Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rep Ubelhor and his dumb propsed Law. And I mean dumb.

This has got to be one of the dumbest moves yet by a Representative in the Indiana House. Rep. Matt Ubelhor, R-Bloomfield wants to allow farm raised deer to be hunted in 200-acre fended-in farms by hunters. He claims it would result in 400 jobs and so it would be good for Indiana. Most of the hunter groups and DNR don’t agree. In fact they claim that farmed deer get diseases and if one escapes it could spread far and wide. Well I guess that is one way to reduce the deer population in the state. But not one I would want to see. Maybe he should figure out a way to bring 400 real good paying jobs to Indiana instead. But that would require someone to think and it appears that is beyond his capability. Below is a note I sent to him, I doubt I get a reply. But if I do it will be posted here. Dear Representative Ubelhor What is next Hungry Games? Are you going to propose that Indiana adopt a program similar to the ones in the books? After the hunters are done shooting deer in a cage what will they want next? Why are you even bothering to have the hunters waste their time coming to the state, just have the farmers kill the deer and ship the head to the hunter. After all that would make them even more money. Are you so eager to try and make a few dollars for a few hunters you are willing to risk disease for all the deer in the state. If in state hunting groups and DNR are against this why are you for it? Just so a few can make a few dollars you need to re-examine your position and come to your senses. Or maybe you do want hunger games next.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fishers shoots for a new Tax

Fishers claims to have the lowest tax rate. I just love this fake claim; they make it up with fees and other hidden taxes. Such as the Stormwater Fee (tax) we all had to just pay. Now here comes another hidden tax, House Bill 1070 would authorize the Fishers town council to adopt, on or before December 31, 2013, an ordinance to impose a town food and beverage tax of not more than 1% on taxable food and beverage transactions in the town. Specifies that the revenue from the tax must be used to reduce the town's actual property tax levy (but not maximum permissible levy) or for economic development purposes, including the pledge of money to bonds, leases, or other obligations for economic development purposes. Since the Town's actual levy is above the 1% cap it means the Town can impose a 1% tax on your restaurant bill. What is very interesting is only two towns in the entire state are trying to get this. Fishers and Cloverdale. So behind our backs the Town Council is once again at it, raise taxes, sort of keep it hidden, but still claim to have the lowest tax rate. Hopefully the State Senate will stop this nonsense.