Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey Jeff where did you get the sign money

Running for Fall Creek Township Trustee is all of a sudden the biggest run in town.

Let's look at Jeff Hern he has signs everywhere and as a very famous saying in government goes, follow the money. Well Jeff is being paid off, oh excuse me, being supported by the developers of the area according to his financial paperwork.

Next when you submit your paper's to run for office and that office is within the Fisher's Town limits you get this nasty letter about where you can't put signs. Somehow signs vanish but Jeff's are still in the illegal rights of way. I know in the last election some of my signs that were fully legal were pulled by Fishers. But Jeff signs must have a shield around them that protects them from the Fishers enforcers. Maybe NASA could use it.

Now Jeff has some fancy words on what he wants to do and if you read them carefully, you will find he is a pawn for the Town to merge the Township into the Town. That would be a great deal for him. You see when the merger takes effect, he continues in his job with full pay and no work what so ever. They just continue to sent him his paycheck until the four year term runs out. No wonder he wants the job. Get elected, do away with your position and continue to get paid for four years. Sound like something the Fishers Town Council would use as a payoff to grab a million dollar reserve held by the township.

While I am at it, the same thing is happening in Delaware Township with another Town pawn, Mike Colby. Delaware also has a million dollar reserve. So I am thinking maybe we should get rid of the Town and let the current Township Trustees run the town, they seem to do a better job.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We all agree on this one.

Finally something we can all agree on, Republicans, Democrats even members of the Tea Party.

Throw Mohammed al-Modadi out of the USA. In case you don’t know who this idiot is, he is the dip, I mean diplomat who said jokingly “I’m trying to light my shoes on fire.” On United Airlines Flight 663 from Washington to Denver on April 7th.

Now this guy is a diplomat form Qatari and I think it is time to send him on another airplane ride, but this time one way to his home country.

Anyone disagree?