Monday, September 13, 2010

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

As a candidate running for state office and I find that people have become so hot headed they can’t think and follow the latest jargon or fad without thinking. Some want to end taxes but don’t tell me how they will pay to repair the roads or make sure gas lines don’t burst. Some base their entire vote on one issue and don’t care about what any other issue from that candidate. Some are unwilling to listen and drown out anything anyone else wants to say. It is their way and no other. Folks this is not a sporting event for your old high school but that is how many are acting. Its not just people the ones in office sometimes act as if it is their god given right to remain in office forever.

We need people who think, who are willing to work together to find solutions. We should vote out of office those that refuse to work with those of other parties, we should vote for the candidate that we agree with on most items and realize we are not going to agree 100%. If the person running for office agrees with you 100% they are lying. Don’t vote for them. If they won’t listen to you and only speak, don’t vote for them. You want someone you can sit down with alone and have a discussion. If they have been in office forever and don’t do anything for you and your neighbors vote them out, don’t vote for them because you are in the same party. Maybe your party need a kick in the ….

What I fear is that we are moving away from what I have written above. We are moving more and more to a house divided and that they would rather see failure of the other side than work for the common good. It is time we became united again and have a responsible government at all levels.

This is why I running. I have worked in the federal government where we worked together to find answers, not to run away from problems. I will not agree with you 100% and you will not agree with me 100% but I am willing to sit down and talk and listen. We still may not agree but I will tell you why. But we will talk. Go try and talk to your current elected officials. I think you will find rather fast they don't care at all what you say. I am also running against a machine that will do anything to stay in power. To violate state laws and to be unethical. Is that the kind of government you want. I doubt it. So please think for this November. Don't just push the party button ask question find out about the candidates and vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.
I am Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hamilton County, Indiana - Election Fraud at its best

Hamilton County, Indiana - Election Fraud at its best

Well folks welcome to Hamilton County where the political machine is alive and well. Where the system keeps a tight control of the people and they don't even know it. Where the elected officials will do anything to stay in power. Here are a few examples:

The current 29th State Representative is running for her re-election again and can you believe she is running the election, yes that is right she is the Election Administrator for the County and see nothing wrong in running her own election. Wait you say, isn't that against the law. Of course it is, but the County Prosecutor is her good friend and has even contributed to her campaign, so needless to say she doesn't enforce the law. Nor does the State Attorney General or does the State Election Commission, all of who have had formal complaints filed against this violation you see they all belong to the same party. Then to top it off her office is within feet of the early and absentee voting booths. Of course this is ok, you see she does not wear a name tag, or at least this is what the County Clerk said. So if you don't wear your name tag and sit in the polling area is that allowed anywhere but in Hamilton County, Indiana? Of course the electioneering law does not apply if you are not wearing your name tag, also forgot the $35,000 color newsletters she sends out to the voters at state expense which are also a joke. She sends these out on what a great job she has done and tells us about laws that were passed. You know nothing in her newsletters are new, they have all been covered in the press and local TV news and in some cases months ago. I am sure the newsletters have nothing to do with getting votes and I am sure her big photograph on them is not needed, since she does not wear a name tag. Or maybe doesn't need a name tag since everyone see's her photo a number of times a year. Kathy Richardson its time you pick one job- do you want to be a State Representative and get elected in a fair and open election or do you want to be the County Election Commissioner, or are you going to continue to violate state laws and be both?

Next we have the small town of Fishers, IN. For those of you in other areas, Fishers is a tiny little town of 75,000 people, or at least the Town Council wants you to think that and will stop at anything to prevent the town from becoming a city. Well a bunch of folks got together and sign a petition calling on the Town Council to put up to a vote should the town remain a town or become a city. But if the town becomes a city we would have new elections by districts and a Mayor. Right now they have elections town wide at large, making it almost impossible for someone other than the current council from getting elected. Mayor, who would want someone responsible, they vote one of themselves to be council president and while in theory it should rotate, one guy keeps getting the office. Back to the petition, State law says they have to have a vote if the citizens present a petition, but not when, so the Town Council will not set a voting date, the year 2050 has been mentioned. What is even more crazy is that one of the Town Council members is now running for the Indiana Secretary of State, so he would be in charge of voting for the state. So here is a guy who helped block voting by the people in his own town. What will he do in the entire state. Maybe Mr. Charles White wants to spread the Hamilton County politics all over the state.

Joe Weingarten
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative
14066 Deer Stone Ln
Fortville, IN 46040

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fisher's enacts another hidden tax.

Charlie White proudly says “We continue to look for new, and sometimes innovative, ways to generate revenues; especially those that do increase the burden on existing residents.” Now how dumb does Charlie and the others on the Town Council think we all are. An impact fee on a new home being built means a 20-30 year tax on the people moving into that home. Do any of you think the developer is going to absorb that fee out of the goodness of their heart? Give me a break.

Here is how this no tax works, for the average home the road and bridge fee is $2,275.29. Add 15% to that for the builder’s overhead and it is now $2616.58. Now add that your mortgage for 30 years. The median home price is $200,830. So lets add the tax to that amount and the median now is $203446.58. What does this do to the home owner, first it raises how much they have to put down as their down payment on the purchase and then they have to pay this fee over the life of the mortgage.

So here are some numbers on our $200,000 home, which is now our $202,275. Home.

Purchase price Down payment 30 year 5% mortgage Total Paid
200,000 40,000 858.91 $309,207.60
202,275 40,455 868.68 $312724.80

So now our $2275.29 tax becomes $3972.20. Actually it is a hidden property tax but the Town leaders want you to believe you have the lowest property tax around. Nice they get the developers and the banks to collect their tax for them. On top of that they continue to make you believe you are not paying a higher property tax.

Oh by the way, Charlie is very wrong, you see most of you living in Fishers had to also pay an impact fee when you built your home, so you are also paying this hidden tax via your mortgage. So it is not just a new fee on new homes. Buying an older home, that fee is in the selling price, it just won’t go away. Just another one of Fishers hidden taxes to make you think your property taxes are low.

Approved by Weingarten for 29th District State Representative