Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Election Day Nov 10, 2009 and more

Election Day November 10, 2009.

No surprise that the Hamilton Southeastern School Referendum passed and by a large margin. The surprise was the number of people who signed the petitions to convert the Town of Fishers into a City.

We had volunteers stationed at a number of polling places and they asked people to sign a petition to place on the ballot the question of should Fishers become a City. What was very interesting to me is how many people wanted to sign and how few said I like it the way it is. AT my polling place 50% of the voters signed, why only 50%, first I could not get to all the people. As I was talking to someone, other voters got passed me. Now I know they should have formed a line and signed, but things just didn’t work out that way. So I was very happy with 50% of the total voters. If I have gotten to everyone going into the polls I think the number would have been around 80% based on the number of people who declined to sign, which was very small.

I think the voters of Fishers a lot smarter than the Town Council members think they are and they will prove it at the polls.

But have you noticed that Fishers is trying to make up for lost time. All of a sudden they are trying to be good and nice. Mayor Faultless (actually not the Mayor) but sort of acting like one is going to Washington to work to save Sallie Mae. The Town has gone to the Post Office and asked that all of the new Fishers be called Fishers. Isn’t that something that was proposed by the Geist United Opposition for Geist area? Don’t I remember Fishers saying it couldn’t be done? Funny how they can’t come up with anything on their own until pushed back against the wall.

I do have another interesting question if the Town is cutting its budget by millions does this mean that they overspent by millions in the past. I know where they wasted a few million, the annexation of Geist.

The next thing up the magic sleeve of the Town is to gerrymander the newly annexed area. I have been told that they are going to split the Geist area into four sections with other parts of the Town to try and prevent the Geist people from winning any seats in an election for Council. I hate to say this but if they were to be positive and work towards building a better community what would happen. Instead I am sure they stay up all night working on this stuff.

It’s time to become a City with a government with checks and balances, a government that is responsive to the citizens.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Secretary Rokita's con artist ads.

Have you noticed all the public service announcements from Secretary of State Todd Rokita. Can you spot the Con Artist? Interesting question coming from Mr. Rokita.

The question to ask him – Is how come all of a sudden you are showing these ads with you in the picture? Could it be public name recognition so you can run for Governor.

I think so and I hope all the other citizens of Indiana see right through you. Wasting taxpayer’s money so you can get your name out. So when you ask the question --"Think you can spot a con artist?" you need to add one more video to your advertisement – The Secretary of State sitting behind his government desk saying “did I fool them.”

By the way – are you ever going to get to the compliant I filed about Kathy Richardson running her own election and standing in the poling place on Election Day. Oh, I forgot she is in the same party as you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Internet - the last 40 Years.

"September marked the 40th anniversary of the invention of the interlinked computer-based communications networks we now call "the Internet."

What is very hard for me to realize what has happened in the past forty years. You see 40 years ago I was working as an engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio) in the Air Cargo and Airdrop Branch. Our job was to design equipment to parachute men and equipment from aircraft and for air cargo operations from base to base.

One day, sometime in the early 70's, in front of room 103 this large yellow teletype machine appeared. Now we could sent messages directly to other offices within the Department of Defense. I had no clue then this was the start of the internet. But it was. I used it to communicate with our field office at Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon, Vietnam. For a number of years this was a military system only and does not reflect the internet as we now know it. All communication was written only and by using paper tape.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fishers Road Reapirs -- Cyntheanne Rd and Atlantic Ave

Fishers Town Council makes a big deal about the great new sports complex they built out in the middle of nowhere on Cyntheanne Rd.

Then they make a big deal about taking over zoning of the area to protect it from landfills that no one was going to build. It was just to scare people into thinking about land fills.

Well maybe they knew something none of us knew, I doubt it. Or maybe they just don’t care about the area but want to make sure no one else does. Well the county still has physical control over the area until Fishers can find someone with a bulldozer and wants to build out in nowhere. But at least the County cares and is going to fix the roads and they invited Fishers to take part. Now this gets funny, here is a copy of an e-mail I have obtained on the conversation between the County and Fishers:

From Hamilton County to Fishers:
“The Hamilton County Highway Department is preparing to Let a contract to resurface the following locations on the above referenced roads.

* 126th St. from Cyntheanne Rd. to 2,643’ E. of Cyntheanne Rd.
* Atlantic Rd. from S.R. 238 to 2,663’ S. of 126th St.
* Atlantic Rd. from 696’ S. of 126th St. to 323’ S. of 126th St.

We plan to convert these chip sealed roads to an asphalt roadway. Our treatment will consist of 2” of HMA Intermediate, 19.0mm and 1” of HMA Surface, 9.5mm with a 2’ compacted aggregate shoulder.

Our records indicate that the Town of Fishers has jurisdiction over the following road segments:

* 126th St. from 2,643’ E. of Cyntheanne Rd. to Atlantic Rd.
* Atlantic Rd. from 2,663’ S. of 126th St. to 696’ S. of 126th St.
* Atlantic Rd. from 323’ S. of 126th St. to 126th St.

