Monday, November 1, 2010

The New City of Fishers - Sham City

I have just read the report by the Town? Township Merger Committee. This is a joke and insult to the people of the community.
The first 5 out of 12 pages are boilerplate they say nothing. I.e. who is on the committee, under what law it was established, etc.
Then we get to the new City of Fishers and first on tap is the new Mayor who shall be elected by the City Council for a four year term and here is the fishy part they openly state that the laws that govern a Town President will be the same laws that govern this new “City Mayor” in other words no change. Then we get a City Manager who will have a contract for the same four years and can only be fired by 7 of the 9 city counselors. First mention of 9 counselors? Then we get a City Controller who has to be appointed by 5 counselor after a recommendation by the City Manager and can only be removed by 7 counselors.

Now we get to the new Council of a Mayor and 8 counselors, total 9 separate districts. The two new counselors until the next election in 2015 shall be the Fall Creek Trustee and the other counselor is very confusing, either the County Commissioner appoint or the President of the Township Advisory Board.

Hers comes the best line in the entire report to show this is a sham.

“Except as described elsewhere herein, as of the Effective Date, the City of Fishers shall be governed and administered as a “Town” as the term is defined under Indiana Law. The only change will be that “poor relief” will become another department under the City Manager.

This is approved by:
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fishers Planning or Lack off and Charlie again.

Lets start with Charlie White, the former Fishers Town Council member and current Candidate for Secretary of State. Well the poor fellow is already up on charges for voter fraud and here he goes again with another screw up. This time he sent out mailers with out the required statement -Approved and Paid for...." This is the disclaimer requirement that goes on everything when you are running for office. As a candidate it is easy to forget to put it on everything, but as the candidate for the office that overseas elections - no way. Sorry Charlie but you sure show you don't care about details and it is important at the state level, you not on the screw up Town Council anymore.

Speaking of the Town Council they are up to no good again. They are going into high speed emergency mode and yesterday they started to show maps for identifying new districts for the council members, present a new budget and try and approve a town court.

Now all of sudden they realize they annexed Geist and have to include it in their map. Good planning Fishers, or did they have these maps for months and just hide them from the public. By the way the newspaper reports failed to tell us about "Option 1." Option 1? Yes another map not presented, but don't be surprised if it pops up tonight. You see the problem is the way the new map is drawn, two of the council members are in the same district, which means one has to go. Option 1 map all the council members are protected in their own districts but the one women on the council will have massive problems being elected. She would be in Geist and the people of Geist will remember what she did to them in the annexation. Option1 might have the Council members a little worried, if Eileen gets mad at them, she controls the political PAC with the pot of money they use for elections. What would she so?

Next they want to set up a court. Of course everyone is losing money running courts but Scottie says they will make money. But I think their are another couple reasons. Maybe he wants be the judge? If he see the real City coming he knows his days as king are over. Or he has a buddy that wants to be Judge and it also gives him more control. In either case the formation of a court should have been out in front with public discussion, but not in Fishers. Another example of just do as Scottie wants. Then the budget, has anyone seen it ahead of today, and then approved today, once again without any public input or discussion.

And of course the merger committee meeting will approve the Sham City once again at break neck speed and without and real input from anyone nor do they care even what some of the committee members say. Just push it through and let Scottie continue his total control of the Town or Sham City. Violate whatever laws you want, it does not matter if your name is Charlie or Scottie.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 28, 2010 busy day in Fishers.

This Thursday, October 28, 2010, is going to be rather busy. The Merger (ShamCity) committee meets, Fall Creek Township Board meets and Fishers Town Council meets. From what I hear the Sham Committee will try and recommend its new form of government, but at the same time some of the subcommittees have not even been given time to study the question. This shows how the Town Council is controlling the committee and could care less about the entire process or even if it makes sense. The proposal is for a soft mayor elected by the new city council. Nothing new from what we have today except the name. Every thing stays the same. Remember the old TV show where they came out and said the names of the innocent have been changed to protect them, well in this case the names of the guilty have been changed to allow them to continue in office. They continue to ignore the requirement for public input.

Which brings me to Charlie White – Todd Rokita failed to let people know that he donated $717.62 to Mr. White’s campaign when he declined to continue his investigation by his office. Another major failure of ethics by another elected official.

Speaking of ethics- All three of the Fall Creek Board of Advisors seem to forget that they need to file conflict of interest forms. I have already called out Mr. Reuter and now he no longer votes on matters concerning the Town of Fishers. But the other two have failed to file the proper paperwork, Jason Meyer is also on the Fishers Redevelopment Commission and who is his employer, Dan Rieke has failed to list that he is on the Board of SPORTS who has benefited from Fishers Town spending for ball fields and parks for them as well as good deals on office space. It is time for the other two to fess up. It is also time for them to be honest in their dealings with the people who live in this area. What we needed in this state is an independent board of investigation to go after people who believe ethical behavior does not apply to them.

Fishers Town Council is going to redistrict this Thursday to I gather take care of Mike Colby who was elected to replace Charlie White. You see he does not live in the proper district. I also have to wonder what else they are going to gerrymander. What is interesting they are going to have to do this again very soon based on the new census. So why not waste money on new maps that are good for two months? Of course that way you take care of one of your own, who cares about tax payers. They are also going to approve a new budget. Try and find out anything about this, you won’t. Another secret deal in the works? We will find out after it is published. It is not even in the published packet for the Thursday meeting.

Do you have a few hours on Tuesday to help and provide information to voters in Fall Creek Township. If you do please e-mail me. I need your help.

