Thursday, December 18, 2008

Save the Auto Industry - State by State

OK so the Republicans only want to save their friends at Wall Street and in all the Banks. They could care less about the working people of the USA and one of our largest industries. Well, I care and offer this suggestion. If every state had a sales tax holiday for one week on any purchase of a product made by the big three, this problem would be over. Sure each state would lose some tax dollars, but they are losing them anyway as no one is buying. So get moving and declare a sale tax holiday. Lets save the big three without Washington.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Republicans do you want a depression?

The Republicans bail out Wall Street, the banks, etc and don't even say a word about pay cuts and when it comes to the auto workers and Democratic leaning unions they go hog wild. To the many of you who believe bankruptcy is the answer, just watch the effect as 1000's of small businesses down the line go out of business because the big three stop paying them or don't have too. That will throw even more people out of work and the Republicans will cause a depression.

Free markets is an easy answer for all the worlds problems. Let the market determine who wins, who losses. But in today's Bush world it would appear it depends on who you are.

Hopefully the big 3 can hold on until a new Senate comes to power next month and a new bill is introduced.