Friday, September 9, 2016

Has the Ham County Surveyor done something to your property?

Last night I got a phone call from someone who was mad as hell about the County Surveyor. It appears he took a ditch with water flowing that was not brothering anyone or anything, never flooded etc. Then turned it into a regulated drain and sent this landowner a new assessment and required payment. Talk about mad.

Now my question is have any of you others been harmed by the County Surveyor I would like to hear about it. No names will be published, just want to know what else he has done to people of this county.  Sent me  an e-mail to

By the way if elected before any work that will be done on your property you will be notified and have a chance to ask questions and talk about it. Isn't it time the "government" works with the citizens?  It seems the Surveyor who has been in office since 1977 has forgotten he was elected by the people, maybe its time to end his contract.  Vote for Joe Weingarten.

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Joe Weingarten
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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hey Ham County Surveyor is this true?

I was in Cicero last evening meeting with a bunch of very nice folks. They were kind of shocked someone was actually going to run against the County Surveyor. "About time" was one of the nice comments. Now I was told the about a lock and store I would see on my way home. They told me it was rumored that it was owned by the current surveyor and it was next to a drain called the AF Ingerman Ditch and that some people wanted to develop that land and the surveyor kept losing the reports and never seem to get around to working on this drain. They suggested I look into what was going on. Now of course their is not way to truly figure out what is going on with this office, but here is what I found.

Yes the current surveyor does owns the lock and store in Cicero according to records in the Indiana Secretary of State records.  I also saw that land on the other side of the road was owned by people with the same last name. Yes it is in an area where he keeps losing paperwork for years of the AF Ingerman Ditch. Yes no other real development has been accomplished in the area. So why or should I say maybe no work has been done. If this work is done would the property values go up and would the drain work result in higher assessments and would the surveyor have to pay more taxes. Hmm could it be why the work has not been done. If elected the AF Ingerman Ditch work will move up to the top. 

It is time to replace the surveyor with someone who would be fair and not protecting his own property at the cost of others.

It is time to elect Joe Weingarten as surveyor.

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