Also don’t forget if you live in the 29th House District to vote for me, because I care about the people and not the machine.

Approved by Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey Charlie - Where do you live?

I have been watching the drama unfold of Charlie White, the Republican candidate for Indiana Secretary of State, as he tries to slips past election fraud charges. Its a game that is rather easy in Hamilton County Indiana, but now he has the entire state watching him. You see Charlie, moved but forgot to tell anyone he moved, of course he had a house warming party and everyone knew he moved, except the general public. But then again the party in power didn't seem to care, after all it was Charlie the head of the County Republicans. Then Charlie also held onto to his seat on the Fishers Town Council and they all knew but not one word. He collected $1,000.00 a month while he was illegally seated on the Council from the day he moved out of his district. And now he Town attorney says it didn't matter in the passing of laws and spending of Town money. I kind of think it does. But its just Charlie. I have noticed the Town Attorney seems to make up rulings and thinks what he says is law. One day someone will challenge him in court and it will not be a pretty picture.

Well the County Prosecutor was going to do her usual nothing but the pressure got so great so she is going to get a special prosecutor and by the time they appoint one and the new special prosecutor figures out where Hamilton County is the election will be over. But its Hamilton County and you wouldn't expect anything less. This is the same prosecutor who is protecting Ms. Richardson, the election commissioner and candidate for office who runs her own election. After all its Hamilton County and you wouldn't expect anything less.

Well Charlie you namesake just doesn't measure up to Starkist and you know you don't measure up to hold an office of Trust of the People.

To the leaders of Hamilton County I am sorry but I expect you live within the laws of the land and to meet a very high standard. So far most of you have only one goal --staying in power and you don't seem to care about the people you govern.

The Great Fishers, IN Sham.

The latest in the merger committee to try and keep Scott in power and the council the same. They are proposing a new form of government that does not exist in Indiana and may not be allowed but its Fishers and they do as they please. The new city has 9 elected councilmen, at large, and they in turn elect a Mayor. The elected Clerk/Treasurer becomes a appointed Controller. Actually this is the same as the current Town Council but is called a City and the Council President becomes a "weak Mayor." So the circle is now complete no accountability at all. Just one happy family under the total control of weak Mayor Scott. Of course this comes from the Sham Merger Committee that is railroading this along for Mayor Scott. I guess all of you on the committee should be ashamed of yourselves for being part of this game under the direction of the Town.

I can only guess all of you skipped school during civic class.So here is a lesson for you.

In the year 1215 the King John recognized the right of the barons to petition the crown with the signing of the Maga Carta, this grew in time to the right to petition Parliament and the House of Commons. On July 4, 1776 our forefathers said: "In every state of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." And King George III ignored the petitions of his people. Our founding fathers made sure this concept would live on forever and its importance can't be overlooked in that it became the "First Amendment" of our Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." And in 1925 the Supreme Court held that this applied to state and local governments.

With the exception it appears of Fishers Indiana. We have submitted a legal petition to call for a vote and it is time to place this on the ballot without delay. But in Fishers they do as they please and even the Constitution of the United States does not apply. See you in Court.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

As a candidate running for state office and I find that people have become so hot headed they can’t think and follow the latest jargon or fad without thinking. Some want to end taxes but don’t tell me how they will pay to repair the roads or make sure gas lines don’t burst. Some base their entire vote on one issue and don’t care about what any other issue from that candidate. Some are unwilling to listen and drown out anything anyone else wants to say. It is their way and no other. Folks this is not a sporting event for your old high school but that is how many are acting. Its not just people the ones in office sometimes act as if it is their god given right to remain in office forever.

We need people who think, who are willing to work together to find solutions. We should vote out of office those that refuse to work with those of other parties, we should vote for the candidate that we agree with on most items and realize we are not going to agree 100%. If the person running for office agrees with you 100% they are lying. Don’t vote for them. If they won’t listen to you and only speak, don’t vote for them. You want someone you can sit down with alone and have a discussion. If they have been in office forever and don’t do anything for you and your neighbors vote them out, don’t vote for them because you are in the same party. Maybe your party need a kick in the ….

What I fear is that we are moving away from what I have written above. We are moving more and more to a house divided and that they would rather see failure of the other side than work for the common good. It is time we became united again and have a responsible government at all levels.

This is why I running. I have worked in the federal government where we worked together to find answers, not to run away from problems. I will not agree with you 100% and you will not agree with me 100% but I am willing to sit down and talk and listen. We still may not agree but I will tell you why. But we will talk. Go try and talk to your current elected officials. I think you will find rather fast they don't care at all what you say. I am also running against a machine that will do anything to stay in power. To violate state laws and to be unethical. Is that the kind of government you want. I doubt it. So please think for this November. Don't just push the party button ask question find out about the candidates and vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.
I am Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hamilton County, Indiana - Election Fraud at its best

Hamilton County, Indiana - Election Fraud at its best

Well folks welcome to Hamilton County where the political machine is alive and well. Where the system keeps a tight control of the people and they don't even know it. Where the elected officials will do anything to stay in power. Here are a few examples:

The current 29th State Representative is running for her re-election again and can you believe she is running the election, yes that is right she is the Election Administrator for the County and see nothing wrong in running her own election. Wait you say, isn't that against the law. Of course it is, but the County Prosecutor is her good friend and has even contributed to her campaign, so needless to say she doesn't enforce the law. Nor does the State Attorney General or does the State Election Commission, all of who have had formal complaints filed against this violation you see they all belong to the same party. Then to top it off her office is within feet of the early and absentee voting booths. Of course this is ok, you see she does not wear a name tag, or at least this is what the County Clerk said. So if you don't wear your name tag and sit in the polling area is that allowed anywhere but in Hamilton County, Indiana? Of course the electioneering law does not apply if you are not wearing your name tag, also forgot the $35,000 color newsletters she sends out to the voters at state expense which are also a joke. She sends these out on what a great job she has done and tells us about laws that were passed. You know nothing in her newsletters are new, they have all been covered in the press and local TV news and in some cases months ago. I am sure the newsletters have nothing to do with getting votes and I am sure her big photograph on them is not needed, since she does not wear a name tag. Or maybe doesn't need a name tag since everyone see's her photo a number of times a year. Kathy Richardson its time you pick one job- do you want to be a State Representative and get elected in a fair and open election or do you want to be the County Election Commissioner, or are you going to continue to violate state laws and be both?

