Sunday, June 17, 2012

Before you forward that e-mail check

My wife just got an e-mail telling her because of Obamacare her Medicare Premiums are set to jump to $247 in 2014. It was very real looking e-mail coming from Blue Cross etc. She asked is this true and with a few keystrokes I found out it was far from true. It was another one of the false hate e-mails to strike fear into the people not vote for the President. We are going to see a massive increase of these e-mail as we get closer to the election. I went to to get to the real story. And guess what Medicare is going to go up in 2014 but to $115.80, and here is another question for you, what was it in 2011 $115.40. So Medicare is going jump but not to $247 is actually an increase of 40 cents over 2011. Now for another story but this one is very real the Republican candidate for Senate in the State of Indiana has said Medicare is unconstitutional, he also said Social Security is Unconstitutional so folks what are you going to do when Richard Mourdock who also said their is no compromise, its my way or the highway, and he works to shut down these programs. What will you do when your Social Security checks stop coming, when your doctor says cash up front. It is time to make sure Mr. Mourdock is not elected. It is time to end the fear factor and find out the truth. It is time not to elected people of extremes to Congress. It does not matter which party, anyone who is that extreme is not interested in the overall welfare of the nation. We don't need more years of deadlock in Congress.