Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peace on Earth, Good will towards Men

Peace on Earth, Good will towards Men

The Donald only knows how to attack people, 2000 people get into a fight in a Mall in Louisville, KY. Crazy people in the name of religion behead people because they believe in the same god but via a different channel. In Germany the book Mein Kampf will be published with the start of the New Year. Will it be taken as a lesson of the history to avoid or will it be on the GOP candidate reading list.  I have to wonder about the Donald.

Yet people try and escape war only to have some Governors in the land of freedom and built on immigration say you’re not welcome. Or the same Governors say you can discriminate if the other person has a different belief or does not follow what you believe. So we can have a bakery that will not bake a cake for gays, Jews, blacks, or Muslims, etc. What is the world coming too?

Police that shoot people from 20 -30 feet away because they have a knife. Get me a break. Different story if they have an AK-47 or a shooting at you. But a knife at 20 feet away? If you have to shoot, shoot for the knees. Shoot at the ground in front of the person and watch how fast they drop that knife or a gun for that matter.

It’s is time for everyone to take a very deep breath and relax.

Its time for “Peace on Earth, Good will towards Men.”  Not by a few but by all of all faiths and even those of no faith.

Happy New Year to all and may you have a wonderful year ahead of peace and a very safe year. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Indiana doing pretty bad in health rankings

I keep saying Indiana with it's straight sides could slide down and sit between Mississippi and Alabama. The rankings are in of the healthiest and overall rankings. Well Indiana was not at the bottom but in the bottom 20% at rank 41, now back to Mississippi which came in at 49 and Alabama at 45. So Indiana would right at home.

On obesity Indiana is 32.7% with Mississippi at 35.5% and Alabama at 33.5% of a body mass index.  Now on smoking Indiana rank 44th in the nation and lets check out Mississippi with a ranking of 45 and Alabama at 40th.  OK let’s go to Diabetes where Indiana didn’t do too bad at 32 and our neighboring states got a ranking of Alabama 47 and Mississippi 48.

Our Great Governor wants to get rid of the EPA and burn more coal. So lets see how the rankings are doing for air pollution and almost the worst in the nation is Indiana at 47. So Governor Pence you only have three rankings to go to win the worst in the nation award. Here Alabama is trying with a 34 and Mississippi is the winning of these three with a rank of 27. Then again the other two states don’t make much.

In cancer deaths Indiana ranks 42, could that have something to air pollution. Maybe not because Alabama is 43 and Mississippi ranks next to last at 49.  Ok let’s look at people’s hearts, and Mississippi wins overall ranking 50 and not far behind is Alabama at 49 and surprise Indiana is 39. Maybe our smoking ratings will have something to do with the cancer deaths where we rank 44th. Alabama was a little better at 40th and Mississippi ranked 45th.  No Kentucky was not 50th it was 49th and lost out to West Virginia that came is last.

We do have a drug problem in Indiana where we rank 35th in the nation in drug deaths, but to my surprise Mississippi ranked 9th and Alabama was 16th. But we do rank number one in Meth production in the nation.

Now when it comes to immunization of adolescents Rhode Island comes in first, well it is a small state and they can go door to door and get everyone, now Indiana comes in at 42nd and is bettered by Alabama at 35th but Mississippi holds the record at 50th as the worst in the nation.

Infant Mortality is a subject I hate we should all be close to zero, yet Indiana ranks 36th and once again Alabama is at 49th and Mississippi is last at 50th.

Do we go to the dentist? Not everyone does and Indiana is ranked 45 and Mississippi took the lead ranking 49th while Alabama was just beat out by a hair at 48th.

So Governor Pence you will have to do better to get us at the bottom ranking across the board. But I must admit I am glad to see that you are working hard to keep us down in the dumps.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Canada To let in 25,000 Syrian Refugees.

Donald Oh Donald what are you going to do? You do know there are lots of places along the US Canadian border where there is just a sign that says border and in many places not even a sign. So are you going to build a wall between the US and  Canada and make the Canada pay for it to keep the Syrian’s out.

Another question Dear Donald what are you going to do about the Syrians that are Christians. You do know that there are a few left and they have been running for their lives. But they are Syrians?

And one more question then I leave you alone to work on more of your attack statements. Are you going to ask Mike Pence to be your VP since he is as dumb as you are.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Scam for Today

A new e-mail just popped into my account a few minutes ago. Actually a new scam. Now I have to wonder how many people will fall for this one. I am sure the next step will be provide your Bank name and account number etc so we can sent you your winning.

BTW- it came from Rockweiler, David J (Services) (Services)

Maybe Xerox needs to shut down this account, Maybe the FBI needs to visit David.

Well in any case I didn't win the lotto or the PCH price. So I will still be here.

Happy Holidays everyone.

PCH Sweepstakes Notification
Dated 13th of December 2015
Email Ref#: 33311709.