Next we have the small town of Fishers, IN. For those of you in other areas, Fishers is a tiny little town of 75,000 people, or at least the Town Council wants you to think that and will stop at anything to prevent the town from becoming a city. Well a bunch of folks got together and sign a petition calling on the Town Council to put up to a vote should the town remain a town or become a city. But if the town becomes a city we would have new elections by districts and a Mayor. Right now they have elections town wide at large, making it almost impossible for someone other than the current council from getting elected. Mayor, who would want someone responsible, they vote one of themselves to be council president and while in theory it should rotate, one guy keeps getting the office. Back to the petition, State law says they have to have a vote if the citizens present a petition, but not when, so the Town Council will not set a voting date, the year 2050 has been mentioned. What is even more crazy is that one of the Town Council members is now running for the Indiana Secretary of State, so he would be in charge of voting for the state. So here is a guy who helped block voting by the people in his own town. What will he do in the entire state. Maybe Mr. Charles White wants to spread the Hamilton County politics all over the state.

Joe Weingarten
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative
14066 Deer Stone Ln
Fortville, IN 46040

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fisher's enacts another hidden tax.

Charlie White proudly says “We continue to look for new, and sometimes innovative, ways to generate revenues; especially those that do increase the burden on existing residents.” Now how dumb does Charlie and the others on the Town Council think we all are. An impact fee on a new home being built means a 20-30 year tax on the people moving into that home. Do any of you think the developer is going to absorb that fee out of the goodness of their heart? Give me a break.

Here is how this no tax works, for the average home the road and bridge fee is $2,275.29. Add 15% to that for the builder’s overhead and it is now $2616.58. Now add that your mortgage for 30 years. The median home price is $200,830. So lets add the tax to that amount and the median now is $203446.58. What does this do to the home owner, first it raises how much they have to put down as their down payment on the purchase and then they have to pay this fee over the life of the mortgage.

So here are some numbers on our $200,000 home, which is now our $202,275. Home.

Purchase price Down payment 30 year 5% mortgage Total Paid
200,000 40,000 858.91 $309,207.60
202,275 40,455 868.68 $312724.80

So now our $2275.29 tax becomes $3972.20. Actually it is a hidden property tax but the Town leaders want you to believe you have the lowest property tax around. Nice they get the developers and the banks to collect their tax for them. On top of that they continue to make you believe you are not paying a higher property tax.

Oh by the way, Charlie is very wrong, you see most of you living in Fishers had to also pay an impact fee when you built your home, so you are also paying this hidden tax via your mortgage. So it is not just a new fee on new homes. Buying an older home, that fee is in the selling price, it just won’t go away. Just another one of Fishers hidden taxes to make you think your property taxes are low.

Approved by Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Political Payoffs Fishers and Fallcreek

The Merger Committee is starting to show its ugly side with political payoffs coming to the surface.

Jeff Hern who is the heir to the Fall Creek Trustee Position, since he won the primary, will be offered a position on the "new" council after the merger.

Dan Rieke who is the only current Member of the Board of Trustees that won at the primary will be offered the other open position on the new Council.

So the payoffs are in. Vote for the merger, no matter what they come up with and you will be rewarded. They haven't even gotten close to the finish on what this new merger would be and already they are handing out the favors to blind supporters.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kathy Richardson and BP Oil

$250.00 from BP North America Employee PAC to Kathy Richarson's campaign fund on 11/25/2009

Need I say anything?


Approved by Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What does the Town of Fishers and BP have in Common?

How that you have gone through the usual things such as arrogance, lack of compassion, who cares, big developers are always better, etc and can’t figure this riddle out I would be happy to help you.

Hint – Doug Church – Town Attorney
Carl-Henric Svanberg Chairmen, British Petrolium

2nd hint – Both said they were sorry.

Doug Church referred to the citizens of the Geist Area as “Little People”

Carl-Henric Svanberg called the people of the Gulf Region “Small People”

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern Schools follow the money.

The Town of Fishers has entered into an agreement with the Hamilton Southeastern School system to do snow removal and grass cutting.

The Town of Fishers is going to do their own maintenance work on its vehicles instead of taking it to a dealer of service center.

On the surface these look like good ideas, but just like the oil is not only the top of the water, we should look below the surface.

In the Wall Street Journal, June 10, 2010 on page 6A is an article that points out that government workers cost more than private industry and not by a little. It is about $12 more an hour.

So here we have a Republican run government taking jobs from the private sector and increasing government size. Instead of reducing government.

Maybe it’s a way of transferring funds from HSE to Fishers behind everyone’s back.
I have to wonder since the HSE’s Chief Financial Office is also a paid consultant to the Town of Fishers and failed to list this on his conflict of Interest form.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kathy Kreag Richardson Wasting Tax Dollars Again.

