Thursday, September 24, 2015

Right vs. Left in Fishers

NO, no, no not politics. Right vs left in politics would be several pages long and no one would win.

This is about today on 116th street. Just before the I-69 overpass going west was a sign “left lane closed” so I watch as cars and trucks maneuvered to the right lane and as soon as you went over the crest on the I-69 bridge in a large suv or truck you could see actually the right lane was blocked but small cars had no idea why the big cars all of a sudden were moving to the right until all of a sudden they were upon flashing lights.

Then it turned out just up the block the right lane was blocked again and after about another block the right lane was blocked again.

So my question is where was the road blocked in the left lane. I didn’t drive as far as Carmel and maybe it was blocked in Carmel.  I have no clue and by the way neither do the sign guys in Fishers.

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