Friday, March 26, 2010

Fishers Secret Deals to Kill Delaware and Fall Creek Townships

Merger of Town of Fishers, Fall Creek Township and Delaware Township.

An overflowing crowd and over 95% voiced opposition to the plan and then the Township Board followed the Fishers Town Council tradition of approving the resolution to start the process. Ignore the citizens.

You have to wonder how come all of a sudden three elected bodies have a coordinated process to merge the governments and to do so on what I would have to call an emergency process.

All of a sudden the Township Board post an emergency 48 hour notice of this discussion, Delaware Township Board President does not even do that much and tries to push the same a week ago. The FC Board ignored over 95% of the people in the discussion and approved the first step. Just like the Fishers Town Council make up your minds in secret meetings and ignore the public.

Also they tabled the Fire Contract so an attorney could look it over and but when asked to have an attorney look over this resolution they didn’t have time.

Secret meetings, back door deals, sure sounds like it, in the true Fishers tradition.

The discussion by the three board members makes this sound even more like a back door event. Mr. Meyers said he wrote the resolution that morning, that means the other two Board members didn't even see it until that day and now they have to rush to approve it. No attorney to review it, has three different governments listed in the resolutions, and of course this emergency treatment.

One of the reasons for the merger better and more efficient government. They said the Township Trustee was costing to much with employee expense and the budget was too high and cost to manage the poor relief was 100%. Of course they lumped the entire poor relief into one basket and called that the entire budget, left out everything else. Wait what happened to everything else, I guess it does not matter; oh I forgot do you know the Board has the responsibility for Budget approval and direction to the Trustee. I guess these three members must have been asleep at the wheel for the past three and one-half years and now it’s an emergency to remove the government. I have to wonder what they were promised by the Fishers Town big shots to do this. Another secret deal!!!!

I believe Fishers Town Council wants too keep firm control of the Swiss cheese areas and the un-incorporated areas and also all the tax dollars without having to provide full services that an annexation would entail. A merger of the Townships would accomplish this and they would also get all the money in the Township funds and land and buildings owned by the Townships. They would also get the tax dollars. It’s a game of tax grab and we all know how this is the primary goal in Fishers.

They have failed in their job as members of the Board and it is time for the voters to remove them in the upcoming primary. It is time to put people into the position who care.

Another fake reason for the merger is that in time the State will abolish the Townships. Last I heard this died in the House and died before in the house and the odds are will die again in the house. But the three wise men of the Board are certain it will pass. The reason it keeps dieing is that Townships make sense, but then again this Board does not make sense. Only the Governor wants them dead, the same Governor who is killing the school systems throughout the state.

Also do it just before an election because they know their time is up, people are tied of ineffective elected officials. Let the voters put three people in who care, and remove current three people who don’t.

For those of you in Delaware Township, you have only one person behind your secret deal and he is known to be in lock step with whatever Fishers tells him to do. The other two Board members have a better understanding of what is going on. The two long standing members of your board need your support to stop the Fishers game plan.

More to follow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rush is still here

Did I miss something?

Didn't overweight, drug user Rush say he was leaving the USA if Heath care passed?

Is he out of money because he will be taxed to help pay for the poor to have health care?

Maybe we need to start a fund to raise money to buy his ticket out of the USA. Oh I forgot he only flies on private jets, only common folks buy on regular airplanes.

“If it passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I’m leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica,” Limbaugh said.

Oh I read his quote and we have to put up with him for five more years. Too bad.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The right to bear arms. Yes, but.

OK so Indiana now will allow people to have a gun in a private parking lot in a locked car. Someone just got fired and it was very bitter, he is fuming and walks to his car, several minutes later shots are heard and his former boss is now dead.

I am believer in the right to bear arms but we have limits everywhere on that right, you don’t carry a gun into a school or be dumb enough into a bank. In many states on the front of a business you may see it posted “No Firearms Allow” but not now in Indiana we are allowing a person to exceed the rights of a property owner. This comes down to who has more rights the person who owns a property or a person who owns a gun. I believe the state has made a mistake by allowing a gun owner to exceed the rights of the property owner. As a property owner you should have the right to post rules concerning your property.