Did you get Kathy’s Let’s Stay Connected? Her Legislative Report 2010. A prime example of a big waste of taxpayers money, at a time when the money could be better spent on education or jobs. The last time I checked on one of these mailings it cost around $35,000. If you believe in reducing government spending you should mad as hell about this.

Kathy Kreag Richardson is the current State Representative form the 29th District and also the Elections Commissioner for Hamilton County and therefore she runs her own election. Only in third world countries and Hamilton County, Indiana do people run their own elections.

I am Joe Weingarten and am running for this office. If elected I will not waste taxpayers money on sending out fancy 4 color junk mail about what I did, just to get my picture out to you.

This is approved by Joe Weingarten for 29th District State Representative.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Democracy in Fishers, IN

No democracy in Fishers, IN. A certified petition was submitted to the Town of Fishers, Indiana on May 3, 2010 calling for an election to determine if the Town should become a City. By May 6th Mr. Scott Faultless, President of Town Council stated that they might not bring up this up for a vote this year.

I guess this is another example of where the government of Fishers believes it is above the concepts of democracy. This is clearly an abuse of power by Mr. Faultless and the gang of seven. Are they so afraid of losing power they will go to any length to keep it? Even if this comes up for a vote later by delaying it until next year they gain five more years in power. Mr. Faultless and fellow Council Members if you do this you will show the entire world that you are no better than a dictator in a third world country. Don’t let people vote, kept yourselves in power at any cost. If Mr. Faultless never intended to let this to be on the ballot how come he set up a committee of 44 people to study the concept/differences between a Town and City, had them come to about a dozen meetings, and hire Mr. Steve Carter, former Secretary of State as its facilitator. Was this just for show? It appears that way now. Now he wants a Township Merger Plan to go first. This merger concept came up as a blatant attempt to try and stop the City-Yes vote. The merger has already been voted down by Delaware Township and not voted on by Fall Creek. Even if approved by Fall Creek, other studies, if done properly, in other locations of the state have taken a year to be completed. Knowing the actions of this Council the odds are the study is already written and any study would be a sham. That is the only way they could even get it on the ballot by this November.

Now all of a sudden the Town has scheduled a Joint meeting with the Township Board on May 10,2010. Here is what is going to happen. At that meeting both the Town and Township will adopt resolutions to form study committees to look at the merger. They have to take 30 days for people to apply to be on the study committees, why brother, they already know who is going to be hand picked to be on the committees. Elsewhere in this state when mergers came up, the committees took the full year allowed by law to come up with their recommendations. I am giving odds that this study will be accomplished in record time. The odds are it is already written. That is the only way Fishers could then hold two public hearings in time for a deadline of September 2, 2010 to get this on the ballot. The public then votes on the merger plan. Now here is where Fishers is not certain of what might happen. They have to get approval from the people who live in the un-incorporated area of Fishers independent of those who live in Fishers. Of course the plan will talk in glowing terms about how this will reduce the size of government and be more efficient, bah, bah, bah. It will leave off the increase in fees for those in the un-incorporated area which is actually a hidden tax increase.

Now lets look at the City-Yes vote and why the Town Council is doing this merger. In their thinking, one of two things happen. If they get the merger, they will form a new form of government of a soft city, a city with a Mayor that is actually the head of the City Council, just like the Town Council with its Council President. A figure head Mayor with almost no power, no checks and balances that a real City brings. They will go to 9 Councilors instead of the 7 now and may or may not have set districts. They will then claimed they have created a City and there is no need for the City Yes vote. Plan B if the merger is killed by the voters. The City Yes vote will then be placed on the ballot in November 2011. Even if approved by state law it would not go into effect until 2015 which is the next city election. That would keep them in office until 2015. If the City Yes is on the ballot this year and approved the new City goes into effect in 2011. But the Town Council is in fear the voters will approve the new City and therefore they want to keep it off the ballot at any costs.

Mr. Faultless and other members of Council as elected officials of the Citizens of Fishers you should put aside your personal bias and do what is expected of you in the representation of the citizens. If you can’t exercise your duties, you should resign immediately. If you follow through with this action to prevent a vote and take these actions you are throwing it in the face of all the people who have fought and shed blood for this nation since July 4th 1776. Your actions for this merger is a clear sign that you can’t be trusted as representatives of the people, you are not representatives of the citizens of Fishers, but rather of a very special interest group, your self’s.

Both Republicans and Democrat this is not an issue of either party, this is an issue overrides the concept of parties. It is an issue of the people petitioning their government and a government that ignores the petition.

I urge everyone to call and e-mail members of the Town Council and tell them how wrong this is. Even if you don’t live in Fishers, IN. Tell them what you think of running a government that only wants to keep itself in power.

Scott Faultless

Eileen N. Pritchard

Stuart F. Easley

Daniel E. Henke

Charles P. White

David C. George

Arthur J. Levine

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well, Kathy what are you going to do?

I have called for the removal of Ms. Kathy Richardson as the Election Administrator of Hamilton County Indiana. How would you like to run against someone who controls the election? While she might be the most honest person in the county, it is just wrong and if she is honest and upright she should choose between being an Election Administrator or a State Representative but she should not be both. It is just wrong.

Joe Weingarten for District 29 Indiana State Legislature

For Immediate Release

Call for removal of Kathy Richardson as Hamilton County Election Administrator

Democrat Joe Weingarten, candidate for the 29th District State Representative, has called for the immediate removal of Ms. Kathy Richardson as the Hamilton County Election Administrator. He stated, “Only in third world countries and Hamilton County does someone run their own election.” Ms. Richardson is a candidate for 29th District State Representative in this election and her name appears on the May Ballot.