This e-mail serves as an inquiry into your interest in having the all or part of these road segments included in the Counties contract. The estimated cost breakdown for Fishers segments are as follows.

* 126th St. from 2,643’ E. of Cyntheanne Rd. to Atlantic Rd. - $70,800.00
* Atlantic Rd. from 2,663’ S. of 126th St. to 696’ S. of 126th St. - $51,800.00
* Atlantic Rd. from 323’ S. of 126th St. to 126th St. - $ 9,600.00

The estimated cost to the Town of Fishers for all three segments would be $132,200.00.”

Response from Fishers:
“Sorry for the late response but I didn’t want to leave you hanging after you went through the effort to provide us qty’s and estimated costs. In as much as I would love to participate it appears the funds just don’t exist. Thanks for thinking of us.”

Maybe if Fishers hadn’t wasted two million dollars on the Geist annexation and thousands of dollars for the middle of nowhere Cyntheanne Park, that has had problem after problem and is already very late in opening. They could take care of their citizens. But then again this shows why Fishers should be a City – no one seems to be responsible. You would think they would jump at this and have all the roads look fixed. I hope on the bad sections with the pot holes they post signs: “Now Entering the Town of Fishers” and the County on the repaired sections posts a sign “Leaving Fishers and now Entering Hamilton County.”

Vote Yes to become a City.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Note to Fishers TC and Smoker Art Levine

Please read the following link:

Smoking bans 'cut heart attacks'

For Art:
"If you are a smoker, the single biggest thing you can do to avoid a heart attack is to give up, which could also protect the heart health of friends and family."

In a nutshell:
"His team found that heart attack rates across Europe and North America started to drop immediately following implementation of anti-smoking laws, reaching 17% after one year, then continuing to decline over time, with a 36% drop three years after enacting the restrictions."

Isn't it time to ban smoking in all public places and that includes any place where the public is allowed to enter such as restaurants.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fishers Development in Geist - An Ugly Gas Station

The Fishers Town Council has given the citizens of Geist their first new development, a bright red-bannered gas station. Just what we needed in our peaceful well designed area. Now what I first noticed was that this same gas station in Noblesville has a tan banner on the top and blends in better with the neighborhood. Did Fishers allow the bright red to show the people of Geist who is boss?

I keep hearing what a great job Fishers Town Council has done with their vision for the town, yet when I look around I see one strip mall after another and nearby I see Clay Terrace and Hamilton Town Center. Much nicer shopping centers but I hope everyone noticed they are outside of Fishers, so much for a vision. Oh do those communities have a Mayor?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not in Hamilton County Always not Gulity if you are Ms. Richardson

Clinton County Dismisses Rep. Clements from Deputy Auditor Position

Rep Kathy Richardson, has a full time job with lots of time off to be a State Representative for the 29th District, from her job with the Hamilton County as the Election Administrator. A few years ago it was shown that she used the County e-mail system for personal use, and off course in Hamilton County nothing happened.

My congratulations to the Commissioner of Clinton County for having the backbone to take action when an elected official in the position of State Representative violates policy by using the county e-mail system for personal use. Too bad the elected leadership of Hamilton County does not follow its own rules. To see more on Kathy and her questionable activities go to this link:
Big Dawg Tales: Investigation into allegations against Richardson being swept under the rug?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Never in Indiana - N1H1 flu shots

About 55 years ago I remember being lined up in the hallway in PS 152 in New York City to get a Polio Shot and then booster shots, also TB testing. I believe State of Indiana should consider doing this with the N1H1 immunizations when they become available. This is an easy way to get to a large segment of the population at risk fast.

But this is Indiana and the Republicans that control the statehouse will yell its plot to bring Federal Health Care to the state. No, its just a great way to bring protection to those who need it most and also to prevent overloading the medical system. You can immunize 100's in a short time, instead of making them each go to their physician. It would also be a much lower cost to the families or to the government. So put aside your politics and do something that's good for the people.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fishers City vs Town -Petition Comments

Fishers Indiana, town or city?

Many of you living in the Geist area will remember when we tried to form our own city only to be stopped by Fishers and the courts. While doing research on becoming a City I also looked into how come Fishers was still listed as a town and I found out any town in Indiana can remain a town forever. No population requirement, no size requirement, etc. Indianapolis could even be a town.

To change from a town to a city it would take a vote by the citizens of the community to convert. But how do I get it on the ballot for people to vote? I found all I needed was so many signatures based on how many people had voted for the Secretary of State and that came to around 1500 voters living in Fishers. So far I alone have collected about 1000 signatures and others are now collecting more. It has been very interesting do this with comments from some people. These are great on both sides of the fence. One of my favorite places to meet with people is the Fishers Farmers Market on Saturday morning. If is not 90 degrees or raining the odds are you can see me getting signatures and talking to people.

Part of the fun is hearing what people say or their questions. So here are some of the statements, questions, and comments:

When I first started to collect signatures I had to explain what was this all about. This past Saturday I had three people just grab my clip board and sign without having to say a word.

