Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Rumor on a new State Fish

The jellyfish has been around for 650 million years and has no brain. I heard that Governor Pence is think about having the jellyfish declared the state fish as it truly represents him and his party for long lasting. Please no one tell him it has no brain.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Governor Pence Coal was King but no more.

Coal is dying as an electric power generator.

Within the United States in 2015-2016 the amount of electric power generated by coal will drop by a total of 16,581.50 MW. The numbers are even more stark when you look at the actual drop vs. new coal sources. The power industry will retire coal-fired plants by 16,961,50MW and build new plants that fired conventional steam with coal by only 380 MW.  The plants that are shutting down are mainly in four states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. Notice which state is missing.

At the same time wind power will increase by 17,103.10MW and solar by 8,472.60MW. If you add new natural gas fired plants with a total of 17,867.40MW the total for solar, wind and gas is 85% of new power. 

Even nuclear is making a small comeback with 1,269.90 MW coming on line.

The overall landscape of the power industry is changing and in a few years will look very different from today.

So Governor Pence why do you defend coal so much? Why do you believe the health of Hoosiers is not important and that your coal buddies are more important than the people you serve?