I guess after a few murders the state may look at this again.

Fisher's Secret Caucus -

Fisher’s holds secret meeting plots overthrow of Township Governments

In mid January the Fishers seven met with some members of Delaware and Fall Creek Township’s Boards in secret. My sources tell me they are calling it a “caucus” and therefore legal under Indiana law. But wait a caucus what happened to inviting all of your party to a caucus or was this limited caucus to develop a plan to over throw two government units that provide representation and services to citizens.

Slowly details are leaking out of who was at the meeting and what they are planning. At a recent meeting of the Delaware Township Board – Mr. Mike Colby all of a sudden reads a motion that only someone like Doug Church could have written asking for a study towards a merger of the Township with the Town of Fishers and Fall Creek Township. All of a sudden this pops up? Give me a break. On top of that it was not on the agenda listed in the newspaper. Was Mike trying to do an end run? Looks like it. Mr. Colby appears to be a voice of the Town, in fact a loud voice. Maybe he wants to replace Charlie White and so he is paying his dues by following orders of the gang. I also have to wonder how Mr. Colby in his proposal can speak for those of us in Fall Creek Township or was that part of the agreement with the two members of the Fall Creek Township Board who also were at this fake caucus.

I have to wonder if Charlie White who wants to become Secretary of State was at the meeting after all he is one of the gang of seven. If not Charlie do you condone fake caucus meetings?

Note to the people who want to keep Fishers a Town. Is this the type of secretive government you want? Behind closed doors, using terms like caucus to hide and plot?

Isn’t it time to have an open government?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter is over.

You know when winter is over when the beautiful waterfall on 116th street is turned back on.

You know winter is over when you see the Fisher's Motorcycle police zooming around and giving out tickets. So you better slow down.

You know winter is over when you see a nut on Geist in his motorboat flying by.

You know its over when you have to open the car window and its not at McD or Wendy's place.

So everyone enjoy the warm days.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's time to ask Dan some questions.

Did you know that Dan Burton voted against the Recovery Act. But when it became law how much money did Dan ask for, for this district. He has bad mouth the Act but takes credit for all the Federal Funds coming here. It’s time to show Dan the door.

I also heard that Dan flipped some land for a big profit and the Town of Fishers bought it to build a park, actually a sports complex for SPORTS in the middle of nowhere. How much did Dan make off the taxpayers and why did the Town of Fishers buy that land? You have to wonder, at least I do.

It’s time to show Dan the door. It’s time to ask a lot of questions.

Joe Weingarten
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative
I approve this message.

O'Charley's - The big profit grab.

You know the restaurant chain. They are having a special 2 meals for $14.99 as their ad blares across the airwaves, but as a footnote they say you can have one for $7.49. Now I know most people can’t do math, but being a world famous aerospace engineer I will do it for you. Two times $7.49 is $14.98, so how come O'Charley's is charging you more if you buy two, I know it’s only a penny, but it is wrong. I contacted O'Charley's and got a thank you for your interest reply.

I asked that they donate the excess penny profit to charity, no answer to that one. So everyone pass the word on every internet site you know what O'Charley's is up to and lets force them to cough up all those pennies to a worthwhile cause. Or maybe some class action lawyer will be going to dinner tonight and ordering two meals for $14.99. That would cost O'Charley's even more.

Hey Mitch – where are all the jobs.

Channel 13, WTHR has uncovered another one of Mitch’s tall tails. This time its all the jobs that came to Indiana. But it appears many of these are ghost jobs, or jobs that were promised that never showed up, factories that were never built, and on and on. For all the details go to:

My hat off to WTHR for a job well done. But something is very upsetting. WTHR asked Indiana Economic Development Corporation for data, why you guess it, they couldn’t release that information. Now let’s see a government agency withholding information. Not in the State of Indiana, couldn’t happen. Mitch was also not available for comment, maybe he was too busy working the back rooms in his run for president.

Hey Mitch – next on your list, shut down the schools, cuts their budgets so Indiana can’t train workers for those empty job postings, we don’t need them anyway, since there are no jobs.

Approved by Weingarten for 29th State Representative