Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sometimes Technology forgets the customer

My wife and I upgraded our iPhones to the new OS8 software and it has been nothing but a pain in the rear end. This has got to be the worst upgrade I have ever seen with Apple. Just read many of the comments on many of the various web sites. BTW- when I shut off Wi-Fi many of the problems went away. So if you have an iPhone and have upgraded it and it is doing very strange things shut off your Wi-Fi. But having to spend hours re-configuring sounds etc is out and out dumb. It is almost as if you lost your phone and have to start over with a new one and in many cases your old data, well you forgot to back it up.

But then if you have an iPad beware they do even stranger things. Just read all the postings on various web sites and not the Apple ones. What may be the real problem is that Apple never tested the new software against all the various applications under the old operating system and new conflicts have popped up causing all of these problems.

This is a clear case of where a few engineers and designers at Apple believe that they know what you the customer wants and they know what is best for you. Under Apple vale of secret they don’t ask anyone. They live in their glass box with one-way glass the plot on what you want, even if you don’t want it.

Sort of like the politicians here in Indiana.

Sorry I wish I could continue but I have to go and see why Siri keeps calling out my name.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two new SCAMS

Just another day but with two scams, the first some of you will think it is very real. But, to me it is another scam. Our talking head Indiana Governor was the subject of a headline newspaper article that he is testing the national waters. No chance whatsoever, but he must think he has. Actually I think he is running for Vice President but making believe he wants to be the big boss. Maybe instead he should come out to Geist and test our toxic water. Maybe he should test the water of rivers and streams hear his coal fired power plants before he wants to test the national waters. So far he has shown no leadership, rather a do nothing so he can’t screw up style of government. Based on the record of the Indiana House and Senate maybe that is a good idea.

The second scam came via the old fashion landline. “This is an important message from the IRS…”  You owe taxes and unless you pay immediately you will be arrested and taken before a US Magistrate and fined triple the amount you owe… Call 215-… right now to get instructions on payment. “Do not ignore this important call, you will go to jail.”

I was laughing so hard at the Pakistan accent my wife was looking at me in wonderment. Next step was to report the call to the FTC. Hopefully they catch these people soon. Don’t forget the IRS never calls they just sent nasty letters via snail mail.