Monday, November 1, 2010

The New City of Fishers - Sham City

I have just read the report by the Town? Township Merger Committee. This is a joke and insult to the people of the community.
The first 5 out of 12 pages are boilerplate they say nothing. I.e. who is on the committee, under what law it was established, etc.
Then we get to the new City of Fishers and first on tap is the new Mayor who shall be elected by the City Council for a four year term and here is the fishy part they openly state that the laws that govern a Town President will be the same laws that govern this new “City Mayor” in other words no change. Then we get a City Manager who will have a contract for the same four years and can only be fired by 7 of the 9 city counselors. First mention of 9 counselors? Then we get a City Controller who has to be appointed by 5 counselor after a recommendation by the City Manager and can only be removed by 7 counselors.

Now we get to the new Council of a Mayor and 8 counselors, total 9 separate districts. The two new counselors until the next election in 2015 shall be the Fall Creek Trustee and the other counselor is very confusing, either the County Commissioner appoint or the President of the Township Advisory Board.

Hers comes the best line in the entire report to show this is a sham.

“Except as described elsewhere herein, as of the Effective Date, the City of Fishers shall be governed and administered as a “Town” as the term is defined under Indiana Law. The only change will be that “poor relief” will become another department under the City Manager.

This is approved by:
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative