Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why as a Republican you should vote for Greg Purvis.

We have a major problem in the City of Fishers and a run away government with no checks and balances caused it. The City government is 100% Republican, now some Republicans would say that is great. But you would change your mind if you start looking under the rocks. Well actually you can’t anymore since the city took all the rocks away and planted apartment houses, parking garages and office buildings were we used to have a very nice lawn with 100-year-old trees. OK I am a Boy Scout and a tree hugger. But start digging and you find they helped build these with TAX dollars that will never be paid back.

And now they same city leaders are calling for a tax increase. So to all you Republicans that are against tax increases you have been stabbed in the back.

Next have you driven on 116th St at 5pm lately. When you add 100’s of apartments you add 100’s of cars. You know I guess they didn’t see that coming.  Solution add an exit at 106th St. But wait all that vacant land at 106th St will get office buildings etc and back to the traffic jams. You see no real planning is in effect, just doing and just doing what the developers want not what the citizens want. The developers fund the election of these few people so they are 100% beholding to them. Now I heard they are working on a comprehensive plan for the city. The problem is they are working the plan, none of you are working the plan. They “plan” on telling you what the “Plan” is when it is done, you have no choice. You have no say.  What you are seeing is special interest groups running your city. Is that what you want? I doubt it.

OK they are all Republican special interest groups and they are looking out for us. Think again. They are looking out for the developer’s bottom line. Why because they have to run in elections and the developers fund their campaigns. Tax benefits, projects all aimed at helping out their friends. OK now back to why you should vote for Greg next week. First of all he would be only one vote on the council and they will ignore him 99% of the time. What they can’t ignore is the back door deals, he will know all about them and therefore you the general public will know. What they can’t ignore are the secret deals. What they can’t ignore are the city contracts given to their buddies. What they can’t ignore is violation of law to serve their own purpose.

I would feel the same way if the City government was 100% Democrat. 100% of any government by one party does not work, does not give us good government. So next week be smart and vote for Greg Purvis.