Here we go:

I though Fishers was a city.

What’s the difference?

I won’t sign because you will get this on the ballot and the people around here will approve a city.

I would love to sign but I work for the town and they ….

Two Fishers Policemen- “What are you doing?” I said “Getting signatures on a petition that you should sign but won’t to place on the ballot the question of town versus city in accordance with my rights as protected under the Constitution of the United States.” After their surprise look, they just left.

Will this raise my taxes?

Will this lower my taxes?

Will this mean get a real Mayor?

Will we still have a town manager?

Will we get rid of the town council?

Will we keep the town council?

Does this mean we get rid of Mayor Church?

What’s voting at large?

Will we still have our sister city?

Will this change the fire and police?

Will this mean we get smoke free restaurants?

I have watched what the Council is doing and I don’t like the way they are acting. They should have placed this on the ballot when you started instead of telling us everything is perfect.

I live in Geist can I sign? (Yes we will be submitting this after the annexation takes place.)

I live in Geist can I vote on this?

Who is my district representative?

Do we currently have district representatives?

I live in Chicago can I sign? (Sorry but I would consider it if you bring dead relatives and Mayor Daly along.)

Will this change the way we vote for council?

I like the way things are.

What is a storm water fee?

Will a City have trash pick up?

I have lived here over 30 years and …

When will this be on the ballot?

What is the main change this will bring?

Will a City cause even more development?

Will a City mean more controlled development?

I never know whom to complaint to in this town, will that change with a city?

Will this change the Fishers Schools? (Many were surprised to find out Fishers does not have a town school system)

Do you know where the bathroom is?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sarah 2 Weeks gone and over ridden.

It’s hard to believe but Sarah Palin while governor of Alaska turned down 28 million dollars of federal money for energy-efficiency. Sarah is gone, its been two weeks since she quit, and the people of Alaska have saner legislators that have over ridden her old veto on those funds. It gets even better, Sarah turned it down because as she put it, accepting the money would force Alaska to adopt new building codes.

First as it turns out no need to change any building codes and second if the codes were such that homes built were not energy efficient what is so wrong with that.

In fact we need to raise our codes in Indiana. Indiana is another one of those states led by politicians that feel that government should not tell people what to do. I do agree, but some most people have no clue about energy efficiency and then it becomes governments place to help the citizen with codes that force homebuilders and developers to meet certain standards. I am willing to bet 99% of the people have no clue as the R value needed in their home or even what an R value is. OK, go Google R Value.

Once again Sarah has shown me how dangerous she is.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Never in Indiana

Just for info, South Carolina is having another of their tax free holidays (on everything) even saves $300 on buying a car (max tax on a car in South Carolina) or most likely 8.5% on buying anything.

Would Indiana ever do something like this. NEVER. You see Indiana is an anti- citizen state. Mitch would never adopt a consumer friendly action such as this. But Mitch you should, as it would help out your business buddies. They could sell products and make money, get things moving again, maybe even put a few more people to work. I know its a hard concept to envision but it does help.

Oh Mitch by the way did you notice in SC the max tax on a car purchase is $300.00. I didn't think so.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gerrymandering in Fishers Part II

The wheels have started to turn, the maps are on the desks, the question where to draw the crooked lines so Charlie’s replacement can be appointed.

Rumor has it Charlie White will be resigning soon; he is going to run for Secretary of State and will not have time for the Town Council. Rumor also has it that his replacement is Mike Colby and therefore the district lines must be redrawn. Congratulations Mike on winning an election Fishers style.

Of course its all legal and both parties are guilty of this game. Should it be legal of course not, will it ever change, I doubt it.

By the way, Friday I will be going to the State Fair and one of my favorite things is to go to the pig barn, I am always looking for the famous pork barrel. Meet me for lunch at the Dairy Barn. If you are selling anything fried, sorry no sale.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gerrymandering Fishers and Hamilton County Style

Guess what is starting to rear its ugly head once again. Gerrymandering is coming once again to Fishers and to Indiana voting districts.

Wikipedia defines it as follows:

“Gerrymandering is a form of boundary delimitation (redistricting) in which electoral district or constituency boundaries are deliberately modified for electoral advantage. Gerrymandering may be used to help or hinder particular constituents, such as members of a political, racial, linguistic, religious or class group.”

In Fishers it’s a way of life to protect those in office. When Scott moved to a new home the Town Council, in the dead of the night, annexed his property and then included it in his district so he would not lose his political office, next came Eileen moving to a new home and guess what they did? Oh let see you guessed they moved the district boundaries. Well, you are 100% correct. Why is this coming up again? Some rumored changes are coming to the Town Council. Charlie is going to run for Secretary of State so the Council or Republican Party will name a replacement, they may have to move boundaries for whoever this newly selected person. Others on the council may be leaving and just watch district lines fly all over the place, next comes Geist, oh what to do about Geist. I am willing to bet Scott’s single house lot is not is the same district as everyone else in Geist, you see he would never get elected from District that contains voters from Geist. Or split up Geist into many small sections attached to other districts to remove the impact of these voters. This would be very true if the voters convert Fishers into a City where voters select their representatives from their own district. You mean they don’t do that now. No, not in Fishers. All district representatives are elected town wide. Can’t get defeated that way. No wonder no one votes in the Fishers elections.

