Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bring on the million dollars big oil.

Standing before a room of oil company executives in June, John McCain flip-flopped and declared support for coastal oil drilling. Now the Washington Post is reporting that, within days, oil and gas execs ponied up nearly $1 million to elect McCain.1 It's another piece of evidence that in a McCain White House, oil companies will call the shots—just as they have with President Bush.

Het big oil I could use a million for my election campaign, you know for a million I will support off shore oil drilling at Morse and Geist. I know oil is under Geist, not too sure about Morse, but what the hey, go for it.

You know on the other hand - keep you money - I would rather not have you mess up our pretty lakes.

My name is Joe Weingarten, I am running for the 29th State District Representative and I approve this message.

BTW- I sure could use some money to buy yard signs - go to www.indianaforjoe.com and please contribute since I have turned down that million from the oil companies.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comcast - the new evil empire.

I recently read comments about Comcast and its actions to limit the internet. Over the last few days I have been trying to transmit an 16.7M file to someone via the internet and found it was not being transmitted. I finally called Comcast customer service and was told they were limiting me to 7 meg maximum transmission.

I had never been notified of this and I was able to transmit this same file in the past. Since in the area I live I am only have the choice of one cable company I find this monopoly of service and their actions of limiting my transmission something that needs a full investigation and action by the government.

The telephone companies were opened up to competition and now it is time to do the same with cable. It is time to remove the lock cables companies have on the service to any area. I would like to see that a cable company can only be paid for the use of the cable and all content and products are open to other companies, the same as using telephone lines.

Until this is done we will continue to see increased cost to the consumer and a continued reduction of service.

If elected cable companies beware, I will fight you on behalf of the consumers of the State of Indiana.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Stock Market Report

One thing the Republicans seem to say all the time is that Democrats are bad for business and bad for the wealthy. The data is just in, if you have money and are invested in the stock market – you better vote democratic this fall.

Here are some facts:

1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average produced an annualized return of 7.21% during Democratic presidents, in contrast to an average of 3.6% during Republican presidents -- or almost precisely half as much, in other words.

2.Inflation is higher on average during Democratic presidencies; so on an inflation-adjusted basis there is a smaller difference between the stock market's average returns during presidencies of the two parties. But the Democratic Party still comes out ahead: 2.5% annualized during Democratic presidencies, versus 1.7% during Republican presidencies.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oil oh how you can fall, but gas you don't.

Crude oil prices drop $16 a barrel in three days, gas prices at the pump drop five cents. So if crude can drop almost 11% how come gas drops only 1%?

If I were elected I would be calling the Attorney General and asking this question.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This morning I drove downtown to meet with a group of people about my run for office. Not knowing how long it would take, I had a shock; almost every light turned green and I zipped down fast. Since I was 1/2 hour early I stopped in a McDonalds and sat outside having a cup of coffee. Next to me was Mike. He introduced himself to me and asked about my shirt that says Joe Weingarten for State Representative.
“What Party?” – Democrat
“Good, good. I have down on my luck and no job and I heard Obama the other day on responsibility”
You see Mike is black.
He continued “My daughter who is 10 also hear him and we talked about it.” What did she say-
“She asked me how come mommy works and you don’t?”
“That got me thinking and about my responsibilities to my family.”
I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was on his way downtown for an interview at the one of the hotels. They had an opening and he passed the first test since he finished high school. We chatted a few more minutes and then I told him I had to go to my interview to hopefully get some people to help me get elected. I wished him the best of luck in his job hunt and told him to keep at it no matter what. He said he would and the lord would help him. The he asked me for a big favor. “Sure I said what can I do?’ “I will never have a chance to meet Mr. Obama, but since you are running for office you will and when you do please thank him for turning my life around.” I shook his hand and assumed him I would.

Mike – I wish you and your family the best, I hoped all morning you got the job. And, should I ever meet Mr. Obama I will pass on your message, maybe he will read it on the internet in this blog. I also noticed you called him Mr. Obama and you’re the first person I know who did that, hopefully you soon you can call him Mr. President.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Question of Ethics in Indiana Politics

The State of Indiana has a pretty good Ethics Code, the major problem it only applies to the Executive Branch of our government. Somehow the rest of the state got left behind. In fact you can go to the following website http://www.in.gov/ig/codecomplete.html and see the information on the code.

But what about everyone else? That is what I want to know as a taxpayer and I am sure you do.

For example, I don’t believe it is ethical for any elected official to have a contract or be employed by a government or government agency. Let me give you a few examples: An elected Township Board Member is also under contract to the Town that is in the Township. This person makes approximately $16,500 a year under this contract. Can this person be fair and maybe vote against the town relative to Township business? An interesting ethical question.

