Friday, June 5, 2009

Fisher Town Council at it Again

Is anyone surprised by the title, I doubt it.

Well here we go again. Next Tuesday June 9, 2009 at 6:30 pm it is my understanding the Fishers Planning Board is going to discuss the Fishers request to exempt themselves from the UDO and zoning requirements that are established for everyone in the Town as well as those 2 miles outside of the Town.

One of the property owners in the effected area has told me that contrary to statements by town officials that "they have worked out all differences with adjoining property owners, wherever there have been issues, so they think they are now ready to proceed with this request to exempt town property."

She said no way, that she nor others have had anything worked out with them.

I think I know who they worked out the details with, none of the small land owners, you know the people who live in the area. They worked it out with the developers and track land owners, the people who want to see Fishers by-pass rules and in return some day by-pass some for them.

Just in case some of my fans on the Fishers Town Council are reading this I want to pass on something I learned a long time ago. When I was working for my Citizenship Merit Badge I remember one thing that has always remained with me and I want to state it here. "Public service is public trust." Members of the Council you would never make it to Eagle Scout because this is a required merit badge.

For everyone- Government should never holds itself to a lower standard than what it expects of it citizens. Fishers claims this will save it money on public projects, well then let everyone save money on their home and business projects.

Will this pass? Well the Fishers Planning Commission and the Town work we all know the answer in advance. No matter what anyone says they will pass this. They would have done it a long time ago, but too many of us have been watching and they know they are under fire for all the games they play. So they are making believe they are talking and listening.

Remember - "Public service is public trust."

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