You are among our finalists selected candidates to claim the Publishers Clearing House December Sweepstakes prize. For more information and claims requirement provide your name, address and phone number to our fiduciary agent email address Via:

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Time to Dump Trump

The New York Daily News hit the nail on the head this morning showing “The Donald” with a sword cutting off the head of Lady Liberty. The in very large letters the following:  “ When Trump came for the Mexicans, I did not speak out – as I was not a Mexican. When he came for the Muslims I did not speak out – as I was not a Muslim. Then he came for …“

My Parents, Grandparents and a large number of Aunts and Uncles came to the United States because no one spoke out against Adolph Hitler. On my mothers side 95% of a very large family did not survive WWII. My grandparents on my mother’s side were machine gunned down by an open pit in Riva.

Because no one spoke out.

The Germans required all Jews to become registered, Trump was a Muslin Data base.

The Germans made the Jews stateless, Trump saying US Muslim Citizens who out of the country can’t return making them stateless.

The Germans considered all disabled have no valued and killed them, Trump made “fun” of a disabled reporter. Will he some day consider all disabled worthless…

Hitler in his 1933 raise to power told people what they wanted to hear not what was the truth, Mr. Trump seems to forget the truth many times.

It is my turn to speak out and to urge all the people of this land to speak out; it is time to stop the hate so many seem to have accepted, it is time Mike Pence to stop being a bigot. It is time to accept people, all people and let them practice what ever they wish. It is time to stop discrimination of any kind. If you don’t believe in gay marriage don’t marry someone of your sex, but what right do you have to stop someone else. If you believe in right to life or don’t believe what right do you have to press your belief against the other person. Don’t forget next it may be you that some jerk like Donald Trump that thinks you should be put into a camp and maybe even marched like my grandparents on Feb 1-2, 1942 to an open pit.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Immigration and Indiana

Unless you are a Native American the odds are you are or are a decedent of an immigrant and in many cases not because they wanted to flee to America. My parents came because if they stayed in their homeland a man by the name of Hitler would have had them murdered. In the 1700’s and earlier they came for religious freedom. We just had Thanksgiving with its roots in immigrants who came because of religious persecution.

 In the early 1800’s the Germans who were escaping economic problems and seeking political freedom and the great waves of Irish they came due to poverty and famine. By the late 1800’s we have Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian’s coming for freedom of religion and work.  In the 1930’s Jews who were under a death warrant from Hitler and early 1940’s if they could escape.  After WWII many people from a war torn Europe. In the 1980’s one third of the immigrants were Asian and Hispanics made up another 50% due to economic conditions and once again war. The primary reasons over the years have been religion, poverty  and war.
We are a nation of immigrants, our forefathers came not because they wanted to leave their homeland but in most cases they had too. So when our Governor puts up a barricade to three immigrants he is forgetting the millions of people who were immigrants who have built this great nation. He is forgetting his forefathers I am certain they too were immigrants. 

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Governor Pence I think you need to take a trip to New York Harbor and out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. You seem to have forgotten.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why as a Republican you should vote for Greg Purvis.

We have a major problem in the City of Fishers and a run away government with no checks and balances caused it. The City government is 100% Republican, now some Republicans would say that is great. But you would change your mind if you start looking under the rocks. Well actually you can’t anymore since the city took all the rocks away and planted apartment houses, parking garages and office buildings were we used to have a very nice lawn with 100-year-old trees. OK I am a Boy Scout and a tree hugger. But start digging and you find they helped build these with TAX dollars that will never be paid back.

And now they same city leaders are calling for a tax increase. So to all you Republicans that are against tax increases you have been stabbed in the back.

Next have you driven on 116th St at 5pm lately. When you add 100’s of apartments you add 100’s of cars. You know I guess they didn’t see that coming.  Solution add an exit at 106th St. But wait all that vacant land at 106th St will get office buildings etc and back to the traffic jams. You see no real planning is in effect, just doing and just doing what the developers want not what the citizens want. The developers fund the election of these few people so they are 100% beholding to them. Now I heard they are working on a comprehensive plan for the city. The problem is they are working the plan, none of you are working the plan. They “plan” on telling you what the “Plan” is when it is done, you have no choice. You have no say.  What you are seeing is special interest groups running your city. Is that what you want? I doubt it.

OK they are all Republican special interest groups and they are looking out for us. Think again. They are looking out for the developer’s bottom line. Why because they have to run in elections and the developers fund their campaigns. Tax benefits, projects all aimed at helping out their friends. OK now back to why you should vote for Greg next week. First of all he would be only one vote on the council and they will ignore him 99% of the time. What they can’t ignore is the back door deals, he will know all about them and therefore you the general public will know. What they can’t ignore are the secret deals. What they can’t ignore are the city contracts given to their buddies. What they can’t ignore is violation of law to serve their own purpose.

I would feel the same way if the City government was 100% Democrat. 100% of any government by one party does not work, does not give us good government. So next week be smart and vote for Greg Purvis.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Right vs. Left in Fishers

NO, no, no not politics. Right vs left in politics would be several pages long and no one would win.

This is about today on 116th street. Just before the I-69 overpass going west was a sign “left lane closed” so I watch as cars and trucks maneuvered to the right lane and as soon as you went over the crest on the I-69 bridge in a large suv or truck you could see actually the right lane was blocked but small cars had no idea why the big cars all of a sudden were moving to the right until all of a sudden they were upon flashing lights.

Then it turned out just up the block the right lane was blocked again and after about another block the right lane was blocked again.