Or keep all of Geist in one district so they could only get one Council member and the other could keep them in check. Funny how that works in Fishers. It’s time to sweep clean the entire Town Council.

Next comes other areas in Hamilton County, I have heard that Kathy Richardson is busy at work redrawing county lines, after all Kathy is the Elections head of the county, she is also the one I ran against in the last election, you know the one who ran her own election. Maybe she will gerrymander my home up I-69 to Forth Wayne. You know I would not be surprised. Let’s see I live on a corner lot, so up the boundary would run in the street up Olio Road to Route 238 and then onto I-69 to Exit 6 it would make the District 100 miles long, but who cares. I would then be in District 83. I would not be surprised. Would you be?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

UDO – Didn’t take long for Fishers to Exempt itself.

T-Moble and Cingular want to lease property for cell towers. On town property. This way the Town gets revenue from the property lease but at the same time it appears that they could not have done this just a few weeks ago.

They violate two zoning ordinances:
1) Open Space does not allow a Cell Phone Tower
2) 270 foot setback versus 500 foot from a residential property

How would you like to live 270 feet from a cell tower, you never knew was going to drop in next to your home? And of course you didn’t get a chance to ask about it or appear before the Council to protest. Did I say property values. So if you live near these new towers make sure you ask for a reduction of your property taxes as you property values nosedive.

Town of Fishers to Raise Taxes again

The Town of Fishers is once again raising taxes by a hidden tax. It’s a tax on your use of cable which is going from 3 to 5%, almost double. So if your cable bill is $100 your current tax is three dollars well its going to five dollars. The reason the increased benefit of cable.

Lets try increased need to of the Town because of poor planning and budget shortfall.

Went is this going to happen, they are going to vote on it at their July 20th Council Meeting and it is effective at once. The same day.

Cable users of Fishers did you know your cable cost is going up by two percent? Did you know this is a hidden tax by Fishers? BTW- Did you even know you were paying 3% of your cable in a tax?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fallcreek Township 2008 Referendum 2

Follow the money just follow the money. Well I am starting to follow the money to parties and tricks that are used in election campaigns. I will be adding new findings over the next few weeks.

So here is the first one. Last year in the election there was a Referendum on the Ballot for a small question of the right of citizens to have a say in zoning in their area when that area is un-incorporated. The Town of Fishers had taken over zoning during the dark of the night and many people who lived in the area did not care for this. So put it to a vote and the vote passed to move the zoning away from Fishers. Of course Fishers does not care what the citizens wanted and used another law to take over anyway.

Well during the campaign signs and banners popped up to get people upset, they implied that if this passed Land-Fills and Junk Yards would all of a sudden be allowed. It was just a fear tactic of the Town Council. But where did these signs and banners come from, who paid for them, etc.

It has taken a while but I now know and I wanted all of you to know.
The funds came from two law firms, and of course I have to ask why? Maybe they were told to do it by members of the council, that part I doubt we will ever know.
Bose, McKinney & Evans $3197.16
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrm $1200.00
Unknown persons gave $112.00

The signs were made by:
Sport Graphics
And the banners by:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forbes picks Fishers as a move in community

The article in Forbes is for the best places to move, not live. A big difference. It’s a place where corporate serial movers called Relos can move into and out off. Not exactly what I would call good long-term citizens. This article tags Fishers as a “Reloville” which is a community with twice everything of a mature community, such as income, house values and divorce rates. But as the article states these people know the way to the airport but not city hall. Maybe that explains the high voter rate in Fishers. As such they don’t join community groups other than the PTA and soccer. They don’t run for election or contribute to campaigns for community improvements as they won’t be here for the long run.

So don’t be so proud of Fishers being a member of the Relovilles of America.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The grand Mitch screw ups.

For years Governor Mitch Daniels and his administration ignored the plight of Hoosiers from the welfare system to education. If has to do with a personal service of any kind, Mitch is not your man. If it has to do with the reduction of services, Mitch is your man. If it has to do with a long-term outlook, Mitch is not your man. If it has to do with a short-term gain and total disregard for the future, Mitch is your man.

Mitch privatized Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration and the result was a short-term savings over the use of government employees and the result a mess. People were replaced with computer systems and phone system that just don’t hack it. I guess Mitch believed that all the poor and disabled people had computer systems to access to high-speed web systems. OK Mitch many of these people don’t have money for food, where are they going to get a computer and web hook-up. How is someone who is deaf going to use the phone system? Instead of helping the poor and those in need, Mitch is trying to force them out of the system. That way he doesn’t have to help them.

