Thursday, November 20, 2014

IRS, FBI, and more phone calls.

Today I got have a call from the IRS that I owe $1568.71 in back taxes and I need to sent them a money order right away or they are going to seize my bank account. Go for it.

Then I got a call from the FBI that crime is up in my area and I need to buy an alarm system, just sent them a money order for $700 and their agents will come right away to install it. I went to the dog pound and got a free German Sheppard. Very nice dog and understands the command kill.

Then I got an e-mail that my great uncle in Outer Mongolia pass away and left me 10.3 million dollars. I just need to send a money transfer to an attorney that will represent me in Outer Mongolia to secure my money. This came as a very big surprise to me that I had an Uncle in Outer Mongolia.

The fun just kept coming with another call this time from the county prosecutor’s office that I didn’t pay tickets and need to send the money or they are coming to arrest me. I hope they do it would be good training for my dog.

I also won the Upper Volta Lottery today. Justin Bieber called; as did Jennifer Aniston that I won the contest they are sponsoring on line.

Then the washing machine died – the only real thing to happen today. Time to get out the screwdriver and pliers.

My phone number is on the do not call list. Oh well.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fishers Tax Payers Robbed

No it was not a stick-up, no guns, knifes etc were used. It was paper and ink and the Town Council that robbed the citizens of Fishers to the tune of one and half a million dollars a year for many years to come.

The ultra-ugly downtown construction is the reason. Lets look at some of the numbers.
The developers are putting $60,850,00 dollars of their money into the projects. Sound like a lot and it is. But the town is putting in even more with no hope of return to equal the amount.
Look at the tax waivers:
Sewers Impact Fees:                        $981,700.00
Road Impact Fees:                         $1,097,210.00
Bridge Impact Fees:                        $84,744.00
Total Fees waived:                         $2,285,654.00
The City will have to pay interest on its debt, which totals $2,61,000.00
So right out of the gate in the first year we lose and this does not include the value of the land the City gave free to the developers.

Next this does not end at the end of the first year but continues year after year and around $1.5 million ever year. So is worth $1.5 million a year for the next 25 years to have this added traffic and ugly projects that use to be the front of Town Hall with its open space and majestic 100 year-old trees. Maybe that is why they are doing this to become more hidden from the public.  This is what happens when you have one group in total power and control of the community.

Is this why the new Mayor has been saying the city government will cost more or is because he and others are giving away money to their pet developers.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kathy Richardson and the funny Voting Machines

When I heard on election night that Hamilton County was having problems with their voting machines and getting the vote counted, was I surprised? Not in the least. After all in Ham County the election administrator counts her own votes running for election as a state representative. Kathy Richardson is the County Election Administrator and sees nothing wrong in running for office and counting the vote, in running the election, etc.

Sorry Kathy but I see a lot wrong in this. Then again in a state with no ethics I guess you see nothing wrong. You are totally unethical in what you are doing and it is time someone at the Federal level may have a look. Maybe one of these days they will put a tap on your phone. Because I don’t believe you that while in your county office you never make a phone call or work at your desk on state business. You have a sweet deal while the House in session; the county give you extended leave to do your other job.  I see this as also being unethical on the part of other elected people in county government. Maybe we don’t need an election administrator if you don’t have to be on the job for months at a time.

Then again why did your great voting machines with no paper trail fail? Have you been playing with the programming? Too bad we don’t have anyone who wants to investigate.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Congressman Todd Rokita totally out to lunch?

Is Congressman Todd Rokita totally out to lunch? I think so. Yet the Indiana citizens who vote Republican over and over again pay no attention any of the issues. Their firm belief that Democrats will take away their guns is all that matters and his A rating from the NRA is his ticket to winning. But Republicans how can you vote for a guy who is this dumb. Congressman Rokita believes that global warming is a fraud. For all you farmers, after all his is a farm district. with massive changes in weather patterns what are you going to do to grow anything. Every thing is changing.

So when he promised to vote against any Global Warming legislation he had his head in the sand. Of course who cares if New York City and Washington DC go under water in the future.  Of course he will say anything to get elected. On November 2, 2014 at a major UN Conference on the subject: "Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at the report's launch in Copenhagen. Oh I forgot the UN is not respected in Indiana it is considered an affront to the Hoosier way of life. The UN wants to take away your guns. (BTW- another fake story pushed on Hoosiers to keep them voting for the nuts.)