So my question is where was the road blocked in the left lane. I didn’t drive as far as Carmel and maybe it was blocked in Carmel.  I have no clue and by the way neither do the sign guys in Fishers.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fishers new 106 Street I-69 Exit????

Indiana DOT wants feedback on a plan to add an interchange at 106 St and I-69 with the claim it will reduce congestion on I-69.

OK – here is why it will not work; the City of Fishers government is its on worst enemy on this project. Look at what they have done at 116th, they are building apartments faster than the cars can exit I-69 or drive through the downtown. Just sit in front of the downtown at 5pm and watch the 116th crawl. If they add an interchange based on what the city is now doing it is a just a matter of a short while before they are going to have a massive jam at the new intersection of 106th. You see as soon as it goes in the vacant land next to the interchange will become a massive construction project and in no time that interchange will be overloaded.

The real problem is no real planning is going on unless it is to the benefit of a few developers, you know the guys who pump money into the election campaigns of the Mayor and some of the City Council members. I have heard Fishers is working on a master plan, to bad it is a top down plan. You see most cities doing a master plan start at the bottom with ordinary citizens and ask them what they want, what they expect. From what I understand the Mayor is going to TELL us the plan. Sorry but Mr. Mayor you work for the people of the community and from what I have seen so far you think the people don’t matter one bit. Of course the Mayor wants us to all believe the site of a parking garage when we exit I-69 is a beautiful site.  Sorry it looks pretty bad. The beautiful lawn in front of City Hall with 100-year-old trees now looks like a big city reject project. Sorry what you call progress I call blight.

Maybe Mr. Mayor and City Council you started acting like elected representatives of the people instead of the developers.Its not INDOT that needs feedback it is the City Government.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Indy Star Let it Out

The Indy Star's let it out is one of the only reasons I still buy this rag. They sure zoom in on the real topics in Indy.

For example this one is the best of the month without any question.

"Fishers does not need a brewery, or another fresh grocery, and especially not another physical therapy place or sandwich shop...Fishers needs some real restaurants."

I guess space limits did not let this author add nail saloons, dry cleaners, strip malls. In the mean time they build the dumb apartments on the City Hall lawn and what opens a pizza shop. So if you want a real Italian meal - better get out of the City of Fishers. Good Mexican - You have to go the Indy, good Chinese you have to go to Carmel.

Oh forgive me Nickel Plate according to everyone you do have the best tenderloin in the region, but than again you are a bar and not a restaurant.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time to fix the BMV - and rid it of corrpution. An Easy Fix!

BMV – how to solve the problem – the easy way.

Our BMV is full of errors and will continue to be as long as the state continues to allow it to operate the way it does.

Ask anyone to tell you how much license plates for their car costs and almost 100% of the people have no clue. As someone in Ohio how much it costs and the odds are they know because it has been about $35. per passenger vehicle for years and years (actually $34.50). Not the dumb Indiana tax on the perceive value of the car.

Oh no but then the state can’t overcharge for plates. Why do anything the easy way? They want the total confusion so they can continue to play their games. While the citizens continue to be raked over the coals.

So if you want to fix BMV start by getting rid of the things that can lead to abuse. Streamline the fees to something that is set and not forever changing every year.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Rumor on a new State Fish

The jellyfish has been around for 650 million years and has no brain. I heard that Governor Pence is think about having the jellyfish declared the state fish as it truly represents him and his party for long lasting. Please no one tell him it has no brain.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Governor Pence Coal was King but no more.

Coal is dying as an electric power generator.

Within the United States in 2015-2016 the amount of electric power generated by coal will drop by a total of 16,581.50 MW. The numbers are even more stark when you look at the actual drop vs. new coal sources. The power industry will retire coal-fired plants by 16,961,50MW and build new plants that fired conventional steam with coal by only 380 MW.  The plants that are shutting down are mainly in four states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. Notice which state is missing.

At the same time wind power will increase by 17,103.10MW and solar by 8,472.60MW. If you add new natural gas fired plants with a total of 17,867.40MW the total for solar, wind and gas is 85% of new power. 

Even nuclear is making a small comeback with 1,269.90 MW coming on line.

The overall landscape of the power industry is changing and in a few years will look very different from today.

So Governor Pence why do you defend coal so much? Why do you believe the health of Hoosiers is not important and that your coal buddies are more important than the people you serve? 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mike Pence must feel UN-LOVED

First it was his quest for religious freedom or was it the other way around just using the name freedom. That alone cost him his Presidential aspirations.

 He can’t understand the Supreme Court. Obamacare, marriage for all. After all when in Congress he advocated a constitutional same-sex marriage ban. What is this world coming too? Pregnant women would not have to work as if they were not pregnant, not so said the Court. They should not be treated as if they were not pregnant in the work place.

Then of course was the great raisin case before the court.  While it does not apply to Indiana because we don’t grow too many raisins it will in time apply to other crops under Federal limit programs. And of course the EPA did win a case over the coal companies.  What can he think about that since he appears to want unlimited coal mining and burring coal to power electric power plants?

Then we have other mis-steps such as the state run news outlet, aka propaganda.