He is also requesting an investigation of electioneering by Ms. Richardson as she is within the poling place for absentee ballots and this may be in violation of Indiana Code 3-14-3-16. Also Ms. Richardson is involved in the counting of ballots and this may also be in violation of Indiana Code 3-14-2-23.

Mr. Weingarten has also requested that the Indiana Attorney General be requested to rule on the Ms. Richardson holding two offices in different branches of government at the same time. As a Representative she is an elected official, in the Legislative branch, as the Election Administrator she is within the judicial branch. She is on the Election and Apportionment; Legislative Council Committee in the Indiana House and thus is engaged in writing laws that direct her job function. This may be prohibited under the Indiana Constitution as a Dual Office Holding.

In the past Ms. Richardson has been elected to office while the Election Administrator and Mr. Weingarten has asked that the investigations be conducted into past elections. With the possibility that she be declared ineligible to serve.

Copy of the detail request is attached.

For additional Information contact:
Joe Weingarten
14066 Deer Stone Ln
Fortville, IN 46040

Approved by Committee for Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

April 28, 2010

Hamilton County Elections Board Ms. Sonia Leekamp, Prosecutor
Ms.Peggy Beaver One Hamilton County Square
One Hamilton County Square Suite 134
Suite 106 Noblesville, IN 46060
Noblesville, IN 46060

Via Certified Mail

Dear Ms. Beaver and Ms.Leekamp;

1. I request that Ms. Peggy Beaver immediately remove Ms. Kathy Richardson from her position as Election Administrator in accordance with Indiana Code IC3-6-5-24:
Candidates for elected office; service as deputy election commissioner or employment by county board
Sec. 24. A person who is a candidate for elected office may not be:
(1) appointed as a deputy election commissioner; or
(2) employed by a county election board.
If a deputy election commissioner or employee of a county election board becomes a candidate for elected office, the person may not continue to serve as a deputy election commissioner or employee of a county election board.
As added by P.L.5-1986, SEC.2. Amended by P.L.3-1987, SEC.27.

Ms. Richardson as the Election Administrator is directly employed to:
The Elections Office oversees the administration of all elections, candidate filings and campaign finance. The Elections Office, along with the County Commissioners, manages all polling place assignments and maintains all precinct information.

This could place her in a position in violation of state statue and a conflict of interest. In addition Ms. Richardson is currently engaged in Electioneering by being within the polling area as outlined in Paragraph 3 below.

2. I request an investigation by the Indiana State Police, Indiana Board of Elections and the State Attorney General into conduct by Ms. Richardson in past elections and this current primary. Conflict of Interest between Sheriff Doug Carter and Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp as contributors of campaign funds to Ms. Richardson exclude them or their offices from any investigation. Monetary contributions to Ms Richardson’s campaigns for many years by Ms. Peggy Beaver and as her supervisor should exclude her from any investigation. In addition Ms. Beaver as her you may be a subject of questioning in any investigation. Further delays of over two years in previous investigations also show a deliberate attempt to derail any investigation. Ms. Richardson may have committed a Class D Felony under IC 3-14-2-23 by handling Ballots while a Candidate for Office and therefore she should not have received any ballots for counting. Request that this investigation include but not be limited to the last election but all elections in which she was a candidate and held the position of Election Administrator. I further request a special prosecutor without ties to Hamilton County be appointed for this investigation.

3. I request an investigation by the Indiana State Police, Indiana Board of Elections and the State Attorney General into conduct by Ms. Richardson in past elections and the current primary relative to Electioneering in accordance with IC 3-14-3-16. The Hamilton Count Board of Elections has a Conflict of Interest in that in the past complaints have been lodged and your Board has found that Ms. Richardson because she was not wearing a name tag was not electioneering. The lack of a nametag is not discussed anywhere in Indiana Code. Ms. Richardson is well known and her picture routinely appears in the press and flyers she mails to the voting public. Conflict of Interest between Sheriff Doug Carter, Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp and Ms. Peggy Beaver as contributors of campaign funds to Ms. Richardson exclude them or their offices from any investigation. Ms. Richardson may have committed a Class A misdemeanor. Ms. Richardson is within the Polls and Chute area during the election and: (2) within an area in the office of the circuit court clerk or a satellite office of the circuit court clerk established under IC 3-11-10-26.3 used by an absentee voter board to permit an individual to cast an absentee ballot; or
(3) except for a voter who is:
(A) the person’s spouse;
(B) an incapacitated person (as defined in IC 29-3-1-7.5) for whom the person has been appointed the guardian (as defined in IC 29-3-1-6); or
(C) a member of the person’s household; in the presence of a voter whom the person knows possesses an absentee ballot provided to the voter in accordance with Indiana law;
In addition when a person comes to exercise an absentee ballot or vote early they enter the election office and directly in front of them is Ms. Richardson’s work area and a large sign that states “KATHY.” She was in clear view and even waved to me when I submitted my absentee ballot. Complaints of her electioneer have been ignored by the Hamilton County Board of Elections and the Indiana Board of Elections. It is time for a special prosecutor without ties to Hamilton County be appointed to conduct an investigation.

4. Dual Office holding. Under the Indiana Constitution you are not permitted to hold two lucrative offices in the state at the same time. Ms. Richardson was found to be part of the Judicial branch of government as a result of an investigation of a complaint filed under Hatch Act. She is elected to the Legislative branch of the government. Under Article III, Section 1 it prohibits a person charged with official duties under one of the departments from exercising the functions of another department. Ms. Richardson has voted on Bills concerning election law as a State Representative. Further a conflict of interest is clear in her being on the Elections and Apportionment; Legislative Council Committee of the House. I request that you request the Attorney General to rule on this matter.

