Friday, April 29, 2011

Fishers IN Tuesday Primary Election

Folks - Here is a run down of the Scott crew and recommendations on who to vote for Tuesday. Don't forget as Charlie White said - Fishers has funny districts. What this means you can vote for every one of the council seat not just the one you live in. Scott keeps calling those who live in Geist angry. We warned him a few years ago that in an upcoming election we would show the council that we can vote and vote them out of office. They didn't listen to a word said by the people during the annexation. Now that we are part of Fishers isn't it time we showed them when we think of their form of government, so this is the time to show them that we care about our right to vote, our right to have a voice that can be heard. Please tell all your friends all over Fishers it is time to get rid of these people who believe developers have the right to run the community and not the people. Here are the candidate reviews:

Memo to Candidates:

Gay Cordell – Please learn how to add. 88 million plus 5 million does not equal 190 million. Also learn that numbers on one end of a report must match other numbers in the same report in the same category. I am sorry I forgot you were too busy writing up an application for an award as the best whatever you are than to pay attention on the math. Also do you know that as a public servant you serve the people and when you get a request or a question you should provide a response. Even if it is a response that says sorry or I can’t provide an answer to that request. But then again I forgot you were too busy on that award. We have heard that your department has the highest turn over rate in the town in personnel, could that have something to do with your leadership skills. Oh by the way were you too busy to come to the candidate’s debate working on your 2011 award package.
Vote for Pam Zagar

Scott Faultless – It is time you change your story on lowest tax rate. When people are annexed into your town and their property taxes go up 15-30% it kind of means they had a lower tax rate, unless of course you went to the same math school as Gay. Then you keep leaving off all the hidden taxes Fishers charges that other communities don’t. How about an Apple-to-Apple comparison instead of the Apple to Turnip one you are using. So every citizen in the community is paying a higher rate and does not know it. Also Scott isn’t it time you keep your story on a level field, stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens. We all know you will be lost if not in power, look how many times you forced your way to be “President” of Council, and now this funny Sham City. Do you think we don’t understand it is a City with Town Government so you can stay in power? Oh by the way Scott isn’t it time to remove the top item on the Town website on government section of the Proposed Geist Unification, you know you have not done any of the things you promised and it is no longer “proposed.” The Fire Station still is not here, the concept of projects for Geist, well just lets say they are somewhere with the Fire Station. By showing this old page we can tell you are still bitter that anyone could question your authority. By the way the false statements on that page are still on that page. And you have done nothing towards the great unification. The only part you have done is raise taxes on the people living in the Geist area.
Vote for Parker Stancato

Eileen Pritchard – Sorry Eileen that you have to sit in front of people and listen to them. We know how hard that is for you. But when sitting in front of your loyal citizens in a public hearing you should not say, “Do we have to listen to this.” Remember the words public hearing. It means you listen to the citizens, understand what they say and consider it in how you vote. I know this is a new concept for you. I am very surprised you even come to the meetings, you could say home and just let Scott vote for you. Also buying votes with parks and sport field’s is a very interesting concept, you know it was the same thing done in Rome a few thousand years ago. Oh I understand if the new group gets elected they are going to change the name of Cyntheanne Park to Peterson Field. Don’t you think that is a fitting tribute?
Vote for Renee Cox

Stuart Easley – Stu the Poo, you keep reminding people of your great scientific back ground and Lilly ethics, then how come you don’t apply them. Lets see the great economic developments, a hospital which will not pay property taxes, well forget that one, actually since they will not pay taxes and get town services it is a drain on the taxpayers, all the vacant land between Wal-Mart and Sallie May, still vacant. The water park and a new downtown, again smoke and mirrors which is used a lot in the engineering and science community when someone has nothing to offer but talks a lot, do you remember that term. Yet you fell for the City of Faultless concept or are you just playing ball to stay in the power club. Are you the deFacto city development director? If a real Mayor gets elected maybe we will have real development instead of he favorite few who now get to build any strip mall they like and Noblesville has a real mall just feet from Fishers.
Vote for Glenn Brown

