Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Election Day Nov 10, 2009 and more

Election Day November 10, 2009.

No surprise that the Hamilton Southeastern School Referendum passed and by a large margin. The surprise was the number of people who signed the petitions to convert the Town of Fishers into a City.

We had volunteers stationed at a number of polling places and they asked people to sign a petition to place on the ballot the question of should Fishers become a City. What was very interesting to me is how many people wanted to sign and how few said I like it the way it is. AT my polling place 50% of the voters signed, why only 50%, first I could not get to all the people. As I was talking to someone, other voters got passed me. Now I know they should have formed a line and signed, but things just didn’t work out that way. So I was very happy with 50% of the total voters. If I have gotten to everyone going into the polls I think the number would have been around 80% based on the number of people who declined to sign, which was very small.

I think the voters of Fishers a lot smarter than the Town Council members think they are and they will prove it at the polls.

But have you noticed that Fishers is trying to make up for lost time. All of a sudden they are trying to be good and nice. Mayor Faultless (actually not the Mayor) but sort of acting like one is going to Washington to work to save Sallie Mae. The Town has gone to the Post Office and asked that all of the new Fishers be called Fishers. Isn’t that something that was proposed by the Geist United Opposition for Geist area? Don’t I remember Fishers saying it couldn’t be done? Funny how they can’t come up with anything on their own until pushed back against the wall.

I do have another interesting question if the Town is cutting its budget by millions does this mean that they overspent by millions in the past. I know where they wasted a few million, the annexation of Geist.

The next thing up the magic sleeve of the Town is to gerrymander the newly annexed area. I have been told that they are going to split the Geist area into four sections with other parts of the Town to try and prevent the Geist people from winning any seats in an election for Council. I hate to say this but if they were to be positive and work towards building a better community what would happen. Instead I am sure they stay up all night working on this stuff.

It’s time to become a City with a government with checks and balances, a government that is responsive to the citizens.