Is the funny looking light bulbs is another plot to take away your right to bear arms? I wonder what he would say about them.

So when you grandchildren get ready to take over the family farm, will there be a family farm? Maybe not by the time your grandchildren are ready but by the time their grandchildren are ready we will be in trouble unless we do something. Keep electing head in the sand Congressmen and the farm will be gone.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why you Indiana Republicans should vote for a few Democrats

Here are a few races where voting for a Democrat would result in better government and would not change what you believe in. But would increase honesty in government and actually improve the role of government in your lives.

Tight now you Republicans have full control and in some cases no one voices opposition which can lead to corruption and bad government.

Eric Tuner is a case in point. The man using his influence in the Indiana House made millions of dollars on his family business. And now when caught with his hand in the cookie jar (actually not only one hand but both and up to his shoulder) he has the gall to tell people to vote for him and he will resign and let a few party people pick his replacement. What if after he gets elected he changes his mind and stays in office or he does resign and a hand full of people pick his replacement, not the voters. So I urge you Republicans to sent a message to your party, we are the people, and we will not stand for corrupt people in politics. It is time to vote for Bob Ashley.

Now to my hometown of Fishers, Indiana where last year the voters rejected the town’s effort to trick the voters into a fake city. The town leaders who had predicted an 80 percent landslide for their fake city, by 9pm on Election Day they found a 70% landslide against them and the formation of a real city. Talk about a shock. Now a year later they have already selected a Mayor in the primary and are consolidating power to take over the new city. The new Mayor is even telling people privately the city will cost more money. Year ago Gary Huff, town manager, said a new city would not cost any more. The theme a year ago was “Don’t be Tricked” well it could be used again this year. Four Democrats are running for office and electing anyone of them would cause the click to be broken and better government. It is pretty much well known that the deals are made by the Fishers Council upstairs in private and the meetings in front of the public are a sham. If you elect a Democrat the private deals would stop. The government would be more open. Now I want to tell you about one council race that would result in fireworks at city hall. If Greg Purvis were elected we can watch Pete Peterson and Greg battle it out in public all the time. What is very interesting is that Tea Party members this weekend are going door to door in his district asking Republicans to vote for Greg. Why? Because they feel he more of a fiscal conservative than any of the current incumbents.  I agree.  The amount of tax dollars being given to private developers is crazy. Of course these developers and contractors are the same ones donating money to their political campaigns. This is going to be your city not the developer’s city. Vote for Greg Purvis. Enjoy fireworks at the Council meetings; make the City government more honest.

I want to tell you about the statewide races.

Why should you vote for the three Dems running for the statewide offices? Are you sure you want government with no checks and balances? I know I don’t. The governor has clearly shown he only cares about one thing, trying to move up the ladder. Excuse me he has also shown he doesn’t care one bit about education or improving the lives of Hoosiers. If he did he would work with Ms Ritz instead to trying to kill off education in this state. One factor that many voters don’t know is that the Governor along with the Auditor and Treasurer can move money and programs without the consent of the House and Senate.  So they can do as they please without any regard to what the state budget says. If they want to strip the Department of Natural Recourses to zero they could. Are you sure you want that type of government. Sounds more like Putin style government.

Beth White vs. Appointed Connie Lawson.  Clearly Beth knows a lot more about voter’s rights and running this type office than Connie. Even Republican Charlie White (no relation to Beth) has made very nasty comments about Lawson. So if you want to protect your right to vote, vote for Beth White.

Democrat Mike Claytor will challenge Republican Suzanne Crouch for auditor. Claytor would be the first CPA to run for this office. Isn’t time we had a professional in this office rather than someone who thinks red glasses are the most important factor in a race.

Democrat Mike Boland and Republican Kelly Mitchell are running for the Treasurers office. Ms, Mitchell was hand picked by Richard Mourdock who was an embarrassment to this state. She was one of his staffers. On the other hand Mike was an elected official for 16 years and headed a finance committee. Mike has also stated he will donate his salary to various Hoosier charities.  Clearly Mike cares about the people of this state.

If both Mikes get elected Gov. (who thinks he can become President) no longer will be able to move state money around at will. Instead your elected officials in the House and Senate will determine a budget.

So if you are a die-hard Republican but want to see better government here is your chance to clean up Indiana. You can vote what is beat for the state, vote to stop the real fraud that is costing your millions. Vote to add real checks and balances to the system. Don’t forget when you walk into that voting booth no one is looking over your shoulder.