Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fishers Planning or Lack off and Charlie again.

Lets start with Charlie White, the former Fishers Town Council member and current Candidate for Secretary of State. Well the poor fellow is already up on charges for voter fraud and here he goes again with another screw up. This time he sent out mailers with out the required statement -Approved and Paid for...." This is the disclaimer requirement that goes on everything when you are running for office. As a candidate it is easy to forget to put it on everything, but as the candidate for the office that overseas elections - no way. Sorry Charlie but you sure show you don't care about details and it is important at the state level, you not on the screw up Town Council anymore.

Speaking of the Town Council they are up to no good again. They are going into high speed emergency mode and yesterday they started to show maps for identifying new districts for the council members, present a new budget and try and approve a town court.

Now all of sudden they realize they annexed Geist and have to include it in their map. Good planning Fishers, or did they have these maps for months and just hide them from the public. By the way the newspaper reports failed to tell us about "Option 1." Option 1? Yes another map not presented, but don't be surprised if it pops up tonight. You see the problem is the way the new map is drawn, two of the council members are in the same district, which means one has to go. Option 1 map all the council members are protected in their own districts but the one women on the council will have massive problems being elected. She would be in Geist and the people of Geist will remember what she did to them in the annexation. Option1 might have the Council members a little worried, if Eileen gets mad at them, she controls the political PAC with the pot of money they use for elections. What would she so?

Next they want to set up a court. Of course everyone is losing money running courts but Scottie says they will make money. But I think their are another couple reasons. Maybe he wants be the judge? If he see the real City coming he knows his days as king are over. Or he has a buddy that wants to be Judge and it also gives him more control. In either case the formation of a court should have been out in front with public discussion, but not in Fishers. Another example of just do as Scottie wants. Then the budget, has anyone seen it ahead of today, and then approved today, once again without any public input or discussion.

And of course the merger committee meeting will approve the Sham City once again at break neck speed and without and real input from anyone nor do they care even what some of the committee members say. Just push it through and let Scottie continue his total control of the Town or Sham City. Violate whatever laws you want, it does not matter if your name is Charlie or Scottie.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 28, 2010 busy day in Fishers.

This Thursday, October 28, 2010, is going to be rather busy. The Merger (ShamCity) committee meets, Fall Creek Township Board meets and Fishers Town Council meets. From what I hear the Sham Committee will try and recommend its new form of government, but at the same time some of the subcommittees have not even been given time to study the question. This shows how the Town Council is controlling the committee and could care less about the entire process or even if it makes sense. The proposal is for a soft mayor elected by the new city council. Nothing new from what we have today except the name. Every thing stays the same. Remember the old TV show where they came out and said the names of the innocent have been changed to protect them, well in this case the names of the guilty have been changed to allow them to continue in office. They continue to ignore the requirement for public input.

Which brings me to Charlie White – Todd Rokita failed to let people know that he donated $717.62 to Mr. White’s campaign when he declined to continue his investigation by his office. Another major failure of ethics by another elected official.

Speaking of ethics- All three of the Fall Creek Board of Advisors seem to forget that they need to file conflict of interest forms. I have already called out Mr. Reuter and now he no longer votes on matters concerning the Town of Fishers. But the other two have failed to file the proper paperwork, Jason Meyer is also on the Fishers Redevelopment Commission and who is his employer, Dan Rieke has failed to list that he is on the Board of SPORTS who has benefited from Fishers Town spending for ball fields and parks for them as well as good deals on office space. It is time for the other two to fess up. It is also time for them to be honest in their dealings with the people who live in this area. What we needed in this state is an independent board of investigation to go after people who believe ethical behavior does not apply to them.

Fishers Town Council is going to redistrict this Thursday to I gather take care of Mike Colby who was elected to replace Charlie White. You see he does not live in the proper district. I also have to wonder what else they are going to gerrymander. What is interesting they are going to have to do this again very soon based on the new census. So why not waste money on new maps that are good for two months? Of course that way you take care of one of your own, who cares about tax payers. They are also going to approve a new budget. Try and find out anything about this, you won’t. Another secret deal in the works? We will find out after it is published. It is not even in the published packet for the Thursday meeting.

Do you have a few hours on Tuesday to help and provide information to voters in Fall Creek Township. If you do please e-mail me. I need your help.

Also don’t forget if you live in the 29th House District to vote for me, because I care about the people and not the machine.

Approved by Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey Charlie - Where do you live?

I have been watching the drama unfold of Charlie White, the Republican candidate for Indiana Secretary of State, as he tries to slips past election fraud charges. Its a game that is rather easy in Hamilton County Indiana, but now he has the entire state watching him. You see Charlie, moved but forgot to tell anyone he moved, of course he had a house warming party and everyone knew he moved, except the general public. But then again the party in power didn't seem to care, after all it was Charlie the head of the County Republicans. Then Charlie also held onto to his seat on the Fishers Town Council and they all knew but not one word. He collected $1,000.00 a month while he was illegally seated on the Council from the day he moved out of his district. And now he Town attorney says it didn't matter in the passing of laws and spending of Town money. I kind of think it does. But its just Charlie. I have noticed the Town Attorney seems to make up rulings and thinks what he says is law. One day someone will challenge him in court and it will not be a pretty picture.

Well the County Prosecutor was going to do her usual nothing but the pressure got so great so she is going to get a special prosecutor and by the time they appoint one and the new special prosecutor figures out where Hamilton County is the election will be over. But its Hamilton County and you wouldn't expect anything less. This is the same prosecutor who is protecting Ms. Richardson, the election commissioner and candidate for office who runs her own election. After all its Hamilton County and you wouldn't expect anything less.

Well Charlie you namesake just doesn't measure up to Starkist and you know you don't measure up to hold an office of Trust of the People.

To the leaders of Hamilton County I am sorry but I expect you live within the laws of the land and to meet a very high standard. So far most of you have only one goal --staying in power and you don't seem to care about the people you govern.

The Great Fishers, IN Sham.

The latest in the merger committee to try and keep Scott in power and the council the same. They are proposing a new form of government that does not exist in Indiana and may not be allowed but its Fishers and they do as they please. The new city has 9 elected councilmen, at large, and they in turn elect a Mayor. The elected Clerk/Treasurer becomes a appointed Controller. Actually this is the same as the current Town Council but is called a City and the Council President becomes a "weak Mayor." So the circle is now complete no accountability at all. Just one happy family under the total control of weak Mayor Scott. Of course this comes from the Sham Merger Committee that is railroading this along for Mayor Scott. I guess all of you on the committee should be ashamed of yourselves for being part of this game under the direction of the Town.

I can only guess all of you skipped school during civic class.So here is a lesson for you.

In the year 1215 the King John recognized the right of the barons to petition the crown with the signing of the Maga Carta, this grew in time to the right to petition Parliament and the House of Commons. On July 4, 1776 our forefathers said: "In every state of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." And King George III ignored the petitions of his people. Our founding fathers made sure this concept would live on forever and its importance can't be overlooked in that it became the "First Amendment" of our Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." And in 1925 the Supreme Court held that this applied to state and local governments.

With the exception it appears of Fishers Indiana. We have submitted a legal petition to call for a vote and it is time to place this on the ballot without delay. But in Fishers they do as they please and even the Constitution of the United States does not apply. See you in Court.