Another example: I do not believe any elected official can be allowed to hold a government position that can be effected by outcomes of laws they enact. The state enacts a law on personal policy that effects county government and a lawmaker is also a county employee. Should this lawmaker be allowed to vote on the bill, I would say not, but in Indiana no problem. In fact I don’t think any one in Indiana should be allowed to hold two government positions at any level. Whether elected, appointed or employed.

So we have is an Ethics Code for State Executive and Administrative Branches of government, the Courts have a code of Conduct, but Indiana is one of 27 states in which no outside agency oversees ethical conduct of state legislators. It is one of 18 of those states where no ethics agency oversees any aspect of disclosure.

Is legislative oversight defined in statute? Yes. Indiana also has the House Legislative Ethics Committee and the Senate Legislative Ethics Committee, which are enabled by Indiana Code 2-2.1-3. http://www.ai.org/legislative/ic/code/title2/ar2.1/ch3.html But, it mainly deals with money, gifts, business and lobbyists. It should also deal with same factors that apply to the Executive Branch. I guess the lawmakers who wrote this did not want to measure up to the same standards as the state employees.

Then we get to local government, and that is something where the Wild West takes over. Each City, Town, Township may enact its own code of conduct and then they can ignore it. In many cases they have one that applies to workers, but somehow the elected officials don’t seem to have one.
Its time for a fresh look, its time for an ethical change.
My name is Joe Weingarten, I am running for the 29th District Indiana State Representative and I approve this message.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Time - City of Fishers, Indiana

Indy Star 07/11/2008
Fishers to petition to be called a city


The best quote in the article is Town Council President Scott Faultless said he opposed becoming a city.
“With a council you need consensus on everything,” he said. “No one person can decide what the vision will be.”

Consensus is what Fishers Town Council is all about. Everything is detemined in advance before anyone even gets into the Council Chamber. Only once in recent history did the council not agree and Mr. Faultless was so upset he broke his gravel pounding it.

A city formation would result in a Mayor accountable to the people, voting by districts with set boundaries, accountable to the people. A full time government accountable to the people. A City Council which must also have consenses to approve projects, so Mr. Flautless the real big change is that you would be out of a job as a part time Council President.

If the consensus council is such as great form of government, how come only small towns have it as a form of government. No this has nothing to do with vision, but all to do with power.

It's time to let the people vote on the matter.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.
Weingarten for 29th State District Representative

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fishers, IN - The Indiana Courts can't protect you this time.

"Family sues over park's construction."

Fishers is used to lawsuits, annexation suits, other suits, and to a large degree I think they feel they will always win. You see they hire lots of law firms and have the Indiana Supreme Court. The Supreme Court favors Towns and Cities in cases brought before it.

So congratulations to the Peterson family for going to Federal Court in a suit against Fishers. Now they will get a fair trial.

You see Fishers is building a park. No problem in building a park but a 500-car parking lot and lights that will be seen from the space shuttle is a problem. Homeowners along side the park will not have to turn on their lights in their homes at night, the lights of the park will have lit up.

So what’s the problem? Well for starters its in violation of Fishers own building code they the Town feels it can ignore. After all they make the rules and have to enforce them, if they violate a rule who is going to tell them they did wrong. Themselves, never.

Then comes the little fact they were outside the town zoning and in the unincorporated area of Fall Creek Township and they don’t care about any rules. They are the judge and jury when it comes to zoning.

So by jumping to a Federal Court, they have opened a new door. Good move on the part of their attorney. My hat is off to you.

More at Fisherstar.com

Update on Mitch's Tollroad

Mitch you know when it rains it pours. Now some of the toll road workers may go on strike. It seems the new owners may not like unions. Maybe the truck drivers , many that belong to unions will see the picket sings and avoid Indiana or take a detour around the toll road and clog two lane highways across the state.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fishers, IN - The un-Freedom Festival.

Since I am running for office I look for ways to meet people and talk with them. So when the Town of Fishers had a big festival the week before the 4th of July I looked into the gala event.

I was shocked – no politics. No politics in the parade, such as car with vote for Joe signs. Well it stands to reason, you see the Town of Fishers is run as if it were a kingdom of a few and of course no outsider are allowed. The Town Council has been discussed many times in this blog.

Well, I went anyway to the festival and walked around handing out my cards, after all it was held in a public park, and if anyone stopped me I would remind them of the little thing called the Constitution and the First Amendment.

A note to the committee next year please call this the festival by a name that reflects your philosophy. The Fishers Un-Freedom Festival.

Oh, one more thing, when you set up the blow-up Statue of Liberty next year, could you clean it before you blow it up. It looked rather pitiful.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.