Jason Meyer – Hand picked by Scott as a reward for stabbing the people of Fall Creek Township in the back in the Sham City merger talks. Jason I though you were going to cry at one of he debates as you said you care about the people. If you cared you would have stopped the merger that will result in a 30% tax increase to the folks who currently live outside of Fishers. You know the same people who had taken away form them in 2008 the rule of zoning even after they voted not to be covered. Remember the stolen vote by the Town Council. Remember the fake junkyard signs. If you cared maybe the voters would have re-elected you to the Fall Creek Township Board. They remembered and didn’t vote you back on the Township Board. So here you go for the Town Council seat. Oh by the way Jason your campaign manager is a paid consultant of the Town of Fishers. Well so much for your caring and independent voice.

Vote for Pete Peterson
Michael Colby – Mike I know you tried to force Delaware Township into the Sham City, but the other real elected representative of the people understood what Scott was up too. You were a good soldier following the orders of Scott. So your reward when Charlie White was forced to resign was his seat. Great way to get elected, oh excuse me appointed by Scott as a reward for trying. But then you blew your chance for showing that you were one of the Scott Crew by not calling for a real vote by the people for the referendum for the real city. I guess you just fell in line with the others. Then things got a little complicated two of you in the same district. No problem said Scott we will just create a Judge position for the other guy. So what if it costs the town a lot of money and other towns are trying to kill of these courts because they are a losing proposition. That the Supreme Court currently is conducting a study to do away with these courts. You see you and Mr. Henke should have been in the primary for the seat instead of working this back door deal. Sorry Charlie, oh I mean Mike, you have not earned the right to be elected to this seat.
Vote for Monte Chamberlin.

Here comes the Judge- Just one though – Don’t vote for Henke. Pick whichever of the other three, but don’t vote for Henke. He was hand picked by Scott and this waste of money. This court was established for two reasons. First to provide a Judge position for Mr. Henke who has always wanted to be a judge and the conflict with Mike Colby with both of them living in the same district. The other factor is more control by the Town Council. This Court will not just be a traffic Court but also a zoning and enforcement Court. So the TC will have a lot more control over the town.
Vote for Arnold or Delp or Culwell but not for Henke.

Monday, April 18, 2011

30% Property Tax Increase

Homeowners of Geist, did you get a shock in the mail? Most of the property owners got a 30% property tax increase, so say thank you to the Town of Fishers. You have been annexed. Notice all the extra services that you have gotten since you were annexed. Maybe we should have a treasure egg hunt to find them; opps Scott Grinch stole all the eggs. Nothing has changed, all the promises of doing this and that were just that promises and nothing has happened.

Instead any time we say anything, the Town Council’s newspaper bloggers just call us a bunch of angry Geisters. Well Geisters, it is time to take action and you will have your chance on May 3rd.

If you are a registered Republican here is your chance to vote out the entire Council. Almost no one knows this but the way they set up elections was to insure they would get elected by having total at large elections. So while a candidate must live in a set district, every voter in the town votes for all candidates. So you can vote against every single one of the incumbents. It is time to take back this town and vote in a responsible government that listens to the people. It is time to vote in a responsible government that cares about the citizens and not about what the developers want. It is time for all the voters of Fishers to take back this town. Vote against the incumbents.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

May 3 primary - Signs, Signs Everywhere.

Its looks like the Town Council is feeling the heat, they are fanning the entire town with their signs. Every strip mall is loaded with signs. Did I say strip malls? Oh yes I remember a long time ago I said the Town Council never met a strip mall they didn’t like. I guess it was true then. They love strip malls and strip mall owners love them.

If you are a Republican it is very important that you go and vote out the incumbents on May 3rd. One reminder you can vote in every district election. So you can vote out all of them. To quote Charlie White, former Town Councilor “Fishers is the only Town in Indiana with these funny districts.” You may be shocked but when you see your ballot you will see all seven Fishers districts and you can vote in all of them. Only in Fishers, it is time for a change. Vote in new people and bring the government back to the citizens.