But I think we all need to examine the Pence “Roadmap” from the last campaign. Another great Hoosier running in the same year said “Its my way or the highway.” Well it was not his way and he got defeated. Now looking back at Pence’s roadmap it appears that it has vanished.

What Pence says it's simple.

"I think the priority right now for Hoosiers from what I've heard traveling the state," Pence said, "is on getting our economy moving, getting our schools working for our kids. In applying for this job, we're going to offer our very clear vision on those issues."

OK so the economy is moving to lower paid jobs, with anti-union laws set in place to continued the trend to lowered paid jobs. We see more warehouses popping up and more transportation jobs, while some high-tech companies have moved in I have to wonder how many more might have if this state didn’t try and kill off education just because a Democrat won a state wide office. Getting our schools working well he is doing just that with charter schools for the wealthy and religious but forgetting about the local schools and doing all in his power for a long term solution eliminate public schools. So much for real education moving forward. So far his roadmap is full to detours into dead ends.

And don’t forget the famous quote about Indiana Senate Bill 101, Religious Freedom Restoration Act "We are not going to change this law."

Oh well so much for Governor Pence, now that he is running for Governor again I can’t wait to see his new roadmap will be once again be largely devoid of specifics. Will he continue to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the people of the State?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fishers Boondoggle Sports Complex

The Fishers City Council indicated they were going to proceed with the boondoggle sports complex unless there was opposition.

The Mayor has stated this will not cost the taxpayers anything.

Well two million in tax incentives is a cost Mr. Mayor; please stop trying to make a pig’s ear into a silk purse.

City Council I am opposition to this massive project because if it were such a great deal for the developer they would develop it without your tax incentive.

Both the Mayor and City Council keep telling us what a wonderful place Fishers is, etc. They tell us many businesses would want to move here, how great the city is and then even how much greater. Yet they keep offering incentives to get business here. If we are so great there is no need to offer incentives. If we have people with money who are customers they will come without any incentives.

A few years ago they offered an incentive to a car dealership to build in Fishers. I would be willing to bet they would have built here without the incentive. After all they want to sell cars and Fishers is where the customers are and where other dealerships are.

Now back to the sports boondoggle- if this is such a great deal let the developer built it but without any tax incentives or any other money deals. If he needs two million to make this happen maybe it is not such a great deal after all.

This council and mayor should be called the “tax spenders. “ Of course they are not spending money but rather given gifts out to their friends the developers and thereby not collecting taxes. I wonder which is worst?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Governor of Connecticut calls out the Bigot Pence. -- Right ON!

Connecticut Governor Malloy Fires Back At Pence..And It’s EPIC!

We’ve all seen the full page ad Gov. Mike Pence took out in the WSJ this week asking three Connecticut companies to move to Indiana.  Well, Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy reopened to Pence’s ad in an interview with the Hartford Courant on Thursday and it is EPIC!
On Wednesday, a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal took aim at Malloy and the budget controversy, saying “friends don’t let friends pay higher taxes.” It was paid for by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and addressed to General Electric Inc., Aetna Inc. and Travelers, three companies that have criticized the tax hikes. Pence, a Republican, sent a public letter to the chief executives of the three companies inviting them to visit Indiana.
Malloy first clashed with Pence in March over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which offered protections to businesses that refused to serve gay and lesbian customers. Calling the act discriminatory, Malloy briefly banned state-funded travel to Indiana. And on Thursday, he echoed his earlier criticism.
“Listen, I think the governor is trying to cover his tracks,” Malloy said. “I think what he should be saying is, ‘If you want your employees to be forced to live in a state with a bigoted governor, come to Indiana.’ ”

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Governor of Indiana defines Chutzpa

Yiddish has a number of words that can only be defined with a story; chutzpa is one of those words. The classic definition is a story of two brothers who are before a judge being sentenced and ask the court for mercy since they are orphans. They had been found guilty of the crime of killing their mother and father.

Governor Pence last week visited the Chevy Assembly Plant in Ft. Wayne where they announced an expansion – the Governor was on hand for this announcement. It was very fitting after he and his fellow Indian lawmakers enacted a number of anti union laws over the last few months. I am certain the members of UAW Local 2209 welcomed him with open arms. Actually it is my understanding they had their hands in their pockets holding onto their wallets.  Chutzpa.

In this morning’s Indy Star was an article about how Governor Pence wrote a letter to the Indy Pride Festival "On behalf of the people of Indiana, welcome to Indianapolis," Pence wrote in the letter. "I am confident that those of you who traveled from out of state will come to know our famous Hoosier Hospitality." Now this is extreme chutzpa from the champion of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  

Of course with the election coming up next year, Pence has to start the process to fool the voters now.

Chutzpa is one of those words that no language other than Yiddish can define.  Well actually Governor Pence did a good job in the Hoosier definition.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Room Place Part II Indiana AG Office is asleep.

The Room Place Part II Indiana AG Office is asleep.

On May 3 I wrote about the deceptive sales practice at the Room Place.  I also wrote to the AG of our state and they promised to mediate the problem. I didn’t ask for them to mediate but rather to stop the Room Place from what they are doing and make them abide by Indiana code. To protect other consumers.

