Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mike Pence must feel UN-LOVED

First it was his quest for religious freedom or was it the other way around just using the name freedom. That alone cost him his Presidential aspirations.

 He can’t understand the Supreme Court. Obamacare, marriage for all. After all when in Congress he advocated a constitutional same-sex marriage ban. What is this world coming too? Pregnant women would not have to work as if they were not pregnant, not so said the Court. They should not be treated as if they were not pregnant in the work place.

Then of course was the great raisin case before the court.  While it does not apply to Indiana because we don’t grow too many raisins it will in time apply to other crops under Federal limit programs. And of course the EPA did win a case over the coal companies.  What can he think about that since he appears to want unlimited coal mining and burring coal to power electric power plants?

Then we have other mis-steps such as the state run news outlet, aka propaganda.

But I think we all need to examine the Pence “Roadmap” from the last campaign. Another great Hoosier running in the same year said “Its my way or the highway.” Well it was not his way and he got defeated. Now looking back at Pence’s roadmap it appears that it has vanished.

What Pence says it's simple.

"I think the priority right now for Hoosiers from what I've heard traveling the state," Pence said, "is on getting our economy moving, getting our schools working for our kids. In applying for this job, we're going to offer our very clear vision on those issues."

OK so the economy is moving to lower paid jobs, with anti-union laws set in place to continued the trend to lowered paid jobs. We see more warehouses popping up and more transportation jobs, while some high-tech companies have moved in I have to wonder how many more might have if this state didn’t try and kill off education just because a Democrat won a state wide office. Getting our schools working well he is doing just that with charter schools for the wealthy and religious but forgetting about the local schools and doing all in his power for a long term solution eliminate public schools. So much for real education moving forward. So far his roadmap is full to detours into dead ends.

And don’t forget the famous quote about Indiana Senate Bill 101, Religious Freedom Restoration Act "We are not going to change this law."

Oh well so much for Governor Pence, now that he is running for Governor again I can’t wait to see his new roadmap will be once again be largely devoid of specifics. Will he continue to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the people of the State?

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