Then we come to education where once again Mitch has shown himself for what he is, someone who will take care of the wealthy and let the poor folks, well just let them. First his education plan funds the rich districts and decreases funding to the inner city and small rural schools. That’s a great idea Mitch let the school districts that are in trouble get further in trouble. Don’t give the kids in these districts a chance of pulling themselves up, instead pound them down, so what if they don’t get an education and drop out. So what if they go on welfare, oh I forgot they can’t because they don’t have a computer to log into the welfare system. Well, if they drop out, they can always get a GED later, opps, the man Match stopped funding for the GED program.

I can’t wait to see what happens to the highway he sold off and by the way what happened to all that money?

Just so all of your know, here is what is going to happen. In a few years we will get a new governor and whoever it is, is going to have repair all of this. Mitch will be gone and everyone will blame the new guy for spending money to repair what Mitch has done. Just as he screwed up in the White House, he is screwing up in Indiana.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mitch Education Plan - Rep vs Dem School Districts

Mitch old buddy you ain't fooling me. I took a look at the education plan in the state budget and I have a question for you.
How come school districts in Democratic areas would see a funding reduction and those in Republican areas a funding increase?
I know you want to do this per student and in growth areas the funding would go up, yet in the areas where we need to pump more money the funding is going down. So the inner city schools can continue to spiral downward. The rich school districts will get more money.

Well, old buddy, as the inner city schools continue to decline the students will decline and the end result will be more welfare and more of these people in jails as they get older.

No wonder Pat Bauer does not like your school funding. Anyone who looks to the future should reject your funding proposal. We need to pump more money and better teachers into the failing schools to give the inner city students the tools to live good lives and not prison terms.

Hamilton County --- Not Green!

As you enter the Hamilton County building you will see a very nice chamber. Recently the people responsible for maintenance replaced the light bulbs with new energy efficient bulbs. But then under direction of one the County Commissioners they were order to go back to regular bulbs at once and before a Commissioners meeting later that day.

So much for the County wanting to reduce energy costs, etc. Yet the county has to cut costs. Well not at the commissioner level. It's your tax dollars - its time to write the Commissioners and protest.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dan Burton Job Fair

Congressman Burton will be hosting his first Help Indiana Regain Employment (H.I.R.E) Job Fair in Marion, Indiana on Monday, June 29th on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University.

I think I figured it out. You see Danny boy never has done anything that I can find for this district. Notice he calls this his "First." Dan knows that once a Republican is elected out here they are elected for life. But even the Republicans have figured out that Danny does not do anything except try and improve his golf game while in office. I think so far 4 Republicans have said they will run against Dan. So Danny is trying to make believe he cares. He actually was spotted at some function here weeks ago and now this job fair. Maybe he is going to be standing in line to make sure he can get another job when the people finally wise up and throw him out of office.

Special note to my friends who are Republicans by having four people run against him you are going to blow it, he will win the primary because you are going to spread out the vote over four people running against him. A bit of advice for the four of you sit down at the poker table and the winner takes all.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A tail of a mower.

My Toro mover of 15 or 20 years has lost its horsepower, instead of 5.5HP I think it is down to 1.2. So it was time to look for a new mower. Let's face it the economy needed a boost.

Part one research- Internet here we go again. Top ranked Honda - no surprise here, next John Deere, again no surprise and guess what Lowes is having a sale on John Deere mowers and I have a 10% off coupon, sounds like a deal. So off to Lowes. Purchase a JS25 mower and off to the lawn. Well after two hours it starts to act up, when you put the self propel into gear, it dies. Restart and go very slow, any fast speed and it dies. In any case just finished so I didn't even think about it until the next time, 2 hours into mowing, same thing. OK, back to Lowes and get a replacement.

Three hours into mowing, same thing. Right on the mower is an 800 number for customer service. Didn't even have to wait, Model Number he asks, what's can I do for you. I have this problem that is the same on two mowers..... He didn't understand, I explained it again slowly, ah he says "We do have an issue with that model in a few cases where the cable needs adjustment as the engine is getting a vapor lock when hot and it gets gas for the self propel."
Just take it to the warranty center near you and they will adjust it. I ask "If you have an issue why are you selling this." No answer just repeats about warranty and I do need help finding the warranty center. Thank you - good bye. Now being an engineer- I do not like things that need adjustment and warranty work, it also means every few years, if not every year it will need adjustment. After a while I would have to pay for it. So back to Lowes and a full refund. The salesmen at Lowes wanted to know why I brought back a second one and what was wrong. I told him not to sell it to anyone who took more than 2 hours to mow their yard. Better yet not to sell it to anyone. If John D knows it has an issue why are they still selling it. Oh I know most people mow in less than two hours. 5 Stars for Lowes return policy.

Back to research and a visit to Home Depot to look at the Honda and Toro. While the Honda looked good it was missing one thing, No side discharge. Check on the internet cites the one problem with the Honda - no side discharge and it jams in tall grass. Every review seemed to like the Toro. At Home Depot the sales lady in the lawn department proudly tells me she has owned the Toro I am looking at for two years and loves it. Lots of questions, and she has answers. Next I tell her about my John D and the 10% coupon, no problem they will match the 10% off.

