Thursday, August 24, 2017

Open Letter to Donald Trump

Over 90% of my mother’s family died at the hands of the Nazi’s that you support. My Grandparents were machine down and thrown into a pit a month after being transported East in a cattle car. It was not until a few years ago I found when and where they were murdered from the Swiss Red Cross. My mother never knew what happened to her parents they just vanished one day. She passed away before I found out.

Now we have you the President of the United States defending the Nazis and Neo-Nazis. If the people of Germany had stood up to them the way a great deal of people did over the last few weeks, maybe I would have known my grandparents. Maybe millions would not have died in WWII.  Maybe the United States would not have had to go to war. What you did is a disgusting display by the President of the United States. Your support clearly shows that you are morally corrupt.

You continued actions to blame others for your failures and your trying to hide with one crisis after another to divert attention is not fooling a vast majority of the American people. Your actions show that you are hiding something and I expect that it will be found out.

Your use of Twitter is wonderful it shows us every day you are a juvenile with no comprehension of what you should be doing as President.  I am certain as I watch you, you assumed as President you could just bark orders and everyone would jump. Sorry it does not work that way. Our founding fathers were fearful of a king and set up our government of checks and balances. It seems to be working in holding you back from becoming what you want to be King.

It is time for you to show respect for this nation and resign. Move to the county you seem to love Russia, I am certain they can find you an old palace all trimmed in gold.