Saturday, February 8, 2014

Political Graveyard - Scott Faultless

Scott Faultless finally learns what politics is all about. He will be soon gone from Fishers town government. The end came at noon on Friday February 7th when he failed to file to ruin for elected office. The actual end December 31, 2014.

Scott who had been in office for years and years without opposition is finally gone for not paying attention to voters and ruling as if Fishers was his own private country club.

His end started with the Geist Annexation. Here he lead the Fishers Town Council to land grab 2200 homes in the upscale area without any increase in service and only an increase in taxes. This was a pure taxing increase issue and the people of Geist never forgot. The battle lasted three long years wasting two million town dollars.

Next came the refusal of the Town to convert to a city because of the structure of the election process. With a Town the Council elects one of its own to be the figurehead and Scott held this position year after year. In a real city the people elect a Mayor, this of course was unheard of to Scott. Further all the council seats were elected at large across the entire town giving an incumbent a major edge. In a real city voters in a district elect council members from that district with a few at large seats also being elected. They tried everything to stop becoming a real city even proposing a fake city that would be a town structure of government but called a city and then an election process designed to trick voters into this fake city. Because of a group of civil minded citizens and a real grassroots effort they got the real message to the voters and defeated Scott and crew by 63%. In today’s political arena 63% is considered a massive landslide. Another consideration is the Scott crew outspend the grassroots group by 10 to 1 and even used town money for “education” of the public.

 In the last Town election Scott was almost defeated by an unknown college kid and by voters from the Geist area, what saved him were the older parts of town. Now in a Geist district he knew he could not get elected. Running at large for the limited seats would mean that he actually had to run in an election and put on a real campaign.

 In addition to add insult to injury a few of the new council members refused to support Scott to remain as Council President another defeat for him. The tide of his rule had turned and it was time to retire.

 The time had come to withdraw from Fishers politics. Good-bye Scott. In the long run we the people won.