The Toro actually has a better walk behind self pace system than the John D's system. I guess you pay extra for the green paint. The Toro also has a 1 inch wider deck, so maybe I will have 2 or 3 less rows to mow. The big test is next week when we go for a three hour run. Will keep you posted.


Fisher Town Council at it Again

Is anyone surprised by the title, I doubt it.

Well here we go again. Next Tuesday June 9, 2009 at 6:30 pm it is my understanding the Fishers Planning Board is going to discuss the Fishers request to exempt themselves from the UDO and zoning requirements that are established for everyone in the Town as well as those 2 miles outside of the Town.

One of the property owners in the effected area has told me that contrary to statements by town officials that "they have worked out all differences with adjoining property owners, wherever there have been issues, so they think they are now ready to proceed with this request to exempt town property."

She said no way, that she nor others have had anything worked out with them.

I think I know who they worked out the details with, none of the small land owners, you know the people who live in the area. They worked it out with the developers and track land owners, the people who want to see Fishers by-pass rules and in return some day by-pass some for them.

Just in case some of my fans on the Fishers Town Council are reading this I want to pass on something I learned a long time ago. When I was working for my Citizenship Merit Badge I remember one thing that has always remained with me and I want to state it here. "Public service is public trust." Members of the Council you would never make it to Eagle Scout because this is a required merit badge.

For everyone- Government should never holds itself to a lower standard than what it expects of it citizens. Fishers claims this will save it money on public projects, well then let everyone save money on their home and business projects.

Will this pass? Well the Fishers Planning Commission and the Town work we all know the answer in advance. No matter what anyone says they will pass this. They would have done it a long time ago, but too many of us have been watching and they know they are under fire for all the games they play. So they are making believe they are talking and listening.

Remember - "Public service is public trust."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gov Daniels what happened to the Budget?

Dear Gov Daniels

I have been for months telling you its raining and time to dip into the rainy day fund. You kept on saying all is fair and sunny. Now that GM is in Chapter 11, and California is sinking in debt into the ocean did you finally realize yes it is time to use some of your cash you have been hiding in the closet.

So you still have 1 billion in that fund. Why not make a loan to the CIB to bail them out? Give them some room to work things out and get back on track. I said loan not grant, they would have to pay you back. But this is thinking out side the box and from what I have seen you can't.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cyntheanne Park - The tales continue.....

Now folks this is very interesting.

Cyntheanne Park is being built in the middle of nowhere by the Town of Fishers. The latest in this saga is that the grass was not planted correctly and they have to start over that segment, its only $100,000. Where were the inspectors and oversight while grass was being planted. They have already spend over 2 million dollars, and have hidden costs such as law suits, different budget item, etc and the death of two citizens who were fighting the construction of the park. One of a heart attack over the entire mess and his son by his own hand after a court battle where the town council president told him they would ruin him. Now the Town says they are going to sue the builder to try and get the money back for the bad grass. It’s a smoke screen, you see the builder is gone and out of business. You can’t sue a vacant address. They are just saying it to make people think they are going to do something. More fun and games by the Fishers Town Council.

Now the some of the truth is coming out. The land was owned by a Burton, could it be Representative Dan Burton. Could it be there was a deal to help Dan get rid of the land instead of having to wait years for the growth to catch up. What kind of deal was this? When did he purchase the land knowing the Town was going to buy it. Maybe someone should investigate and not by anyone around here after all it would be put under the rug.

On top of all of this is the fact that this is not a regular park but rather a sports complex of five soccer fields. Why spend 2 million dollars on 5 soccer fields, another pay off and this time to the SPORTS group of the area. So here is a park that is 7.5 miles away on average from the vast majority of the town set up for SPORTS to run organized soccer games. The other day I figured out that every time SPORTS sets up one of its series of games people will drive a total of about 9000 miles that day for the games. That’s a lot of gas. Its also a lot of pollution. But who cares. SPORTS will have its own field support by the Town. Now I am not against the Town supporting SPORTS and providing fields for kids to play on. I am against a total waste of money to accomplish the end result. Also this locks in the SPORTS group and excludes other groups in the area providing activities for children. But then again SPORTS helps quietly to work for the town and its elected officials. Maybe someone needs to also investigate why a non-profit group is so deeply involve in local politics. The taxpayers have paid for Cyntheanne Park and will continue to pay to maintain it. The Town is not finished with the park and more money will be needed.

I think the same could have been accomplished if we needed more soccer fields by adding fields to existing parks and at the High School. That way the fields would be closer to the citizens. But that way the …… to Burton and SPORTS could not be made. This clearly shows a lack of real thinking and concern for the community.

To the citizens of Fishers, its time for you to start asking the hard questions. Only a few people even vote in the elections, so the Town Council believes it can do whatever its wants and none of you will care. Start caring. It’s time for all of you to take back your own government, take back your community. Fishers is no longer a small sleepy town, it’s grown into a city but still with small town questionable politics. It’s time for a change.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mudsocks bring back that name.

