is going spend crazy. Maybe they want the new City to start with zero in the bank. Or maybe in debt and say we told you not to become a city. Well Mr. Fadness you want to be Mayor but it seems you didn't manage you Fire Department too well. How can you manage an entire city. Next time any of you meet Scott Fadness ask him why the fire station on 116th was empty on August 27th.