Monday, February 9, 2015

Representative is confused about Ethics

We have a major problem in our elected official thinking that ethics apply to everyone but themselves.

Every session of the state government we get bills that are so narrow it becomes very apparent that the bills are aimed at one group or even one person without any regard to the rest of the state. Or actions to stop bills so whatever they were doing can continue to the benefit of that legislator or their buddies.  At the same time House Speaker Bosma talks about improving the laws on ethical behavior. Lets look at one of the latest Bills submitted to the house.  HR1611.

It appears another Indiana Representative is confused about ethics. Rep. Jud McMillin, R-Brookville, has proposed cutting statewide funding by 6 million dollars for DNR enforcement and at the same time he wants all that money to go to his district. Forget the rest of the state, just take care of my district and get rid of the cops so my hunters can do as they please. As a resident of the Geist area I don’t want to see more drunk boaters on the lake or any other lake. But these cuts will result in more boating accidents, more hunting accidents and more illegal hunting. Rep McMillin complaints the DNR enforcement people are targeting his residents, well if you break the law you get a ticket or arrested you go to court. I wonder how many are found not guilty? Doubtful if any.  Also if a DNR Police officer see a drunk driver, Rep McMillin wants to prevent them from stopping that driver if they are on a regular road. I guess if they kill someone while drunk the Representative could care less. At least his buddies don’t have to worry about being stopped.

Do we want to see state wide money going to one district just for his parks and at the same time stopping enforcement of natural resource laws statewide.

House Leader Bosma has been talking about ethics and yet his number 2 man in the House is becoming the latest poster boy on unethical practices.