Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good-bye from Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy here, have any of you guys been following the Fishers Town Government, they are located in the State of Indiana. Well, they want to throw me out of town. I can’t believe it. After all Indiana is one of the CORN states. The state government keeps saying they are the farmer’s friends, well I guess not in Fishers. You see they recently extended their zoning beyond the town limits and this is an area with small farms and large home lots. The people living in this area even voted to keep them out, but they ignored that. Not much has changed for years but the town’s un-represantative; elected officials want total control for their friends in land development. So that means they need to drive out all the small farmers and of course all of us need to leave.

How dare they want to force me the famous Miss Piggy out of my home. My attorney Kermit is looking into the matter. He has already found the following and is going to ask the Farm Bureau to come to the aid of all of us.

(e) A county or municipality may not, through the county or municipality's zoning authority, do any of the following:
(1) Terminate an agricultural nonconforming use if the agricultural nonconforming use has been maintained for at least any three (3) year period in a five (5) year period.
(2) Restrict an agricultural nonconforming use.
(3) Require any of the following for the agricultural nonconforming use of the land:
(A) A variance for the land.
(B) A special exception for the land.
(C) A special use for the land.
(D) A contingent use for the land.
(E) A conditional use for the land.

What’s next, are they going to limit people to one dog or cat per household? Or maybe no dogs, or cats. Since pigs, cows, goats, horses are all going to be gone. BTW - you 4H kids, I wonder if the Town Council even realized what this does to you. I doubt it. Maybe Hamilton County need to take back the zoning since Fishers has no clue how to be a good government for the people.

Texting away in all the wrong places

We all know that texting is very dangerous when driving and the State of Indiana has restriction on young drivers. This needs to be expanded to include all drivers and one additional group. During a Fishers Town Council Meeting one member was seen texting during the discussions. Is it that boring? Well I guess it must be since everything appears to have been decided in advance and she had to sit through the discussions and the motions of doing something.

So members of the General Assembly I know this is a short session and you all want to get away from doing real work at the statehouse, but how about a law on texting? No texting by any driver and no texting by an elected officials when sitting in session.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indiana Senate Bill 80 - Something Smart

Got an e-mail from State Senator Connie Lawson titled “Objective Redistricting Reforms Pass Senate”

One of her objectives in Senate Bill 80 is “Simply-shaped, compact districts.”

While that one caught my eye first, here is the total list of items:
• Preservation of traditional neighborhoods;
• Preservation of local communities of interests;
• Protection of minority voting rights;
• Simply-shaped, compact districts; and
• Respect for county and precinct lines.

Senator Lawson I invite you to come to Fishers and view the new jigsaw puzzle voting districts designed to protect those in office and to avoid every single one of the objectives of Senate Bill 80. Maybe you should expand that Bill to include local elections at the Town and City level.

Fishers, IN is an example of gerrymandering at its best.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kathy Opt Out

I got in the mail a flyer and survey from Kathy Richardson – Growing Jobs, Helping Hoosiers.

Well let’s see in the past few years she has not done much to help any Hoosiers let alone grow any jobs. Just down the street from her office now stands an empty factory, didn’t they just recently auction off everything inside the plant. Gone for good. If you work for a living, just remember how much she cares about doing nothing to help you.

Now I see she is on another bandwagon, that Indiana Opt Out of the health care bill. Why not? Indiana seems to be at the bottom of so many health issues, lets keep Indiana at the bottom. So all of you who do not have health care, or you might lose your health care, or you like the insurance companies to decide if you even get health care after taking your premiums for years, tell her yes. After all they just want to instill fear that the health care is not for you, or that the costs will skyrocket. The ones who keep claiming this are the ones who don’t want change; they are the ones making lots of money off the broken system. Don’t fall for it. Don’t opt out. Now I will admit the bill in Congress is not perfect, but many times after a bill is passed the Congress over the years fixes the bill and corrects problems, but we have to start somewhere.

Maybe Kathy is the one who should Opt Out?