The history of Fishers, IN started with the name of Mudsocks but for some reason the history on Fishers Town web site leave this off. According to the web site the original name was Fishers Switch, then Fishers Station and now Fishers. But I know the real reason Mudsocks was dropped. You see Fishers is moving towards its original namesake. More and more mud pits are developing in the Town of Fishers. Not by mother nature but by the failure of developers and the Town Council to plan. Fishers does not have a master plan nor does it appear it wants one. Instead Fishers has a Master Map. Well maps can be changed with ease, nothing is in writing, however a master plan has words and things to do and therefore it becomes harder to hide what you are up to without being caught. Now I want to be fair so I have started a list of Failures and Accomplishments by Fishers and if you have any other items you want added please let me know.

Fishers Failures

Hamilton Proper Shopping Center - Mud Pit

Britton Golf Course proposed water park and hotel. - Mud Pit

Downtown Complex - Upsetting long term residences - vacant homes - nothing done

River Place - Allisonville & 96th Apartments – open field. Not a bulldozer in sight and its developer has withdrawn.

Geist Annexation - $1.5 million wasted in lawsuits, decrease revenue to HSE Schools.

Cynatheanne Park – Mud Pit with a little grass – behind schedule, over budget, lawsuits, two deaths. It has been proposed that it be renamed "Bloody Cyntheanne."

Airport Conversion – GOOD it didn’t happen. But people are leaving the airport and relocating their planes under fear of the Fishers TC. A great way to show that you are in favor of economic development.

Tax increase – Stormwater Tax and soon to double. What other fees will Fishers increase?

Clarian Hospital at I-69 - Mud pit

3 Month Roundabout at Olio - months and months of nothing then start again. (I understand they ran out of money to finish the job and had to wait a while.) But then again they had to show Carmel that Fishers can build a big overpriced roundabout.

Fishers Accomplishments

Stormwater Tax – or how to bypass property tax increase.

Development of mud pits to move back to the areas original name Mudsocks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Indiana Tax Increase

Here we go again. Indiana’s State Sen. Luke Kenley, the Noblesville Republican has put together a plan to raise your taxes. The reason we need to have sports. So to get around the Property Tax Cap he proposed, he is now going to tax you very which way he can.

Wasn’t it Rome that kept the people in check with sports, lions eating people and fighting to the death. Is Indiana moving in this direction.

Indiana with the highest out of work in the nation, but we have football and basketball. Indiana keeps coming in at the lowest ratings in the nation in health care, etc.

Maybe Mr. Kenley should work on those problems first.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another High School?

The Hamilton Southeastern Schools is one of the best districts in the State of Indiana. But I just went to a meeting on the future of the district and the need for another high school. I have got to stop going to theses type of meetings.

At my table to get public input were two high school students and four teachers. Not what I would call public input. The questionnaire and presentation was designed and slanted to move to one answer. Damm the torpedoes full speed ahead and spent for a new high school. The “study” that was presented did not show a full inventory of buildings currently used by the district and utilization rates over the next ten years. While the study may show some of these items directly to the Board it failed to show them to the public. In the presentation overall costs based on different solutions were left out because a few people didn’t feel right about the direction. I was told at the last “public” meeting the citizens don’t want Junior High Schools and it was not viewed. Well, if the public was the same group as at this meeting, it was not the public but rather the customers of the system. A Junior High School Concept would overnight reduce the High School population by 25%. But then it removes the need to build a new high school by about 10 years or so. You might have to build a smaller school or expand, at a much lower costs, another building. But we don’t like the idea, so leave it out, because the tax payers might like it.

Also leave out the operating costs of each solution. Expanding the current schools means less administration costs, maybe we could raise the teachers pay instead.

This study and meeting was an old fashion sales pitch for a used car by a guy in a plaid jacket.

One of the comments I heard from the “public” was rather interesting: If we expend one High School size it would have more students and then they would have more to select from and have an advantage in sports.

No one noticed in the materials the time lines for the expansion of the amount of students that they would not get to the extra 1000 students in the High School for years and years, but we need a 2000 student expansion now. Also most of it is based on re-zoning of vast amounts of farmland into residential subdivisions by Noblesville. I didn’t see an economic analysis of the area growth pattern based on the current trends but rather it was based on the past ten years. So maybe the trends are not too accurate. Building permits are down and the community is aging.

What if the farmland remains farmland? What’s wrong with expanding the current high schools? Well one answer at my table it gets too big and maybe 4000 students in one building is far too much, but it works in Carmel. Another very good district. My High School had 6000 students and to this day it gets listed in the top 100 HS in the US every year.

The School Board has to take this to the voters to approve the building of a new school and I can already see what they are doing to pull the wool over the eyes of the public to spend over 100 million tax dollars.

We need a study but by a totally independent organization and not the group that presented this one sided steer the answer group.

Maybe we do need a new High School, but so far the “study” that was presented is not a “study.”

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fishers Where Are You on the Simulus Bill?

Fishers where are you?

You are not on the list?

What List?

The State of Indiana has a list of shovel ready project they hope to get funded under the Stimulus Bill. The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Indiana is $2,598,965,295.

