Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fishers Mayor Race to get Interesting

Rumor’s are flying, quiet evening meetings being held and another person about to announce a run for Mayor. The rumors all are about Scott Fadness, Fishers Town Manger. He joins Walt Kelly and has something in common with him. Both were opposed to having a real city and a real Mayor, now they want to be Mayor. Could they be a real Mayor or is this just another way for the old guard to keep power and things very much the same. The Town has already announced they are going to lobby the state to delay the election, give them more time to try and kill the real city. So for Scott this makes sense, he might lose his job if a real Mayor came to the city. But in running he keeps his job, may have to take a pay cut as Mayors make less than City Managers around here. Or would the new City Council reward him with his being the highest paid Mayor in the state. His buddy and best man at his wedding is our Fire Chief so I guess he is counting on the support of the fire department. I wonder how he got the chiefs job? Will the Town Council allow him to stay in his job while running for Mayor, I hope not, but I am sure they will. Also as a member of the International City/County Management Association, he has agreed to a code of ethics that states “Refrain from all political activities which undermine public confidence in professional administrators. Refrain from participation in the election of the members of the employing legislative body.” Well so much for ethics. I guess he can resign from the association and it makes it all OK. So here we have Walt Kelly a throw back to an old era and now Scott Fadness who has shown a lack of leadership and vision but then again he would do the bidding of the no change Town Council due to become the City Council.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

Did someone forget it’s the 4th of July? The citizens of Fishers recently voted to become a city, the Town Council figured they had until 2015 to convert, giving them time to plot how to stay in power, how to mold districts, how to plan who is to become Mayor or how to screw up things to make the new mayor look bad. Then along came a new state law that because of old Fishers tricks set time limits on when things needed to be accomplished. Vote to change to become a city then the next year you have to vote in the new government. This was done because the old law did not have a time limits and a government could wait forever to go to the next step just as Fishers did when the request for the election was submitted. They waited and waited to put it on the ballot hoping to trick the voters but the people were smarter than the Council. Rumor was they expected to win to stay a town or a fake city by 80% and then lost by 70%. So much for evil plans. So here we are on another 4th of July when citizens of the land in 1776 told King George we want to govern ourselves. Dear Fishers Town Council – we the citizens of Fishers in the year 2013 want to govern ourselves, it is time for you to stop playing your games. What are you waiting for to set up the new six districts? Oh are you waiting to the last minute to prevent others from running. Must be. The tricks kept on coming. The latest rumors on who’s running: the list is now down to three names: Reene Cox John Weingard Walt Kelly (backed by Scott Faultless) (More on this later) And hopefully an outsider. Someone just told me John Weingard, Scott Fadness and Fire Chief Orusa are all on vacation and by chance wound up at the same place in the Virgin Islands.