Sunday, October 28, 2012

Confusion in Fishers

This election day the voters of Fishers will face an extremely important election and both the Town and their supporters have been issuing false and misleading statements to attempt to convince voters to approve a new type of government. They have out and out mislead the citizens of the Town on this subject. They claim a second-class city cannot hire a professional manager. Yet under Home Rule they can. Further they cite four cities that have a Council-Manager form of government and forgot to inform the voters that all four of these have directly elected Mayors and Council members that Fishers would not have. They have claimed a million dollars in savings mostly from removing the Public Safety employees from Social Security, yet the Social Security Administration has confirmed that the Town has never contacted them nor has any government unit in the State been released from Social Security in at least the past ten years. In their new form of government they want to appoint a Mayor instead of allowing the citizens of the town to elect their Mayor. It appears the Town leaders don't trust the citizens to elect their own Mayor, why should we the citizens trust the town. They made the statement "Give Fishers residents the ability to vote for EVERY locally-elected official and hold them all accountable." They forgot to add except the Mayor who we appoint. All the council members would be elected at-large removing another layer of "locally-elected." They make the statement about keeping the taxes low, yet according to the County Auditor Fishers has the highest overall tax rate in Hamilton County. The Town Council placed questions on the ballot to make it as confusing as possible to trick the voters. It's time Fishers with 80,000 residents becomes a traditional Indiana city. To achieve this you have vote no on Question one and yes on Question two. See how confusing.