Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hybrid, Modified its all a Sham to me.

The Peoples Republic of Fishers continues to try and stay in power with its latest name change. In his latest move to try and fool the people of Fishers Scott Faultless has changed the name of his new city from Hybrid to Modified. Same old product new name, maybe he should go to work for a food or a soap company. You have to wonder why? Maybe it has to do with bad press and lawsuits. Yet he continues with the same underlying issue that the “Modified” City is not a city but a town form of government with a city name. The only change is that this modified form of government where the new city council appoints the “Mayor”. You read that correctly “appointed” which means the janitor (who actually might be a better choice than one of Scottie’s buddies) or anyone off the street or even someone who was never elected to any office. To top if off it becomes a total figurehead office and is not a real mayor like in every other city in the state.

To give you an idea of his way of thinking he has said that both questions about a city will be on the ballot. Sounds good until you see the fine print. If both pass then the modified city become law. So how do you educate the citizens to vote yes for one city and no for the other city? That is what he is counting on to continue the power in the hands of one person.

One of the ways he stays in power is to rig committees and boards. In some cases that law requires that boards cannot be made up from all one political party. The Scott solution have independents, who are not independent, be the others on the board. Just line up a bunch of people who declare themselves independent at the polls and then use them on these committees. One of the independents from the Merger Committee was seen at a recent major Republican gathering. The Chairmen of the Merger Committee is a former Town Council President and has a major contract with the Town. No wonder he didn’t listen to input and took action without ant input on the merger question. Conflict of interest of course but this is Fishers. I am sorry the Peoples Republic of Fishers.