Saturday, December 31, 2016

Once again Fishers Pays off a Developer

OK Mayor Fadness said, “One of the things I hear the most from our Fishers residents is the desire for more local food and entertainment options.”

So here comes the “Yard” a private development by Thompson Thrift Retail group and low and behold a large chunk of money form the City of Fishers, much of it hidden of course from the citizens under various statements that most people don’t understand.

Here we go:

1.     The agreement includes waiver of Impact Fees.  Why?
2.     Economic Development Bonds to the tune of $7 million dollars. Why?
3.     TIF District – reduces tax collection over time and hurts the HSE School district.  Why?
4.     The city will lease two 1,500 sq ft buildings to be used as a culinary and / or restaurant accelerator. Why?

If this has such a great demand and is wanted by residents why is the City giving even one penny to the developer. If it were badly wanted wouldn’t the developers be happy to risk their own money to make a profit. Why is the City allowing any of this or is to insure that money flows into the re-election coffers of the city council members.  Give the developer money and expect payback later in donations to a campaign. By the way how many millions is this worth? Less government republicans seems to be in 100% and in lock step with this development. It seems that pay for play is at it again. The name Thompson appears on Mr. Fadness’s campaign contribution reports as well as many other contractors to the city.  I guess taxpayers don’t count.  Mr. Fadness you should return every penny from any one or business that has a contract with the city.  I know it is allowed in the State of Indiana but it is still not ethical.  By the way the same goes for many of the other City of Fishers Council members you should not accept any money from contractors or from the owners who are trying to hide they are paying you off. I know it does not in any way influence your vote on the council. Who are you kidding, not me.

Voters and taxpayers of the City of Fishers please remember this when the City elections come around in a few years if you don’t I will remind you.