Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Fishers Medical Complex Flop

In today’s Indy Star (2/24/10) on the front page is a great story about a vision by IU and Clarian to build a life science campus, the only problem its downtown in Indy. Of course the Town of Fishers has proposed a medical complex of some sort at Exit 10. But with this announcement I know where all the money and buildings will be going and it is not exit 10. Maybe, just maybe if we had a Mayor, a focal point, someone could have talked to IU in advance. Another lost deal for Fishers in the making. All that the Town will succeed to do is upset the people who live in the re-zoned area and once again nothing will happen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey Fishers how about a Welcome. It came!

Ok Fishers I am now a citizen of your Town. So are about 2200 other households.

What no welcome letter? I guess not after all we don’t feel welcome.

No instruction letter? It not like we are moving in but you have taken over our area.

Since I know all the Town leaders read my posts here is a note for all of you.

How about a letter or newspaper article on what to do as a new citizen of the Town of Fishers:

One thing comes to mind – I heard we have to get a permit for an alarm system. Is this true, where and how?

What else can we expect and when. With all the snow birds around here anything they should be aware of while out of town?

The day after I wrote this a sort of Welcome Letter arrived. But still does not answer many of the questions I posted. So Town officials how about the information other than what you will and will not be doing.

Comcast the new Evil Empire

For years Microsoft was called the “Evil Empire” well I think the title has transferred to Comcast. The problem is that Comcast controls the cable in our area and we don’t have any competition. No other cable company can come into the area yet they can do almost as they please.

Here is the latest from the evil doers.

Comcast is going to charge everyone $6.95 per TV in their home for a digital converter box. Even if you have a digital TV. This will start later this spring. They told me it was due to government requirements. I contacted the FCC and they said they did not have any such requirement. I contacted the Indiana Utility Commission and did not know of any such requirement. They even wanted me to fax them the copy of the notice I got.

Sounds like just a way for Comcast to raise rates. How many TV’s do you have in your house?

Where is our government to control an activity that has a monopoly?