Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brian Bosma Leads House Walkout

My My how soon we forget. In 2001 Mr. Bosma lead a walkout of Republicans to protest redistricting by the Democrats.

I can only guess it is OK when Republicans do it but OMG not when Democrats walk out.

Then again the Indiana constitution allows this and maybe the forefathers did this on purpose to prevent a government that thinks it is in absolute power from doing harm to the state and the citizens of the state.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stormwater TAX - Another Fishers Sham

The Town of Fishers has mailed you your “Fishers Stormwater Utility” bill. Notice they avoid calling it a tax, notice they avoid calling it part of your property tax. But did you notice the more value of your overall property the higher payment. Doesn’t that sound like a property tax? What it is pure and simple is a way around the property tax cap and a way to tax all of us. Did you get the letter on why we have to pay the tax, but most of us have rain water flow directly from our property into Geist. They claim they need the money for street cleaning, doesn’t that sound like a standard function of a town or city? It does to me.

What has happened the Town of Fishers keeps claiming that they have the lowest tax rates, they are pulling the wool over the eyes of the citizens. They have used fees and other taxes to increase the overall tax rate and to exceed the tax cap. If the Town had to take taxes such as the Stormwater tax and cover the expense with our property taxes they would be in trouble.

Fisherian one of the Bloggers on the Indy Star keeps calling us "angry Geist annexee’s" and that we are trying to convert the good town government to a city and to help others get elected. Maybe, just maybe it is because we have found that they are not that good at telling us the whole story, maybe it is because we know how they operate without caring about the people, maybe it is because we understand how they raise taxes without calling them taxes and maybe its because we saw them in real action during the annexation process.

It is time for everyone in the Town of Fishers to throw out the current Council and get new blood in office to fix what they have done over the years.