5. I request the remaining members of the Hamilton County Election Board meet to rule on the following. In accordance with IC 3-12-11-1 Ms. Richardson should is declared ineligible to serve, as State Representative for violations shown above and her certificate of election be declared null and void.

I request that both addresses remove your self’s from any hearing and review of this complaint in view of your contributions to her campaigns for office over the years. This places you in conflict to render a fair opinion or in the case of Ms. Peggy Beaver to vote on this matter as a member of the Election Board.

Respectfully submitted

Joseph L. Weingarten

Cc; Attorney General State of Indiana
Secretary of State, State of Indiana
Indiana Board of Elections

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey Jeff where did you get the sign money

Running for Fall Creek Township Trustee is all of a sudden the biggest run in town.

Let's look at Jeff Hern he has signs everywhere and as a very famous saying in government goes, follow the money. Well Jeff is being paid off, oh excuse me, being supported by the developers of the area according to his financial paperwork.

Next when you submit your paper's to run for office and that office is within the Fisher's Town limits you get this nasty letter about where you can't put signs. Somehow signs vanish but Jeff's are still in the illegal rights of way. I know in the last election some of my signs that were fully legal were pulled by Fishers. But Jeff signs must have a shield around them that protects them from the Fishers enforcers. Maybe NASA could use it.

Now Jeff has some fancy words on what he wants to do and if you read them carefully, you will find he is a pawn for the Town to merge the Township into the Town. That would be a great deal for him. You see when the merger takes effect, he continues in his job with full pay and no work what so ever. They just continue to sent him his paycheck until the four year term runs out. No wonder he wants the job. Get elected, do away with your position and continue to get paid for four years. Sound like something the Fishers Town Council would use as a payoff to grab a million dollar reserve held by the township.

While I am at it, the same thing is happening in Delaware Township with another Town pawn, Mike Colby. Delaware also has a million dollar reserve. So I am thinking maybe we should get rid of the Town and let the current Township Trustees run the town, they seem to do a better job.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We all agree on this one.

Finally something we can all agree on, Republicans, Democrats even members of the Tea Party.

Throw Mohammed al-Modadi out of the USA. In case you don’t know who this idiot is, he is the dip, I mean diplomat who said jokingly “I’m trying to light my shoes on fire.” On United Airlines Flight 663 from Washington to Denver on April 7th.

Now this guy is a diplomat form Qatari and I think it is time to send him on another airplane ride, but this time one way to his home country.

Anyone disagree?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fishers Secret Deals to Kill Delaware and Fall Creek Townships

Merger of Town of Fishers, Fall Creek Township and Delaware Township.

An overflowing crowd and over 95% voiced opposition to the plan and then the Township Board followed the Fishers Town Council tradition of approving the resolution to start the process. Ignore the citizens.

You have to wonder how come all of a sudden three elected bodies have a coordinated process to merge the governments and to do so on what I would have to call an emergency process.

All of a sudden the Township Board post an emergency 48 hour notice of this discussion, Delaware Township Board President does not even do that much and tries to push the same a week ago. The FC Board ignored over 95% of the people in the discussion and approved the first step. Just like the Fishers Town Council make up your minds in secret meetings and ignore the public.

Also they tabled the Fire Contract so an attorney could look it over and but when asked to have an attorney look over this resolution they didn’t have time.

Secret meetings, back door deals, sure sounds like it, in the true Fishers tradition.

The discussion by the three board members makes this sound even more like a back door event. Mr. Meyers said he wrote the resolution that morning, that means the other two Board members didn't even see it until that day and now they have to rush to approve it. No attorney to review it, has three different governments listed in the resolutions, and of course this emergency treatment.

One of the reasons for the merger better and more efficient government. They said the Township Trustee was costing to much with employee expense and the budget was too high and cost to manage the poor relief was 100%. Of course they lumped the entire poor relief into one basket and called that the entire budget, left out everything else. Wait what happened to everything else, I guess it does not matter; oh I forgot do you know the Board has the responsibility for Budget approval and direction to the Trustee. I guess these three members must have been asleep at the wheel for the past three and one-half years and now it’s an emergency to remove the government. I have to wonder what they were promised by the Fishers Town big shots to do this. Another secret deal!!!!

I believe Fishers Town Council wants too keep firm control of the Swiss cheese areas and the un-incorporated areas and also all the tax dollars without having to provide full services that an annexation would entail. A merger of the Townships would accomplish this and they would also get all the money in the Township funds and land and buildings owned by the Townships. They would also get the tax dollars. It’s a game of tax grab and we all know how this is the primary goal in Fishers.

They have failed in their job as members of the Board and it is time for the voters to remove them in the upcoming primary. It is time to put people into the position who care.

Another fake reason for the merger is that in time the State will abolish the Townships. Last I heard this died in the House and died before in the house and the odds are will die again in the house. But the three wise men of the Board are certain it will pass. The reason it keeps dieing is that Townships make sense, but then again this Board does not make sense. Only the Governor wants them dead, the same Governor who is killing the school systems throughout the state.

Also do it just before an election because they know their time is up, people are tied of ineffective elected officials. Let the voters put three people in who care, and remove current three people who don’t.

For those of you in Delaware Township, you have only one person behind your secret deal and he is known to be in lock step with whatever Fishers tells him to do. The other two Board members have a better understanding of what is going on. The two long standing members of your board need your support to stop the Fishers game plan.

