Monday, April 7, 2014

Stuart Easley and the Kroger Plaza Sign - interesting.

Do you know where the Kroger Plaza is located? I would expect if I asked 100 people who live in Fishers, 1 might know the answer. OK it’s at 116th Street and Olio and located in the Kroger Plaza is a Kroger store, not just any Kroger but one that they want to expand into a mega store (Kroger Marketplace). So they went before the Town Council and were sort of turned down. They tabled the request. In fact one council member Stuart Easley said: “For me, it was dead upon proposal.”

This brings up a very interesting question? Mr. Easley who is running for re-election now has a rather large political sign on Olio Road in the Kroger Plaza. Did he work a deal for permission to elect that sign on Kroger Plaza? This becomes an interesting ethical question about the location and his actions. Mr. Easley are you willing to sign a pledge that no matter what this will always remain a dead deal for you, that you would never vote to approve this build out?

By the way – the Town Planning Department every election sends out a letter to all candidates about placement of signs. The standard letter came out as usual. Then all of sudden a second letter reminding candidate about placement of signs on private property and that you need permission of the property owner. I wonder did Mr. Easley whose signs are popping up on private property have anything to do with the second letter. Can’t have someone else’s sign near his Mega Signs.  Let’s not forget Mr. Easley was one of the Town Council Members who said vote yes for the Fake City and appointed Mayor. Now he wants to be a real City Council Member.