Saturday, October 29, 2016

Shame, Shame, Shame on Susan Brooks

Shame, Shame, Shame on Susan Brooks

In today's mail is a postcard form Susan Brooks. It looks like a campaign ad, it’s all about the great work she does for veterans, or at least she claims that to you.

BUT, in the upper corner after the return address in small print it says, "This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense."

Susan you should be ashamed at your self, you should pay back to the US Government the entire cost of this obvious political advertisement. It is not an update from Congresswomen Susan Brooks it is a pure and simple political ad from Susan Brooks, just a little over a week before the election.

To all the fiscal conservative voters, is this the type of representative you want in Congress? Wasting your tax dollars. Susan Brooks is using the system for her own gain.

Susan shame on you.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Jeff Hern time to Resign, Voters time to insure he is not elected.

As a candidate I understand the position of Rick McKinney and it rare that I would never agree with him on political matters, I have to agree with him concern the removal of his signs and the finding of Jeff Hern’s cell phone at the site of the missing sign.

One of the major problems on running for office is sign theft.  When I was running the City Yes campaign the Town of Fishers would remove signs and instead of placing them at the Town Hall dumpster where they claimed they would remove any signs in the right of way, etc. They put them in a barn at one of the town baseball fields and even many signs that were legal were removed. Of course I found out what they were doing and when they were mowing the fields I walked into the barn and removed lots and lots of our signs. The town was guilty of a crime but proving it would be almost impossible.  When I ran for office I always found my signs missing. I wish I had a trail camera watching some of the sites. Most candidate figure it is part of the dirty tricks of some of the other candidates or followers of the candidate.

Now back to Jeff Hern. He was not a follower of a candidate, who may not understand the rules, he is the candidate and knows better.  Can he ever be trusted again in public office.  No. Why did it take from April15th to this week for the special prosecutor to take so long to file charges?  Mr. McKinney said. "Citizens need to know whether or not they are electing a possible thief to a higher office than the one he currently holds."

While the charges are for one sign and the sign where the cell phone was found but we all remember three more of Rick’s signs went missing in the same manor.  Of course that must have been someone else who stole those signs and only Rick’s signs were stolen. I wonder who did that?

Back to a real question if Mr. Hern is convicted, he faces up to 1 year in jail and a maximum fine of $10,000. But the way this is going the odds are he will get a slap on the wrist. That would be wrong and a slap in the face to all candidates. Jeff Hern should resign from any office he holds or may hold.

In fact it is time for the voters to reject Mr. Hern and vote for one of the Democratic candidates to bring a check and balance to the county government.  Having government run by one party for so many years has lead to people like Jeff Hern in government where they think they can do as they please. 

Joe Weingarten
Approved  by Weingarten for Surveyor

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vote for Joe - More on Jeff Hern and Surveyor

I have been thinking about the Larry in Fishers article I posted yesterday on this blog. I have some more thoughts on the saga.

Jeff Hern running for Hamilton County Council may face a Misdemeanor Charge for stealing a campaign sign. Of course formal charges have not yet been filed and it will be after the election by the time anything is done. Funny how this has taken so long it was April when his cell phone was found next to where the sign was. It takes less time to investigate a murder. But come on Jeff isn't it time for you to resign from your current Township Post and not accept any vote for you. The holding of a public office is a public trust and you no longer have the public trust. Maybe it is time for the voters of Hamilton County to switch out parties and bring honest government to the people. When my opponent has been in office since 1977 does he think he answered to the public anymore. Doubtful. He takes it fully for granted. Time to change.

I am Joe Weingrten and I approve this message.
Weingarten For Surveyor

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Surprise for Jeff Hern

From Larry in Fishers, see below

Voters are you sure you want to vote for Jeff Hern?

A better choice would be one of the Democratic candidates, they don't steal signs.
Ed Chu
Rosemary Dunkle
Bob Wlliams

Jeff Hern May Face Misdemeanor Charge

A Special Prosecutor will recommend a misdemeanor charge be filed against Fall Creek Township Trustee Jeff Hern, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation results.  Hern, a Republican County Council candidate in this year’s general election, has not commented publicly on accusations against him.
Police say they found Hern’s cell phone in an area of Fishers where campaign signs of his County Council primary opponent, Rick McKinney, were missing.  McKinney issued a news release last April urging the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office to move more quickly on the investigation.  The Hamilton County Prosecutor then asked for a special prosecutor to be appointed in this case,
Both McKinney and Hern won in their primary race for council seats.  Both, along with fellow Republican Brad Beaver, are heavy favorites to win county council seats in the general election.
It is not known what precise misdemeanor charge will be recommended by the special prosecutor.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Memo to Hamilton County Republicans

This is a rich county and full of Republicans. So all you rich Republicans should read this article, are you sure you want your net worth to drop 10-15%? Isn't it time to vote for us Democrats, you see when everyone does well, you will do even better. BTW- in Hamilton County the elected leaders love to raise taxes, spend a lot of money, are you sure you want them to continue in office. Its time to hit the re-set button in this County - elect us and you will see a major change for the better, if not in a few years you can throw us out, but after a few years I doubt you will.

Report: Trump victory will likely lead to major downfall of global financial markets

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pay for Play

What is Pay for Play?

It is where a contractor makes a donation to a political campaign with the hope of a returned favor in the future. It seems to be alive and well in Hamilton County even when no one is running against the office holder. For example the Country Surveyor has not had anyone run against him for years. I am the first person in a long time to run against him.  Then how come over the last two years he has gotten a contribution from Christorpher B. Burke Ltd? Its an engineering firm that has had contracts and placed bids for contracts for his office. Not much money but makes you wonder.

A big deal is the building of Highway 37 with roundabouts. Steve Dillinger on Jan 2, 2016 recieved a contribution of $1,000. from Citizens for Better Roads. You might want to look at the 2015 paperwork with a list of contractors etc. That gave him money. Including those that he had to approved for county work.

Now Ms. Altman has in 2012 also got money from Citizens for Better Roads and a materials company also a concrete pavement association. Then their is Mark Heirbrandt with contributions from SAMCO, the sewer people who recently started to charge excessive sewer inspection fees, engineering, paving, contractors and lets not leave off the law firms.

What would happen if the state passed a law that anyone that contributes to a political campaign be considered for a contract issued by the office of the person running for office. One thing would happen overnight - pay to play donations would drop to near zero. Second we might just get a more honest government.

If elected I will not accept any donations from contractors, law firms, or anyone else that might be involved in a contract with the county or a relative, etc. So vote for me for County Surveyor and honest government.

Joe Weingarten
Paid for and approved by Weingarten for Surveyor

Friday, October 7, 2016

Straighen out a Creek - What is the Surveyor thinking.

You won't believe this but I was told yesterday that the county surveyor wanted to take a creek and make it straight and then dig the banks to make the water flow away and down this creek faster. Now that is exactly opposite of what we should be doing. We need the water to flow slow and be absorbed into the ground and at the same time absorb the fertilizer in the run off instead of it flowing into our lakes and causing more and more algae growth.

BTW- it is the responsibility of the surveyor to maintain drainage in the county not just maps. In fact the drainage is a much bugger part of the job. Isn’t time we bring green technology to this area instead of bulldozers. 

Since the current surveyor has been in office since 1977 maybe he has not changed the way he has done business since 1977. It is time to bring new technology to this ignored county office. As a forward thinking engineer I will bring this office to 2017 and not stay 40 years behind.

Joe Weingarten
Paid for and approved by 
Weingarten for Surveyor