Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Indy Star and Charlie White

Oh my an entire page in the Indy Star on Charlie White:

Actually a very good article from start to finish. Not much new but a few nice insights form other elected officials of the area. One very big surprise.

At the tail end of this article is a defense of Charlie by Scott Faultless, two items Scott must be scared that Charlie is going to spill the beans on all the back room deals that go on in Fishers, so Scott has to be nice to him. Then is the statement that Charlie was a de facto member of the Town Council. Mr. Faultless would love to have a town council that is all de facto no elections. In fact he has proposed a new city government where the Mayor is appointed. The fact is that Mr. While was not a legal member in standing on the Town Council after he moved out of his district.

But then again this is Fishers where Mr.Faultless believe everything he says.

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