Well today I got an answer since the Room Place did not charge me, because I yelled, they said there was no problem. So I asked I didn’t write you because I had a problem I wrote because I wanted an investigation and you to take action to prevent this from happening to anyone else. Most people have no clue that the Room Place is charging hidden fees after the purchase.

I love the answer I got. It appears they only have one complaint against the Room Place, mine and do not do anything if there is only one complaint. They need lots of complaints. So a hidden fee and practice will continue because no one knows that they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. So if you break the law in this state and are the only one breaking it you get away with it even if the state knows but the public does not. Kind of sad.

Mr. AG – wake up your job is to protect the people of this state from anyone who breaks business law not just the ones who are most oblivious.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Congratulations to City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana

Congratulations to City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana

I knew you could do it, all your lack of hard work has once again proved that you don’t care about the people of this state. Indy you got it right with the title of the least fit metro city in the USA.

Ok let’s look at some of Indiana’s titles:
Industrial facilities dumped 206 million pounds of toxic chemicals into US waterways in 2012 - more than 17 million pounds of that was in Indiana alone, more than any other state in the U.S.

Indiana Ranks Fourth Worst In Nation For Air Pollution and 20th for the most soot. Yet they fight for coal-fired plants. Fight to keep the EPA out, who cares how many people will get sick later in life.

Keep up the good work Indiana spend all that money on PR to make Indiana look good after the Governor proved that Indiana was not inviting to many people. Make sure you don’t effect your rich fat cat friends from making tons of money at the expense of everyone sales.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Six down only one left.

Six down only one  left.

When I moved to the un-incorporated area of Geist the first letter in my mailbox was from the Town of Fishers telling me were going to annex my area. Being from another state I stated to look how is this possible? Don’t people have to vote to be taken over like it is in almost everywhere else? What was I going to get as a result of this take-over?

As it turned out I would get a 22% tax increase with no additional services. It was a pure land and tax grab by the Town. Then I found under Indiana law they didn’t have to ask us if we wanted to be taken over, just roll up the tanks and attack.

So many of us that lived in the effected area banned together and off to court we went, we knew we couldn’t win in the long run but every year we held them at bay was one less year of much higher taxes. So off to battle we went. For three years we held them off.

What was interesting is seeing how nasty they were. Almost to the point that if this were real warfare they would take no prisoners in battle.  Near the end we were trying to settle the whole thing and Art Levine and Eileen Pritchard were downright vindictive of us fighting for our rights. Then of course there was Scott Faultless and Stu Easley. The other Council members didn’t have much to say but we noted their quiet approval (Dan E. Henke, David George and Charlie White).

So we lost that battle, but the war was still going, the structure of Town Government allowed them to stay in office and rule with absolute power. So we started to get petitions signed by the citizens calling for a vote to stay a town or become a city.  I alone gathered over 50% of the required signatures for a vote and once again they showed their contempt for the voters. They refused to set a date for a vote. Off to court we went again and again the laws of Indiana are not in favor of the people but those in power. You see the law said they had to have a vote once the petitions were submitted but no time limit. So it was open ended. They could have the election in the year 2099. Public pressure finally drove them to an election. But once again they were up to their nasty tricks. They tried to rig the ballots by asking two questions instead of one and you had to vote yes on one and no to another. A small group of us came up with the campaign slogan “Don’t be Tricked” on black and yellow signs and it took off.  The town spent handfuls of money in an “educational” program to show what the difference was between a town and city. Needless to say a rather one side educational campaign.  They took polls and it showed them they were going to win by a landslide of 80%. We had volunteers and 98% of the households in Fishers got a Xerox flyer walked door to door. We had people at every polling place with a very small piece of paper on how to vote so you would not be tricked. Of course they had expensive fancy large postcards that you can’t take into the polls but a small piece of paper can go into a pocket and pulled out if you were not sure on how to vote.

Now I was not invited to the town victory party at a local bar but was told you could hear a pin drop when they announced the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of  a city followed by yells to get even with the city people. Ah victory is so sweet. But that is not the end of this story. You see I also made a promise to myself I would continued to work until the members of the Town Council were no longer elected officials of the Town or the New City.  Well Art Levine moved away, so one down. Charlie White ran for higher office and actually he didn’t count, as he was sort of OK. Dan Henke was moved to be the new town Judge while this was politics at its worst by the Town Council he was gone. Next came the first election for a City Council and two more were gone, Ms. Nasty Pritchard and Scott Faultless who had tried to rule with an iron fist for years. That left only two David George and Stu Easley.  Now Stu is an interesting fellow, first he was against the city even spending around $5000 of his own money to try and stop the city and once formed a reformed Stu was now a great City supporter. All these great things he was going to do, why he had 20 years on the Town Council to do them and didn’t. So he was beaten in the last election. And now we are down to the last one David George. I wonder if buried in the City  (Town) Hall somewhere there is a bottle of Champaign for the last survivor to drink a toast to his fallen comrades.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stu the Poo goes down the Drain

Slowly but surly the old Fishers ruling group is vanishing. The old Town Council that did not believe in the power of the voters is almost all gone. The last of the big four went down the drain today as Brad DeReamer overwhelmingly brought down Stuart F. Easley aka Stu the Poo

Stu was one of the leaders that believed the Town should remain and worked to stop the vote by the citizens on a town vs. a city. So he joins Scott Faultless in the graveyard of politics.

