Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are you ready for next May?

The state passed a new law because of the mess brought about by Fishers in the trick question election. As you remember the Town Council tried to trick everyone to keep them in power, not these voters. Smarter than the town council yes. Well other communities tried other mergers etc and all of them failed. Then the state lawmakers noticed. A little push from a couple of citizens including our own Brian Baehl and a number from Evansville got things moving even faster. The law passed 49 to 1 in the Senate and 97 to 3 in the House. So to the Town Council your lost again. To other citizens all over the state you will not have to go through what we all did. By the way the Town attorney travel to another town to try and sell them on this crazy plan, so the new law stopped that game. The Current had an article and Scott Fadness said the new law does not effect Fishers. Wrong again. The new law requires the Mayor and new Council election in 2014 and they wanted it in 2015. Another year to built up their war chests with money to run an election. I can't wait to see how they try and delay the election from 2014 to 2015. The Town Attorney must be up all night trying to figure this one out. Ok election 2014 and the list of Mayor candidates keeps growing, real or not real the names keep popping up. So far my count is up to seven, but I am not into the rumor spreading of candidates so you will have to figure out your own list. But what it does is open the field, lets say three of the current council members run in the primary, that means two or three seats open up depending on the new districts. If you run for Mayor you can't run for election in a district seat. That was one of the tricks they tried to play on the voters. Then three at large seats which translates into an open contest for 5 or 6 council seats. Hopefully people who want to see good government for the people step forward and run. Instead of the same old people who want government for the government and not the people.