Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mike Pence must feel UN-LOVED

First it was his quest for religious freedom or was it the other way around just using the name freedom. That alone cost him his Presidential aspirations.

 He can’t understand the Supreme Court. Obamacare, marriage for all. After all when in Congress he advocated a constitutional same-sex marriage ban. What is this world coming too? Pregnant women would not have to work as if they were not pregnant, not so said the Court. They should not be treated as if they were not pregnant in the work place.

Then of course was the great raisin case before the court.  While it does not apply to Indiana because we don’t grow too many raisins it will in time apply to other crops under Federal limit programs. And of course the EPA did win a case over the coal companies.  What can he think about that since he appears to want unlimited coal mining and burring coal to power electric power plants?

Then we have other mis-steps such as the state run news outlet, aka propaganda.

But I think we all need to examine the Pence “Roadmap” from the last campaign. Another great Hoosier running in the same year said “Its my way or the highway.” Well it was not his way and he got defeated. Now looking back at Pence’s roadmap it appears that it has vanished.

What Pence says it's simple.

"I think the priority right now for Hoosiers from what I've heard traveling the state," Pence said, "is on getting our economy moving, getting our schools working for our kids. In applying for this job, we're going to offer our very clear vision on those issues."

OK so the economy is moving to lower paid jobs, with anti-union laws set in place to continued the trend to lowered paid jobs. We see more warehouses popping up and more transportation jobs, while some high-tech companies have moved in I have to wonder how many more might have if this state didn’t try and kill off education just because a Democrat won a state wide office. Getting our schools working well he is doing just that with charter schools for the wealthy and religious but forgetting about the local schools and doing all in his power for a long term solution eliminate public schools. So much for real education moving forward. So far his roadmap is full to detours into dead ends.

And don’t forget the famous quote about Indiana Senate Bill 101, Religious Freedom Restoration Act "We are not going to change this law."

Oh well so much for Governor Pence, now that he is running for Governor again I can’t wait to see his new roadmap will be once again be largely devoid of specifics. Will he continue to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the people of the State?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fishers Boondoggle Sports Complex

The Fishers City Council indicated they were going to proceed with the boondoggle sports complex unless there was opposition.

The Mayor has stated this will not cost the taxpayers anything.

Well two million in tax incentives is a cost Mr. Mayor; please stop trying to make a pig’s ear into a silk purse.

City Council I am opposition to this massive project because if it were such a great deal for the developer they would develop it without your tax incentive.

Both the Mayor and City Council keep telling us what a wonderful place Fishers is, etc. They tell us many businesses would want to move here, how great the city is and then even how much greater. Yet they keep offering incentives to get business here. If we are so great there is no need to offer incentives. If we have people with money who are customers they will come without any incentives.

A few years ago they offered an incentive to a car dealership to build in Fishers. I would be willing to bet they would have built here without the incentive. After all they want to sell cars and Fishers is where the customers are and where other dealerships are.

Now back to the sports boondoggle- if this is such a great deal let the developer built it but without any tax incentives or any other money deals. If he needs two million to make this happen maybe it is not such a great deal after all.

This council and mayor should be called the “tax spenders. “ Of course they are not spending money but rather given gifts out to their friends the developers and thereby not collecting taxes. I wonder which is worst?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Governor of Connecticut calls out the Bigot Pence. -- Right ON!

Connecticut Governor Malloy Fires Back At Pence..And It’s EPIC!

We’ve all seen the full page ad Gov. Mike Pence took out in the WSJ this week asking three Connecticut companies to move to Indiana.  Well, Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy reopened to Pence’s ad in an interview with the Hartford Courant on Thursday and it is EPIC!
On Wednesday, a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal took aim at Malloy and the budget controversy, saying “friends don’t let friends pay higher taxes.” It was paid for by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and addressed to General Electric Inc., Aetna Inc. and Travelers, three companies that have criticized the tax hikes. Pence, a Republican, sent a public letter to the chief executives of the three companies inviting them to visit Indiana.
Malloy first clashed with Pence in March over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which offered protections to businesses that refused to serve gay and lesbian customers. Calling the act discriminatory, Malloy briefly banned state-funded travel to Indiana. And on Thursday, he echoed his earlier criticism.
“Listen, I think the governor is trying to cover his tracks,” Malloy said. “I think what he should be saying is, ‘If you want your employees to be forced to live in a state with a bigoted governor, come to Indiana.’ ”

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Governor of Indiana defines Chutzpa

Yiddish has a number of words that can only be defined with a story; chutzpa is one of those words. The classic definition is a story of two brothers who are before a judge being sentenced and ask the court for mercy since they are orphans. They had been found guilty of the crime of killing their mother and father.

Governor Pence last week visited the Chevy Assembly Plant in Ft. Wayne where they announced an expansion – the Governor was on hand for this announcement. It was very fitting after he and his fellow Indian lawmakers enacted a number of anti union laws over the last few months. I am certain the members of UAW Local 2209 welcomed him with open arms. Actually it is my understanding they had their hands in their pockets holding onto their wallets.  Chutzpa.

In this morning’s Indy Star was an article about how Governor Pence wrote a letter to the Indy Pride Festival "On behalf of the people of Indiana, welcome to Indianapolis," Pence wrote in the letter. "I am confident that those of you who traveled from out of state will come to know our famous Hoosier Hospitality." Now this is extreme chutzpa from the champion of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  

Of course with the election coming up next year, Pence has to start the process to fool the voters now.

Chutzpa is one of those words that no language other than Yiddish can define.  Well actually Governor Pence did a good job in the Hoosier definition.