Another factor is that Brad DeReamer will bring a fresh face to Fishers politics and someone who is not in the pocket of the developers. The Mayor and other Council members may be in for a big shock. I am certain in talking with Brad that he is going to stop the secret deals and speak out to let the citizens of Fishers know what is going on. I am still amazed how all of a sudden all these buildings are popping up and of course with taxpayer’s footing part of the development via tax credits and even out and out money. Tax breaks that hurt our schools and I am certain he will speaking out and letting us all know when they are trying to play their games.

If you want to help Brad in his quest to stop the Council nonsense you will have another chance. Greg Purvis who was one of the founders of City Yes will be running for the Council at large. He is more fiscally conservative than most of the Council members and will also raise questions and let the public know what is going on.

More on Greg will be coming later as we closer to the election.

To all who voted for Brad today, on behalf of the citizens of Fishers a big thank you.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Room Place - Deceptive Sales Practice

Beware of the The Room Place -

My wife wanted a new set of chairs for our dinning room. So off we went to one furniture store after another. I also look on line. So after who know how many stores she saw what she wanted at "The Room Place."

So we told the sales lady we wanted to buy 10 of these chairs. Now 10 chairs in a furniture store is not a small order. She started to write up an invoice and then told me there would be a delivery charge. I stated I would pick up the chairs, I was then informed there is a pick up charge.

Nowhere is it posted that the price of the chairs was not the final price and that hidden charges were applied after the selection and sale. After the sale they present a note for you to read about these charges.

I refused to pay any pick up charge and a store manager did remove this charge in view of the large dollar amount. But how many people do not protest and are hit by this deceptive and hidden charge.

When I went to pick up the chairs – I was presented with chairs that were not assembled. If I had wanted to buy chairs that were not assembled I would have gone to IKEA. Again no one told me the chairs were not assembled. I refused delivery as I had purchased assembled chairs. One again I told the store manager he had a choice refund my money or deliver what I ordered. Ten chairs that looked exactly like the ones in the showroom, fully assembled.  Upon coming home I e-mailed Customer Service about the service and the deceptive sales practice at their company headquarters in Chicago.

They responded with an offer to deliver fully assembled chairs. I accepted. But how many Hoosiers would be fooled by this company? How many of you would stop and say no or just accept this clear effort to get more money out of the customer?

I believe this company is clearly in violation of the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and filed a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office. 

And to my surprise the AG responded:
"A Deputy Attorney General has reviewed your complaint and determined it may be resolved through mediation. I am responsible for attempting to mediate a reasonable resolution to your complaint." It will be interesting to see what is the outcome. 

If you paid this fee and picked up your furniture I would suggest you write the AG and you may get that money back. After all it appears to be in violation of Indiana law.

If you get hit by a hidden fee at any store of any kind, write the AG. We all need to stop this kind of practices by companies such as the The Room Place. In the mean time if you go to shop at this store remember do not accept pick up fees and make sure your furniture if you pick it up is assembled just like the one you purchased in the store.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stu Easley funny Post Card - Very Funny claims

Stu Easley has send out a post card for his election campaign. All great words too bad they bad he has not lived up to them for years. Here are a few examples:

He said “Plan for the future Implement a comprehensive plan…”
Stu for the 20 years you have been on the Town and City Council you have not yet taken even a baby step towards a comprehensive plan. Now that you actually have to run for office you are saying the right words. Too bad your past actions have shown you don’t care about any planning within the Town/City limits. Too bad Fishers have no plan and are you going to start after no land is left.Where have you been for the past 20 years?

Keep HSE Strong: Once again he is all in favor of keeping HSE strong but the Town and City government have very little to do with the school system. The school is a separate taxing district and no city money goes to the schools. I love his statement that they lowered the school costs by a contract for snow removal. Yes they did do that but at the same time it impacted us the citizens of Fishers, the snow crews had to do the schools instead of the city streets. How many of you belong to an HOA that has to pay for private snow removal. Think about that it is a hidden tax you pay so Fishers does not have to plow your streets. So Stu you can take all the credit you want for doing the school parking lots while the city streets are under snow and they used to be done by contractors. I was also under the impression that Republicans wanted to move government functions to private industry and here you are the one who took away private companies jobs and transferred it to government.

Grow our taxes – by issuing TIF (tax increment financing) districts and reducing the tax base and also this takes money away from the school districts. Why did you give TIFs to a car dealership they would have come anyway. Why because this is where the customers are. Your TIF are gifts to your developer buddies. If you want to know who they are just look up the Campaign Finance Reports on line at :
People you will be shocked when you check out who has given him money for his election.
It is time to retire Stu from government.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fishers Tax Dollars Political Shell Game

I heard that Stu (the Poo) Easley and the new Mayor last Saturday were at an area clubhouse to try and meet with voters. Well that is what you do when running for elections. Anything you do is tell people what they want to hear and sometimes leave out important details.

