Monday, March 5, 2012

Its time for Rush to go, won't you help!

Quicken Loans
Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Citrix Systems Inc.
Legal Zoom
Heart and Body Extract
Tax Resolution Services

So far eight advertisers have, by pulling their ads from the old fat guy, issued an apology to Ms. Sandra Fluke.

The following companies have yet to pull their ads so it is time to boycott them.

Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee,
American Forces Network
Mission Pharmacal Company
Life Quotes, Inc.
Life Lock

It is also time to see what other programs are on the Premiere Radio Network and boycott them. Rush has made a statement that the advertisers who left “They've decided they don't want you or your business anymore. So be it.” Maybe it is time for all of us to say we don’t want the poison you spread on the airways anymore.

When I started to write this Tax Resolution Services was still a sponsor and now is not. So everyone keep up the pressure.

The other factor is when radio stations drop the program, so call the station in your area and tell them until Rush is gone you are gone from all their programming.

On top of this Forbes magazine, which can hardly be called a liberal magazine, has come out and called Rush’s Apology a “Non-Apology” and added that Rush pretty much said “I’m right.” Well, I and many others think he was dead wrong so please help me to make his program DOA.