Saturday, February 27, 2016

Trader Joe's / Jungle Jim's

Another note on IKEA. OK two years ago I asked for an IKEA and by magic it is coming so it is time for me to make another timely request. We are being flooded by organic supermarkets but they are all about the same so as I drive by the parking lots they never too full.  Well only two in Fishers but just outside the border others and since they are very close I count them in the mix.  Now in case you don’t read the WSJ--- we have Kroger that is looking to buy out one of the chains and that means the one on 116th right across from Kroger the odds are will close.

So city leaders what I want next is one of two chains to move into Fishers. I expect you to get working on this right away. My first choice is Jungle Jim’s from Cincinnati but if you tell them Fishers they might break down laughing so approach them about IKEA and not Fishers. Then if they turn you down go after Trader Joe’s. It’s a hassle to have to drive down to the only one around for the $2.99 AKA used to be known as two dollar Chuck.

So instead of wasting money on getting more car dealerships or dumb ugly office buildings downtown get moving on Jungle Jim’s or Trader Joe’s.

Donald Burn the Books, Mike buy a $5 card.

Ok so now the Donald wants to re-write the laws to make it easier to sue the media, what is going to do next, burn the books?

The campaign is going to get even more nasty as time goes on, why do people like this nut job because he yells at people? Because he says anything he wants even if it is not true just to get a headline.

I heard he is going to build walls around all Taco Bells, there Mexican aren’t they.

Things are not much better here in Indiana where the Republicans are running wild in the state house. Thank goodness many of the very dump laws are being defeated but why are they even seeing the light of day. A bill to allow payday loan companies to become legal loan sharks.  That’s right 180 percent, of course the Republican Sen. Travis Holdman said "We are talking about providing access to credit to folks in our state that don’t have any other way to borrow money because they don’t qualify for credit cards, or conventional bank or credit union loans.” Well after this they will not have even a roof over their heads. 180%.

Then our great Governor is adding 1.1 million dollars for the care of the elderly and at the same time he wants to spend 53 million for the states 200th birthday. How about 1.1 million for the birthday and 53 million for the children and old folks who don’t need a birthday party.  Actually how about $5 for a nice card.

Also we are back at it again on deer hunting in a cage and to add injury to insult they are passing a bill to allow high powered rifles for deer hunting. Just what we need AK47 and M16 for deer hunting. But they did turn down a bill to allow state employees entering the state house from being allowed to carry guns into the state house.  Maybe they were afraid of the employees.

Just another day in Indiana.