Here we go the Mayor talked about a forthcoming important economic development that will not cost taxpayers anything and be of benefit to the community. So in the Star on April 14 was an article about a new sports center proposed for Fishers by a developer, etc. So no tax dollars would be used to built it, but read on the City of Fishers would give them tax breaks to the tune of a few million dollars. Now if the City does not collect a few million in taxes and still has expenses doesn’t that mean the taxpayer is footing the bill of those millions. Sure sounds that way to me and to a few others I asked about it.

So Mayor the city is spending a few million in lost revenue that it needs to support the City. So maybe the City is spending taxpayer money after all and it is costing the citizens a few million. Or is this City accounting? Or how about the truth, nothing but the truth and the whole truth next time. You know the full story. Stu you like to talk a lot on the City Council meetings how come you didn’t correct the Mayor and speak up. Oh, I forgot you part of the Council that doesn’t want the voters to understand what is going on. 

OK folks watch my hands under which walnut shell is the pea, keep watching, am I moving too fast?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bizarro Nails Religions Freedom on the Head

Now the cartoon strip Bizarro is not form Indiana but in today's strip he says it all about the Religions Freedom Law. Memo to Indiana lawmakers you still have to fix this, your "fix" was a whitewash and is not a fix.

This years session has got to be one of the worst in many years and it shows you what can happen when you get a group of the same way of thinking in control. They have no regard for the people of Indiana as some have said - they are the best money can buy and you sure can tell that is true.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Republican’s in Indiana Spring Bloodbath

Well I notice the signs are starting to pop up and the dirty politics have started as the Republicans eat their own in the May local primary.  Too bad the Religious Freedom bill didn’t give us the right to discriminate against political primaries. What a pity. Well the in the Fishers City Council race in the district next to where I live the sign wars have started. No primary in my district.

What is interesting is the placement of the signs. One candidate better known to people living in the Geist area is Stu the Poo aka Stu Easley. Why Stu the Poo well years ago when the Town of Fishers was working to annex the Geist area Stu made some nasty comments about Geist people using Fishers sewers. Hence he was nicknamed Stu the Poo; of course the Geist people were paying to use the private sewer companies sewers. So Stu the Poo was out in left field with those comments. Well about his signs, big ones and almost all on commercial properties. In front of strip malls, banks, etc.

On the other hand Brad deReamer’s signs are in the yards of homeowners.  Brad used to be the Mayor of Greenfield, In before moving to Fishers.  

So what does the placement tell you. One is someone for the people and the other is for business. Well call me some names but I would rather have someone who has friends that are real people and not strip malls owners.

Then we get to an even more important look at the City Council.  Now most people in Fishers pay no attention to what the council does. But this council seems to vote in lock step and only in favor of their good buddies the developers. It would be nice to have someone who would raise questions instead of just falling in line and bow down to the strip mall owners and developers for placing their signs on the commercial property.

Think about who you want in office, someone who cares about the citizens or someone who cares about strip mall owners.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Letterman for Governor

I saw an interesting article today, David Letterman for Governor. Since he is leaving his current job this May it would be perfect for him to run next year against Pence. He could move back home to Indiana and teach a course at his old college and also run for governor.

Just think he could present his state of state address in a top ten format. At least it would be a lot shorter, might even be more informative. He would tell off the House and Senators members with his wit and nasty tongue and get away with it. It would be so refreshing. But you say he has no government experience?

Neither does the present Governor he just thinks he does.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pence, Bosma & Long Hoodwink the People of Indiana

First they pass a Religious Freedom Bill, which allows business to discriminate and not to provide services to people etc. The law allows businesses to use it as a defense “regardless of whether the state or any other governmental entity is a party to the proceeding.”  This is the difference of Indiana Law over the Federal Law and those passed by other states. The Hose Democrats had offered an amendment clarifying that the religious freedom statute would prohibit discrimination by businesses. The Indiana Legislature as a whole rejected it.

Indiana does not have a law barring discrimination against the LGBT community, the same way against other classes of citizens such as racial minorities or the disabled. So a business could not serve anyone in that class. This Bill was a direct retribution by the state’s Republicans against the courts ruling of same sex marriage.

The revised legislation prohibits providers from using the law as a legal defense for refusing to provide services, goods, facilities or accommodations. It also bars discrimination based on factors that include race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or United States military service.

So now the State’s magic three pass a fix to the law but the fix is only in effect in communities that have anti-discrimination laws on the books concerning sexual orientation. So within Indiana that applies to Indy and 11 more areas.

So Memories Pizza in Walkerton, IN can still refuse to serve certain customer if the place ever re-opens. They just can’t use the law as a legal defense.

It is tine for Indiana to stop this nonsense and enact a real Freedom Bill, removing discrimination from all people no matter what.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Indiana's 50% fix to Religious Freedom Bill

"Republicans had removed the Democrat committee members, so they could move the bill without Democrat support to the full House and Senate for a final vote today."

"Democrats said the changes didn't go far enough. They wanted a repeal of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or full civil rights protections for gays and lesbians."
Indy Star 4/2/2015

The Republican went halfway to fix the mess they created. But what is very funny is how they did it. The Republicans discriminated against Democrats, so now as Speaker Bosma said Hoosiers don’t’ discriminated against anyone he left out that he does against Democrats.  What’s next a bill outlawing Democrats in the State of Indiana? Maybe after this mess they may not want to move forward on that one.