Who is on the list?
Carmel • Crawfordsville • Crown Point • East Chicago • Evansville • Fort Wayne • Gary • Hammond • Hobart • Indianapolis • Kokomo • Kokomo, IN • Lake Station • Lawrence • Merrillville • Michigan City • Mishawaka • Muncie • Plymouth • Richmond • St. John • Terre Haute • Whiting

Notice all of these are cities, no towns, how come? You see the list comes from the "shovel-ready" projects the mayors submitted in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report.

Will Fishers be totally left out – No. But they will have to file for Federal Grants after the fact, so while they are filling out a grant application, Carmel will be building more of their silly roundabouts and Fishers will still be going in circles on paper.

Will all projects be funded from this list, no, but they will have a head start in the funding process.

Where can you find the list? Glad you asked. Please go:

In the Saturday Indy Star is an article “City to get $11.6M from feds” The article starts out by stating “first wave of stimulus money heading to states and cities.” Once again the word town was left out. Many of the road projects that were listed in the article also appear to be going to cities and not towns.

The overall problem is a Federal mindset that a city is a city and a town is 4 stoplights and 2000 people.

Now back to the first question. Fishers is a town and therefore will always play 2nd fiddle to any city even ones much smaller in population in the eyes of those far away looking at giving away Federal money. Don’t forget they see the word Town and have no clue about what the town really is a large city with the wrong name.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joe's Leading Indicators Show Economy Going Up.

Joe’s leading indicators show the economy getting better in about 5-6 months and it has started to move upward.

For those of you who read my blog and don’t know this I also make and sell reproduction military insignia,, if you want to look. Well this is not a giant field and it the insignia is sold to collectors, re-enactor and museums. So in a way a limited crowd, but a worldwide crowd. I ship overseas at least 3-4 packages a week. A few months ago when the Euro ruled I was shipping 8-10 packages a week and my US sales tanked. Then everything tanked.

Now I call this my leading indicators because I can track sales shipments and get a general feel for what is going on. For example, last July sales dropped 50% from June and then remained low until December, when I saw an up tick But all of a sudden in January the sales moved up ten percent over Jan 08 and this February is already up 33% over last year with 4 days to go.

So if I look over my sales the drop was predicted about six months before all hell broke use and so I now have to say in 5-6 months we should be moving up again.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Letter to Secretary of State Todd Rokita

In Indiana the Secretary of State is charged with running the elections. Needless to say I don't think he is doing a good job. In fact as you read below I think he is doing what can be expected of someone in one party protecting his own party. Letting the party politics get in the way of doing his job. Rumor has it he is going to run for Governor of this State, so to him I say before you run for Governor, clean up your current job.

The following is a copy of a letter mailing out today to Mr. Rokita. Look for his answer on this blog, or maybe you will never see an answer. Would not surprise me.

Joseph L. Weingarten
14066 Deer Stone Ln
Fortville, IN 46040

February 6, 2009

Mr. Todd Rokita
201 Statehouse
302 W Washington St # E111
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-6536
Fax (317) 233-3283

Dear Secretary Rokita;

On October 9, 2009 I faxed a letter to you of complaint of Ms. Kathy Richardson conducting her own election. To date I have not received a response on any action taken by your office. Ms. Richardson was a candidate as defined by IC 3-11-8-18

Ms. Richardson was clearly in violation of IC 3-11-8-15 as a candidate in a polling place on numerous occasions.
She was also in violation of the following codes:
3-11-10-2 during the receipt of Absentee ballots while as a candidate for office and within fifty feet of the poling place.
3-11-8-18 when she repeatedly offered assistance to voters during voting, while a candidate and within 50 fifty feet of the poling place.

As a result Ms. Richardson ‘s certification of election should be removed for her violations of the Indiana Code and the election re-accomplished under ethical and fair circumstances. Or is it your policy to permit members of your own party to act with impunity when it comes to elections.

Respectfully Submitted

Joseph L. Weingarten

1 Atch October 9, 2008 Ltr

Here is the October 9 letter

Joseph L. Weingarten
14066 Deer Stone Ln
Fortville, IN 46040

October 9, 2008

Mr. Todd Rokita
201 Statehouse
302 W Washington St # E111
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-6536
Fax (317) 233-3283

Dear Secretary Rokita;

As Secretary of State for Indiana your office is responsible to insure that fair elections and integrity of the vote take place in this state.

I request that you take immediate action to suspend all voting in Hamilton County until such time as Ms. Kathy Richardson is replaced as Election Administrator. Ms. Richardson is a candidate for State Representative in the 29th District.

Ms Richardson is running her own election. She is in full view of people entering to vote early or to request absentee ballots. This places a candidate within full view of voters during the time of election directly within the boundaries of the polls. She counts her own votes and based on questionable past actions this raises a concern over the integrity of the vote. I request the State of Indiana immediately take over full control of the elections in Hamilton County and insure that the ballot is correctly placed and counted before all voters. Ms. Richardson must be removed from the election office. Or she can withdraw from the election. Failure to do so brings into question the integrity of elections throughout the State of Indiana.

Respectfully Submitted

Joseph L. Weingarten