Saturday, May 13, 2017

Fadness and Jennifer Messer -- no Bargain

I was very surprised to see Mayor Fadness say that the Messer Contract is a bargain. Lets do some math. The City has two full time attorneys on payroll with a total cost of $190,000. Jennifer Messer is being paid $240,000. So for an additional $190,000 the City of Fishers could hire another two full time attorneys and save $50,000. Or since one of the attorneys is paid $80,000 maybe they hire three at this level and now the City has three additional attorneys for the price of one.

So how is the payment to Jenifer Messer a bargain or is it just a way to funnel money to her husband the Congressman.

Added- I just read a comment on another blog asking the question how come we don't have any good attorneys in Indiana that the City of Fishers has to send $240,000 to Washington.