Speaking of a mess the Republicans may still want to approve a law to cancel the common wage bill. You see this would only have an impact on construction workers in a reduction in their wages and a positive impact on large construction companies. But what they don’t care about are 1000 of small business and retail business that will be impacted by the loss of wages of these fine folks. But who cares they don’t donate money to the party. The big companies do. Who cares about workers lets only care about the 1%ERS.

Now lets turn to the talking head our Governor. I am certain Mr. Pence will sign the new bill but mutter four letter words quietly. He proved he is incapable of leadership and dashed his ridicules belief he could run for President or Vice President.  Thank goodness. Now we the people of Indiana need to make sure we remove his man form office in the next election. Too bad we don’t have a recall law. He has clearly shown he is not a leader from trying to subvert the elected Superintendant of Education to this bill and other actions that benefit a few and the people of this state. In the last election he told people he had a roadmap for Indiana well so far all he has done is erect orange barrels with no work at all.

Everyone remember the damage he has done to this state in the next election and instead of voting party lines vote for the person.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pence said what in 2000? Yes he did.

“Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexual's (sic) as a "discreet and insular minority" entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.

Congress should ... ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

Mike Pence 2000 Campaign Website.

Does anyone think he has changed his mind or his heart? It is time for everyone in the State of Indiana to make a pledge not to vote for him in the next election no matter what party you belong too. It is time to throw out of office all of the members of the house who voted for this bill. You know where they are – about 150 years ago at least in their thinking. It is time to start a boycott of businesses that are owned by these representatives or law firms, since many are lawyers. If you own a business you will be hurt by the millions leaving this state due to their actions, if you work for a living you will be hurt as the business you work for starts losing sales.

So now they are going to “clarify” what the indent of the bill was. Rather doubtful that they will tell the real reasons on why this discrimination law was passed. Of course none of us understand what this is all about, according to Mr. Pence none of us understand and the liberal press has blown this out of proportion. After all it is just like the one signed by President Clinton 20 years ago.  Funny a Republican saying a Democratic President did something right. Well it is not the same, in fact it is not the same as passed by many other states.  Most of the other states if not all have protections for all citizens and these laws are to limit what the government can do to its citizens. Not Indiana. This law is a direct assault against one class of people because they won a court case against the state the right to marry who they are in love with.

Governor Pence the only way out of this mess is to repeal this law. Admit you were wrong and move on. Or stand your ground and watch the ranks of those against you grow and grow and next election will be your last. 

Oh and by the way we need to thank Mr. Pence for letting the health department set up needle exchanges to stop an HIV epidemic.  Even if it was against his 2000 statement.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can you sell to someone who is Greek?

I run a small Internet business with customers all over the world and the USA. Well last night John who lives in California called and started out with “What is going on in Indiana?” “You state is asleep all the time and we never hear anything about it except basketball and football.” “Well John I know you are Greek and as a small business in Indiana with strong religious views about Greeks I can’t sell to you anymore.” At which point John roared with laughter, and said, “I now understand what the law is all about, you must be kidding they actually passed something like this?” Yes John they did. Now John is flying to Indy to buy a very large quantity in June and wanted to know if he could still come. Of course John my business is open to anyone with real money. I was joking about you being Greek but I am not certain about your friend Ed after all he is Polish. 

Have you seen the new Indians road sign?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

How do you "clarify" discrimination? Ask Gov. Pence.

Angie’s List
Disciples of Christ
City of San Francisco
City of Seattle
Kiwanis International

What do all of the above have in common? Concerns that the use of “religious freedom” to enact a law to allow discrimination. Our taking head Governor has said he will work to “clarify” but made it clear he is not going to alter or weaken the new law. If you are not going to alter a law how can you “clarify” it, you can’t. He also was very clear he would not enact laws to ban discrimination relative to sexual orientation.

Pence said, "I stand by this law." He also said “we're not going to change this law."

Here is the real problem about 1/3 of Indiana voters are ultra religious tea party people who think this is the 11th commandment. The other part of this they come out and vote, pardon the pun, religiously.  While Democrats and Moderate Republicans only show up every four years at Presidential elections not when the Governor is elected.

The primary difference between Indiana's law and the 17 others and Federal is that the language specifically differentiates businesses from people. Most states passed these kinds of laws to protect individuals and were limited to government action. Indiana now protects businesses from legal retaliation for discrimination. Another factor is many of the states have laws to prevent discrimination relative to sexual orientation. But not Indiana, so a business can discriminate against someone based on religious belief.

Two men walk into a jewelry store and start looking at wedding bands. The store owner assumes one is getting married and the other is a friend helping out in the selection, they pick a band and then both ask to be sized for the same design. The owner then asks the two men to leave.

Two Japanese women come to Indiana for a visit and go to a restaurant, walking in holding hands. While waiting to be seated they are asked to leave. But wait in Japan it is very common for friends to hold hands. They return to their hotel and tell their business executive husbands what just happened.  Well I guess Indiana will not be getting that new car factory.

Of course much of this can be summed up in a new broadcast from Saturday Night Live -

And don’t forget Indiana's new state slogan: "Just living up to our Ku Klux Klan heritage!"