More to follow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rush is still here

Did I miss something?

Didn't overweight, drug user Rush say he was leaving the USA if Heath care passed?

Is he out of money because he will be taxed to help pay for the poor to have health care?

Maybe we need to start a fund to raise money to buy his ticket out of the USA. Oh I forgot he only flies on private jets, only common folks buy on regular airplanes.

“If it passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I’m leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica,” Limbaugh said.

Oh I read his quote and we have to put up with him for five more years. Too bad.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The right to bear arms. Yes, but.

OK so Indiana now will allow people to have a gun in a private parking lot in a locked car. Someone just got fired and it was very bitter, he is fuming and walks to his car, several minutes later shots are heard and his former boss is now dead.

I am believer in the right to bear arms but we have limits everywhere on that right, you don’t carry a gun into a school or be dumb enough into a bank. In many states on the front of a business you may see it posted “No Firearms Allow” but not now in Indiana we are allowing a person to exceed the rights of a property owner. This comes down to who has more rights the person who owns a property or a person who owns a gun. I believe the state has made a mistake by allowing a gun owner to exceed the rights of the property owner. As a property owner you should have the right to post rules concerning your property.

I guess after a few murders the state may look at this again.

Fisher's Secret Caucus -

Fisher’s holds secret meeting plots overthrow of Township Governments

In mid January the Fishers seven met with some members of Delaware and Fall Creek Township’s Boards in secret. My sources tell me they are calling it a “caucus” and therefore legal under Indiana law. But wait a caucus what happened to inviting all of your party to a caucus or was this limited caucus to develop a plan to over throw two government units that provide representation and services to citizens.

Slowly details are leaking out of who was at the meeting and what they are planning. At a recent meeting of the Delaware Township Board – Mr. Mike Colby all of a sudden reads a motion that only someone like Doug Church could have written asking for a study towards a merger of the Township with the Town of Fishers and Fall Creek Township. All of a sudden this pops up? Give me a break. On top of that it was not on the agenda listed in the newspaper. Was Mike trying to do an end run? Looks like it. Mr. Colby appears to be a voice of the Town, in fact a loud voice. Maybe he wants to replace Charlie White and so he is paying his dues by following orders of the gang. I also have to wonder how Mr. Colby in his proposal can speak for those of us in Fall Creek Township or was that part of the agreement with the two members of the Fall Creek Township Board who also were at this fake caucus.

I have to wonder if Charlie White who wants to become Secretary of State was at the meeting after all he is one of the gang of seven. If not Charlie do you condone fake caucus meetings?

Note to the people who want to keep Fishers a Town. Is this the type of secretive government you want? Behind closed doors, using terms like caucus to hide and plot?

Isn’t it time to have an open government?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter is over.

You know when winter is over when the beautiful waterfall on 116th street is turned back on.

You know winter is over when you see the Fisher's Motorcycle police zooming around and giving out tickets. So you better slow down.

You know winter is over when you see a nut on Geist in his motorboat flying by.

You know its over when you have to open the car window and its not at McD or Wendy's place.

So everyone enjoy the warm days.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's time to ask Dan some questions.

Did you know that Dan Burton voted against the Recovery Act. But when it became law how much money did Dan ask for, for this district. He has bad mouth the Act but takes credit for all the Federal Funds coming here. It’s time to show Dan the door.

I also heard that Dan flipped some land for a big profit and the Town of Fishers bought it to build a park, actually a sports complex for SPORTS in the middle of nowhere. How much did Dan make off the taxpayers and why did the Town of Fishers buy that land? You have to wonder, at least I do.

It’s time to show Dan the door. It’s time to ask a lot of questions.

Joe Weingarten
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative
I approve this message.

O'Charley's - The big profit grab.

You know the restaurant chain. They are having a special 2 meals for $14.99 as their ad blares across the airwaves, but as a footnote they say you can have one for $7.49. Now I know most people can’t do math, but being a world famous aerospace engineer I will do it for you. Two times $7.49 is $14.98, so how come O'Charley's is charging you more if you buy two, I know it’s only a penny, but it is wrong. I contacted O'Charley's and got a thank you for your interest reply.

I asked that they donate the excess penny profit to charity, no answer to that one. So everyone pass the word on every internet site you know what O'Charley's is up to and lets force them to cough up all those pennies to a worthwhile cause. Or maybe some class action lawyer will be going to dinner tonight and ordering two meals for $14.99. That would cost O'Charley's even more.

Hey Mitch – where are all the jobs.

Channel 13, WTHR has uncovered another one of Mitch’s tall tails. This time its all the jobs that came to Indiana. But it appears many of these are ghost jobs, or jobs that were promised that never showed up, factories that were never built, and on and on. For all the details go to:

My hat off to WTHR for a job well done. But something is very upsetting. WTHR asked Indiana Economic Development Corporation for data, why you guess it, they couldn’t release that information. Now let’s see a government agency withholding information. Not in the State of Indiana, couldn’t happen. Mitch was also not available for comment, maybe he was too busy working the back rooms in his run for president.

Hey Mitch – next on your list, shut down the schools, cuts their budgets so Indiana can’t train workers for those empty job postings, we don’t need them anyway, since there are no jobs.

Approved by Weingarten for 29th State Representative

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Fishers Medical Complex Flop

In today’s Indy Star (2/24/10) on the front page is a great story about a vision by IU and Clarian to build a life science campus, the only problem its downtown in Indy. Of course the Town of Fishers has proposed a medical complex of some sort at Exit 10. But with this announcement I know where all the money and buildings will be going and it is not exit 10. Maybe, just maybe if we had a Mayor, a focal point, someone could have talked to IU in advance. Another lost deal for Fishers in the making. All that the Town will succeed to do is upset the people who live in the re-zoned area and once again nothing will happen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey Fishers how about a Welcome. It came!

