Friday, September 27, 2013

Comcast - the zombie's are in charge

Having to deal with Comcast is like having to deal with a bunch of Zombie's but maybe it would be easier to deal with Zombie's. It started a while ago with a TV that was having problems the picture would go digital and then back to normal, a call to Comcast and after three days they figured it was something on their end. But was it? A few weeks later no sound on Channel 13, another call to Comcast and after an electronic refresh everything back to normal. Then 10 days ago no sound on 8 and 13 again an electronic refresh but after the “please wait 30 minutes” no sound. So a call back to Comcast. Call one - cut off after two minutes on hold. Call two - cut off after 29 minutes on hold. Call three - a live person after 14 minutes on hold. Not sure if this person was in India or China or gods knows where a lot of please repeat that. You can always tell when talking to an overseas center when they address you as Mr.Joe. So after 29 minutes she agreed I had a bad digital adapter, you all other TV's worked fine. Then she said you could take it to our repair center. I said no, "we can ship you one but that costs $9.95 again I said no ship it for free since it is your equipment that failed and I paid for it to work every month. I told them they could send out a repairman and that would cost Comcast even more. After two supervisors they agreed to ship it for free. Being a rocket scientist and aerospace engineer I took an adapter from the guest bedroom and put it on the TV that was not working and guess what it now works- dead adapter. Fast forward one week later no new adapter. I called Comcast again but not on a weekend and during business hours. After a one minute wait a real person. He looked up my account etc and then said yes it was marked for free shipping but they can't ship it in their system free even after they said it was waived. He could not explain this, two alternatives I could go to their repair center or sent out a repairman. OK lets waste Comcast money and sent out that repairman. Then I asked to be transferred to billing and told them what happened. They refunded 13 days of service they knew we had service to the other TV’s. But they understood the Zombies in service department were in charge. So lets see Comcast lost 13 days of revenue, 2-3 hours on the phone, and a service call for the “cable guy.” So if you are not doing anything Monday between 2 and 4 stop over and join me and the cable guy for a cup of coffee. It only takes 2 minutes to install a new adapter. Wouldn’t have been a lot cheaper to just mail me the adapter? Joe