Ok Fishers I am now a citizen of your Town. So are about 2200 other households.

What no welcome letter? I guess not after all we don’t feel welcome.

No instruction letter? It not like we are moving in but you have taken over our area.

Since I know all the Town leaders read my posts here is a note for all of you.

How about a letter or newspaper article on what to do as a new citizen of the Town of Fishers:

One thing comes to mind – I heard we have to get a permit for an alarm system. Is this true, where and how?

What else can we expect and when. With all the snow birds around here anything they should be aware of while out of town?

The day after I wrote this a sort of Welcome Letter arrived. But still does not answer many of the questions I posted. So Town officials how about the information other than what you will and will not be doing.

Comcast the new Evil Empire

For years Microsoft was called the “Evil Empire” well I think the title has transferred to Comcast. The problem is that Comcast controls the cable in our area and we don’t have any competition. No other cable company can come into the area yet they can do almost as they please.

Here is the latest from the evil doers.

Comcast is going to charge everyone $6.95 per TV in their home for a digital converter box. Even if you have a digital TV. This will start later this spring. They told me it was due to government requirements. I contacted the FCC and they said they did not have any such requirement. I contacted the Indiana Utility Commission and did not know of any such requirement. They even wanted me to fax them the copy of the notice I got.

Sounds like just a way for Comcast to raise rates. How many TV’s do you have in your house?

Where is our government to control an activity that has a monopoly?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good-bye from Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy here, have any of you guys been following the Fishers Town Government, they are located in the State of Indiana. Well, they want to throw me out of town. I can’t believe it. After all Indiana is one of the CORN states. The state government keeps saying they are the farmer’s friends, well I guess not in Fishers. You see they recently extended their zoning beyond the town limits and this is an area with small farms and large home lots. The people living in this area even voted to keep them out, but they ignored that. Not much has changed for years but the town’s un-represantative; elected officials want total control for their friends in land development. So that means they need to drive out all the small farmers and of course all of us need to leave.

How dare they want to force me the famous Miss Piggy out of my home. My attorney Kermit is looking into the matter. He has already found the following and is going to ask the Farm Bureau to come to the aid of all of us.

(e) A county or municipality may not, through the county or municipality's zoning authority, do any of the following:
(1) Terminate an agricultural nonconforming use if the agricultural nonconforming use has been maintained for at least any three (3) year period in a five (5) year period.
(2) Restrict an agricultural nonconforming use.
(3) Require any of the following for the agricultural nonconforming use of the land:
(A) A variance for the land.
(B) A special exception for the land.
(C) A special use for the land.
(D) A contingent use for the land.
(E) A conditional use for the land.

What’s next, are they going to limit people to one dog or cat per household? Or maybe no dogs, or cats. Since pigs, cows, goats, horses are all going to be gone. BTW - you 4H kids, I wonder if the Town Council even realized what this does to you. I doubt it. Maybe Hamilton County need to take back the zoning since Fishers has no clue how to be a good government for the people.

Texting away in all the wrong places

We all know that texting is very dangerous when driving and the State of Indiana has restriction on young drivers. This needs to be expanded to include all drivers and one additional group. During a Fishers Town Council Meeting one member was seen texting during the discussions. Is it that boring? Well I guess it must be since everything appears to have been decided in advance and she had to sit through the discussions and the motions of doing something.

So members of the General Assembly I know this is a short session and you all want to get away from doing real work at the statehouse, but how about a law on texting? No texting by any driver and no texting by an elected officials when sitting in session.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indiana Senate Bill 80 - Something Smart

Got an e-mail from State Senator Connie Lawson titled “Objective Redistricting Reforms Pass Senate”

One of her objectives in Senate Bill 80 is “Simply-shaped, compact districts.”

While that one caught my eye first, here is the total list of items:
• Preservation of traditional neighborhoods;
• Preservation of local communities of interests;
• Protection of minority voting rights;
• Simply-shaped, compact districts; and
• Respect for county and precinct lines.

Senator Lawson I invite you to come to Fishers and view the new jigsaw puzzle voting districts designed to protect those in office and to avoid every single one of the objectives of Senate Bill 80. Maybe you should expand that Bill to include local elections at the Town and City level.

Fishers, IN is an example of gerrymandering at its best.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kathy Opt Out

I got in the mail a flyer and survey from Kathy Richardson – Growing Jobs, Helping Hoosiers.

Well let’s see in the past few years she has not done much to help any Hoosiers let alone grow any jobs. Just down the street from her office now stands an empty factory, didn’t they just recently auction off everything inside the plant. Gone for good. If you work for a living, just remember how much she cares about doing nothing to help you.

Now I see she is on another bandwagon, that Indiana Opt Out of the health care bill. Why not? Indiana seems to be at the bottom of so many health issues, lets keep Indiana at the bottom. So all of you who do not have health care, or you might lose your health care, or you like the insurance companies to decide if you even get health care after taking your premiums for years, tell her yes. After all they just want to instill fear that the health care is not for you, or that the costs will skyrocket. The ones who keep claiming this are the ones who don’t want change; they are the ones making lots of money off the broken system. Don’t fall for it. Don’t opt out. Now I will admit the bill in Congress is not perfect, but many times after a bill is passed the Congress over the years fixes the bill and corrects problems, but we have to start somewhere.

Maybe Kathy is the one who should Opt Out?